4 new cases have been added, many Chinese love to go to the list! The governor can’t sit still, plans to increase the number of days over the weekend~ Melbourne cases overtake Sydney, and NSW is ridiculed! The youth unemployment rate in Greater Melbourne is soaring!

Victoria today (January 5) received 3 new local cases and 1 overseas hotel case. A total of 32,544 test results were received. In addition, the Department of Health has added a list of outbreak sites. Image From 11 am to 12:30 noon on December 29, a confirmed patient visited the Springvale Shopping Center. In addition, the confirmed patient visited Good Guys in Nunawading from 9:30 to 10 am on December 29 store. From 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm on December 31, the authorities also issued a new crown warning for Lakeside Paddle Boats in Emerald Lake Park. Eight new cases were confirmed in NSW. Among them, 4 cases were community transmission and 4 cases were imported overseas. One case confirmed today, took the Pakenham train line from a suburb to Flinders Station on New Year’s Eve on the 31st. The ride time was between 9 pm and 9:30 pm. Image All passengers of this train should be tested immediately and quarantined at home until they get a negative result. Image And IKEA in the Springvale district, including IKEA restaurants, had confirmed cases who visited between 4 pm and 6:30 pm on December 30. Currently this Ikea has been closed for deep cleaning. Image Image The government urges those who visit IKEA during this period to be tested immediately and quarantine at home for 14 days. The Lion Hotel bar upstairs in Melbourne Central also had a visit with confirmed cases. The date was between 10:30 and 0:00 on December 28.
The following are the new hot spots in Victoria: Keysborough, Keysborough Bodriggy Brewing Company in Abbotsford Hampton Merrymen Cafe IKEA Springvale IKEA Springvale’s cafes and restaurants Springvale Shopping Center Image In addition, there are the following regions: The following is the list as of last night: If you visit any of the locations listed in the table below on the date and time shown, you must test immediately and be quarantined for 14 days.
The governor frantically reminded, plans to increase the number of days on the weekend
The sudden outbreak of the epidemic in Victoria broke the peace of the festival and made it impossible for Victorian Governor Daniel Andrews, who was on vacation, to sit still. Recently, he suddenly posted a number of tweets to remind the public.
Andrews suddenly uttered a voice on Twitter, warning that the Victorian epidemic "will never disappear like this" and that Victoria is trying to control the recurrence of local clustered transmission in more than two months.
"This is not the beginning of the New Year that anyone wants. After 60 days of zero cases and Christmas together, it is understandable that Victorian people think-hope-everything is over. But this The virus will never go away."
"Although it is difficult, we all have to restart and navigate it."

Andrews called on Victorians returning from NSW to follow the instructions of the health department.
Image“If you have symptoms, no matter how mild the symptoms are, you have to be checked and stay home until you receive the results.” “If you need support during the quarantine period, whether it is financial, food or other, please call the hotline and we will make sure you get support. If you want to go out, you must wear a mask and follow the regulations.” Image “Because each of us has to play an important role in ensuring that this cluster is defeated. Victorians have made a lot of effort and sacrificed too much to get here today. We cannot risk giving up all this. It is understood that during the governor’s vacation, the Minister of Transportation Jacinta Allan temporarily took over the work of the governor. But according to reports released by the Australian media today, what the Victorian government means is that the epidemic will end soon… The development of the epidemic is inherently unpredictable. No one can predict when and from where the virus will suddenly appear before the recurrence of local cases in Victoria. However, the Victorian government actually has its own plan in terms of controlling the development of the epidemic? !Image
According to media reports, the health ministers are planning to make efforts to achieve "zero daily growth" before the weekend, and hope that if Victoria can maintain the trend of no local new additions, restrictions will be relaxed as early as mid-January.
Shortly after 11pm on Monday night, residents of the Holiday Inn quarantine area at the Melbourne Airport Hotel received an official document from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The letter was stuffed into their room through a crack in the door. It is said that the government has "reviewed" its policy of isolating them.

The letter stated: "DHHS has established a procedure to actively review the situation of returning passengers from NSW to assess whether there may be a situation that is more suitable for isolation in private residences."
"We recognize that for people with special or medical needs, hotel quarantine may be challenging. For example, it may be more appropriate to isolate people at home in some cases while protecting the Victorian community from The potential public health risks of the new coronavirus."
“As a person who recently returned from NSW, we will review your situation in the next few days. Please understand that this department needs to evaluate a large number of cases, so the review will follow the order of entry into Victoria.” “We expect to start initial contact with you on January 5, 2021 to collect information about your personal situation.” The letter requires hotel quarantine personnel to provide DHHS with the date they entered Victoria and the places they visited in NSW within 14 days before entering Victoria. If they are residents of Victoria, they also need to provide their home address or hotel The residence booked at the end of the quarantine period and the details of other people at that address. “If you have specific health, age or excusable reasons and need us to assess your situation as soon as possible, please contact the authorized officer of your hotel to provide this information to DHHS.” It is hoped that all Victorians who are trapped in NSW can go home as soon as possible to meet the above requirements. Of course, I also hope that they will abide by the series of self-isolation requirements listed by the government, so as not to cause another outbreak of the epidemic! Victorian senior public health officials said that the next 48 hours will be the key time to reveal whether the Black Rock epidemic is under control.

