International students can make an appointment for free new coronavirus vaccination! Australian colleges and universities actually relax their admission requirements and “open the back door” for admissions! The design of the airport railway line is completed and the airport can be reached in half an hour

The epidemic has passed so long, and now many people are waiting for the vaccine to come out. Recently, I have seen the progress of vaccines in various countries, but Chinese vaccines have appeared to be much more low-key.
China's vaccines can be said to be "doing big things silently."

According to the news released by the Shenzhen Health and Construction Commission, international students can get the new crown vaccine free of charge first!

3 types of eligible persons going abroad
International students, people going abroad for business, and people going abroad for private can start receiving the new crown vaccine from December 28, that is today, and it's free!
Currently, there are 5 social health centers in Shenzhen that are open for vaccination, namely: Luohu, Nanshan, Baoan, Longgang, and Longhua District.
And open appointments for the next 7 days starting at 11 o'clock every day!
Opening time and place for vaccination
Everyone is optimistic
In addition to Shenzhen, other cities have also opened new crown vaccination.
Precautions for vaccination
According to the news released on the 26th by the WeChat public account "Shanghai Disease Control", Shanghai has launched emergency vaccination against the new crown.
There are 9 categories of people included
  • Front-line customs inspection and quarantine personnel at ports involved in imported cold chain items
    Port loading and unloading, handling, transportation and other related personnel
    International and domestic transportation practitioners
    Those who work or study abroad
    Staff at border crossings facing a higher risk of overseas epidemics
    Medical staff
    Government agencies, public security, armed police, fire, community workers
    Water, electricity, gas and other related personnel
    Transportation, logistics, elderly care, sanitation, funeral, communication and other related staff
On December 25, Shaanxi's first dose of the new crown vaccine has also been vaccinated.
The first batch of vaccinators include:

Customs inspection and quarantine, port border inspection, port imported cold chain goods handling, handling, transportation and front-line staff of medical and health institutions.
Many urban areas in Qingdao have also begun vaccinations against the new crown.

Many districts and cities, including Shinan District, West Coast New District, Chengyang District, Jimo District, and Laixi City, have initiated vaccinations against new coronary pneumonia for people who are going to work and study in high-risk countries or regions.
Don’t worry, friends from other regions can pay more attention to local news.

I believe that more cities will start vaccination soon. If you need it, please remember to make an appointment in time!
Australia's federal government is full of confidence in the new crown vaccine
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Let’s take another look at Australia. The latest data shows that the vaccines that Australia has produced are 100% effective in preventing severe new coronary cases. The federal government is very confident that it has chosen the right vaccine. According to data released by Australia, the vaccine developed by Oxford/AstraZeneca is as effective as the approved Pfizer/Biotech and Moderna vaccines. Australia strongly supports Oxford/AstraZeneca , The pharmaceutical company CSL will produce 50 million doses of vaccine in Melbourne, of which nearly 4 million doses will be delivered in January and February. Greg Hunt said that he has finalized the supply of the new crown vaccine and production in Australia with the British company AstraZeneca. However, the effects of these vaccines have not yet been tested in clinical trials. Image But AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot said the new data will show that the vaccine will be as effective as the approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which can protect 95% of patients. And it is “100% effective” in preventing serious diseases. Image Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt announced that the current development of the new crown vaccine is still proceeding smoothly. It is expected that the vaccine process in Australia has been advanced as early as March next year. Image A Hunt spokesperson said: “Before any COVID-19 vaccine is approved for use in Australia, it will undergo a comprehensive and rigorous evaluation and approval process by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.”
“AstraZeneca’s new crown vaccine should be completed within a few weeks of the Australian Medicines Agency’s final assessment, “so Australians can be fully vaccinated by October next year.” The final design of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link is released! Half an hour to the airport
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 authorities are also considering adding a station there to allow thousands of nearby residents to use suburban rail services.
The engineers also plan to build a new line next to the freight rail between Sunshine and Airport West, which will involve a 383-meter-long steel structure spanning Victoria’s second tallest bridge after the West Gate Bridge. Maribyrnong. The train crosses over the M80 and after arriving at Airport West, it will travel along Airport Boulevard.
According to reports, stakeholders will also set up a "premium" station at Tullamarine so that passengers can get off near the main terminal. Victorian Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan confirmed that the elevated structure will be part of this "large engineering project", but said the details are still being planned.
We are sure that passing Sunshine and Metro Tunnel is the best option for Melbourne Airport Rail Line-the fastest time and the least number of transfers for most passengers." As for how many kilometers of rail will be emptied On suburban rooftops, and where the project has the greatest impact on residents, more information is expected to be announced in the coming months.

The elevated part is similar to the controversial Cranbourne-Pakenham Sky Railway, which was built as part of the government's level crossing demolition plan. It changed the landscape of Melbourne's southeast suburbs and angered many residents along the line, but it turned out to be a state. The government won many votes.
The Commonwealth and Victoria agreed to jointly fund the commercial demonstration of the airport rail line, but the results have not yet been released. The two levels of government hope to break ground in 2022 and open it to passengers within seven years. After the completion of the airport line, as many as 8,000 jobs will be created. So far, each government has committed to invest 5 billion Australian dollars. Once completed, there will be a train into the CBD every 10 minutes, connected through the new Melbourne subway tunnel, and it only takes half an hour to enter the city from the airport. Sunshine Railway Station will become the main transfer station for the Airport Line, radiating the northern and western districts of Mexico City and the emerging areas of Victorian townships. Thousands of residents of Airport West, Keilor East, Keilor Park and Avondale Heights have initiated petitions to be included in the airport line to connect to the suburban rail network.
This is also one of the demands of the movement to improve transportation services by investing 50 billion to 100 billion Australian dollars in the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL). The railway from Sunshine to the airport is part of the Suburban Loop, and there will be one in the future. The new railway goes directly to Werribee. Incorporating the airport line into the SRL can save billions of dollars because the government does not have to build a separate railway, but this means that compared to Sunshine and the airport section, different levels of trains are required between Sunshine and Werribee. The Victorian government has also promised that as part of the proposed SRL, Tullamarine will eventually be connected to Broadmeadows. Australian colleges and universities have substantially relaxed their admission requirements to “open the back door” for admissions!
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According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, Australian universities are changing their admission requirements. Instead of using college entrance examination results as the only admission criteria, they provide various channels to recruit high school graduates affected by the epidemic this year. Teenagers who missed their ideal schools due to the low ATAR (Australian Higher Education Admissions Ranking) are encouraged to take short-term bridging courses or directly apply for admission. This year, one university will admit students based on the recommendation of teachers instead of ATAR; while others will include community service and work experience as admission criteria. Students who encounter health or financial problems in 2020 can also apply for special admissions on the grounds of “fairness and justice”. Due to the failure of a large number of international students to return to Australia, universities have suffered heavy losses and are preparing to recruit more domestic students in 2021. Catriona Jackson, chief executive of the Australian University Federation, said that 2020 will be extremely difficult for students and suggested that they obtain a degree through different “channels”. She said: “These include work experience, other qualifications, such as bridging courses, leadership and community service, fair competition and special circumstances.” “ATAR is not the only admission standard for universities.” The 23-year-old Megan Ting’s ATAR scores are not satisfactory, but after she completed the Diploma in Life Sciences from the University of Technology Sydney, she is currently studying for a Bachelor of Forensics at the University of Technology Sydney Bachelor of Science.
She said: “Your ATAR can’t define you, don’t be nervous, there will always be other methods.” The University of Tasmania used the school’s recommendation list to recruit 1,800 students. Principal Rufus Black said yesterday: “We consider teacher recommendation and academic performance together, not just based on ATAR. This is not a good predictor of who will be successful in the future.” “We will also consider students’ work and other lives. experience.” Charles Sturt University (CSU) added 5 extra points to graduates from remote areas and has already sent admission letters to 1,859 students in advance. CSU also considers students’ “skills” demonstrated through community and charity work. Indigenous students can participate in a five-day admissions program and are guaranteed to study for bachelor’s degrees in various majors. CSU Acting Vice President Ohn Germov said, “ATAR does not necessarily reflect the skills and attributes required for many occupations and majors. Now 70% of students enroll through other channels.” The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) provides a free three-month preparatory course, including English, mathematics and learning management, and guarantees that you can enter the USQ for further studies regardless of ATAR scores. The university also offers a six-month bridging program as a springboard for obtaining a full degree.
In Victoria, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) provides a new program to help students who do not meet the ATAR standard to enter the degree program after completing the TAFE course. The University of South Australia is offering diplomas or basic research courses to help students earn degrees. “If students do not achieve the required grades for their chosen degree, we encourage them to prefer a degree in a similar field as a backup plan.” Image The Australian Catholic University (ACU) has launched a new basic research course at the Blacktown campus in Sydney to help students who are not in grade 12 enter the university. Image 90% of the students admitted by the University of New England (UNE) are not based on their ATAR. The school also provides free short-term courses to help them qualify for admission. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) recommends that graduates study a diploma or certificate in a similar major, which is also a way to obtain a full degree

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