As of yesterday, the outbreak of Black Rock has increased to 21 cases.

The source said that the next key indicator will be how many new cases have emerged among people returning to Victoria from NSW in the past four days.

If the two situations mentioned above are positive, officials believe that there will be no new cases in the state by the weekend.

Senior officials said that according to Victoria's new crown response strategy, if there are zero cases for several days, it may lead to the lifting of restrictions on private gatherings and wearing masks.

Vigorously promote testing, and at least 10 new inspection points have been put into operation. The number of employees has increased from about 1,600 on Sunday to 1,750 today, and will increase to 1,900 by the end of this week. This "daily increase and zero" strategy will be implemented. Its success plays a vital role.

With regard to this "plan" of the Victorian government, the public will probably call it "unreliable". After all, you have to learn to walk before you want to learn to run.
The number of local cases is still growing, and the time for relaxation of restrictions has been planned, which always gives people a feeling of "misplaced focus".

After all, the last time the car overturned left the Victorian people with lingering fears. I hope that the Victorian government can take every step of the epidemic prevention step by step this time, and then consider what comes after.
Melbourne case overtakes Sydney, NSW governor satirizes Victoria
At this week’s press conference, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian made it clear that NSW’s current epidemic prevention policy is very scientific and he is confident that the spread of the epidemic can be contained within a short period of time.
She said: Virus tracking in NSW is the best in the world, and virus tracking has proven to be one of the most effective ways to contain the spread of the epidemic. Therefore, she is full of confidence in NSW's victory over the epidemic.
At the same time, Berejiklian also emphasized at the press conference: never impose particularly strict restrictions in NSW. Her original words are: Unless absolutely necessary, the NSW government will not impose any burden on citizens. We must maintain employment and economic development, maintain the mental health of the people, and happiness in life, and of course control the virus. This is the balance we have been trying to achieve, and I am extremely proud of it.
The media believes that Berejiklian's speech is an insinuation to Victoria.
When the Victorian epidemic broke out again, Governor Daniel Andrews adopted the strictest ban policy and defeated the epidemic through high-intensity restrictions.
Now, many people are putting pressure on Berejiklian, hoping that she can implement the lockdown. Obviously, her speech is a response.

Some people also said that the so-called virus tracking by the governor of NSW is not as straightforward as wearing a mask.
There is a big loophole in the current isolation policy in NSW.
Expert: Taking urgent action, Melbourne youth unemployment rate has reached 16%! Image Experts warn that Melbourne is facing a youth unemployment crisis, which will harm the economy and hinder the career prospects of the next generation. Brendan Churchill, a sociologist and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Melbourne, said that as Victoria emerges from the new crown epidemic crisis, all levels of government and the private sector need to take urgent action to help graduates find jobs. “In short, the situation of young people is getting tougher and they need more support,” said Dr. Churchill. “The government needs to do something, because young people are the future labor force and they are the future taxpayers.” Image Lucas Walsh, professor of globalization leadership and policy at Monash University, said the pandemic has exacerbated existing problems in the national labor market. He said that more and more laborers are becoming temporary workers, especially in industries that employ young people such as retail and hospitality, which means that young people are more susceptible to work insecurity, and it also means that when a pandemic hits , They are the first group to be suspended and fired. To make matters worse, many people are not eligible for government financial assistance, such as JobKeeper, which requires recipients to work for at least one year to qualify.
Walsh said that young people who are unable to find a job or receive financial aid often find it difficult to complete their studies, apply for jobs or participate in interviews, which affects their long-term career prospects. “A lot of this is obvious. If you don’t have money, you can’t afford a suit…and you have no money to buy a laptop.” Dr. Gill said that increasing government funding to help students cope with the cost of living will help them receive higher education, especially for those with lower socioeconomic status. Australia’s 2016 Census showed that compared with the Melbourne metropolis, youth unemployment rates in disadvantaged areas of the outer west are usually higher, while youth unemployment rates in Brimbank and Wyndham are 19.2% and 18.9%, respectively.
Statistics show that the youth unemployment rate in Greater Melbourne is 15.9%.
Dr. Churchill called on the private sector to provide more meaningful and continuous job opportunities instead of unpaid or low-paid short-term internships, so that students have a better work experience and find jobs faster, especially in today’s challenging In the job market.
He also said that a national, coordinated response is needed to solve the problem of rising unemployment among young people, rather than let young people solve the problem themselves.
"The term'millennials are lazy' is easy to quote, but it is not."
Although the unemployment rate looks terrible, Professor Walsh said graduates should not be discouraged if they cannot find a job immediately.
It is important to remember that when the economy recovers from the pandemic, many people are in the same boat, and he urges anyone who feels particularly anxious or depressed about their situation to seek mental health help.
"In general, young people who receive further learning and training perform better in life," he said. "We are a prosperous country, so there are various possibilities."

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