296 new cases were added today! It is mandatory to wear a mask when driving and going to class, and offenders are heavily punished! There is no need to be tested on admission, hundreds of doctors and nurses are infected! Experts call for hurry up Phase 4: We can’t wait!

● Australia added 296, and food processing plants have been recruited. According to data released today, Victoria added 275 cases.

● The governor’s heavy official announcement: From midnight on Wednesday, Melburnians must wear masks when they go out! Otherwise, a heavy fine of $200!

● Hundreds of medical staff were infected! And the reason for the recruitment of a large number of medical staff turned out to be because patients do not need to be tested to answer a few questions? !

● WeChat, Douyin and Weibo are about to face Australian security investigations…
Newly added 296 in Australia, food processing plants are recruited again and again
According to data released today, there are 275 new cases in Victoria.

There are 20 new cases in NSW today, with specific details to be announced.
One new case was added in Queensland today, a cargo ship crew member.

Until the deadline for publication, there are no new additions in other states/territories.
Victorian food processing plants have been recruited again and again.
Six of the cases were related to the Australian Lamb Company located in Colac;
6 cases are related to Goodman Fielder Pampas in West Footscray;
Three cases were related to Dairy Country in Tullamarine.

Two primary schools, Drysdale Primary School and Grovedale West Primary School in Geelong, were closed due to confirmed cases.
After the first case of an inmate was diagnosed in a Victorian prison, the infection reappeared in another juvenile prison. The confirmed case was an education coordinator.
The Victorian medical system is at risk due to a large number of confirmed medical care and a surge of cases, and hospitals in NSW have also experienced an epidemic.

An employee diagnosed at the Northside Group Wentworthville Clinic in Western Sydney, and the other three close contacts have been isolated at home.
The governor also announced a heavy news:
From midnight on July 22 (Wednesday), Melburnians must wear masks when they go out! It can be purchased in a store or a self-made mask! If you really can’t buy a mask, even bring a scarf around your face!
If you are going out to exercise, students and teachers who wear masks before and after exercise must also comply with this rule! Once the police found that they didn’t wear a mask, they were fined $200 on the spot!

The governor said that this decision was made mainly because Victoria now has a large number of locally transmitted cases, all infected in the workplace.

“Since mid-May, 80% of our new cases have been spread through the workplace, including elderly care centers.”
However, this regulation is mainly for Victorians over 12 years old. As for children under 12 years old, it is not mandatory, but it is best to bring it! This time, the official announced that it was mandatory to wear masks. Chinese friends finally breathed a sigh of relief…

Experts from the Australian Medical Association call for hurrying to stage four:
We can’t wait

Of course, there is another reason for the large number of medical staff being infected, which is the recent surge in the number of newly confirmed diagnoses. According to the Australian News Corporation, the recent surge in new cases in Victoria doubled in two weeks!
In response, Julian Rait, President of the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Medical Association, called on Victoria to implement the fourth phase of the lockdown as soon as possible! Continue to wait for the hospital to be overwhelmed!
Professor Rait said that the increase in the number of confirmed diagnoses is “destructive”! It will be too late if the fourth phase of blockade restrictions are not introduced! He said, “I think we can’t wait any longer.” “I think we should implement stricter restrictions, and if there is a mistake, we can lift it in advance. But at least we will plan ahead to prevent the hospital system from collapsing!”
Professor Rait said that current data show that the three-stage lockdown in Melbourne has not slowed the spread of the virus.

“The chief health officer has always said that the situation will improve, or at least calm down, but now that we have been locked down for at least a week, the situation has not changed.”
Later, Tony Bartone, President of the Australian Medical Association, also came forward
Supported Professor Rait’s statement.
He said that Victoria’s current situation is precarious and we must immediately enter Phase 4 lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading, otherwise we will “face extremely difficult challenges” next week…
Australia’s overseas entry quota has shrunk again! Each flight is limited to 30 people or less,
International air ticket 12,000 Australian dollars
Starting from Monday, NSW stipulates that only 30 passengers are allowed to enter Sydney International Airport per flight, which has caused Singapore Airlines to suspend online flight sales.

Since Prime Minister Scott Morrison began restricting passenger entry on July 13 to reduce the burden of COVID-19 isolation in Sydney and other cities, the measure is a further blow to international immigrants.
Sydney’s new ceiling means that only 350 overseas passengers can enter from Sydney every day.

For more than a week, Melbourne has not accepted international tourists because Victoria is dealing with the second outbreak of the virus.

The restrictions in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide will remain unchanged.

The Australian Ministry of Infrastructure has emailed to airlines still flying to Australia (such as three Middle Eastern airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines and New Zealand Airways) that the new entry restrictions for Sydney passengers will continue until August 8th.
Singapore Airlines currently has only two aircraft flying to Australia: the A350-900 with 253 seats and the 787-10 with 337 seats.

Although there is almost no profit on flights with only 30 passengers, the spokesperson said that freight and cargo helped the flights run.

A spokesperson for Singapore Airlines declined to comment on how to prioritize passengers, but said the airline will work with any pre-booked passengers affected by the new 30 cap to “relocate them accordingly.”

It is reported that Singapore Airlines will give priority to transit passengers traveling to Sydney from green corridor cities such as London, Tokyo and Frankfurt via Changi Airport. According to Singapore law, transit passengers can only stay in Changi for 48 hours, so they need to board the flight to Australia quickly.

As of July 17, starting from the week of August 1, Singapore Airlines announced that the business class (Singapore-Sydney-Singapore) price was 6450 Singapore dollars ($6633), and the economy class price was 1311 to 2723 Singapore dollars. The price depends on the specific travel date and time.
When asked if it has received complaints from stranded Australians trying to put them at a disadvantage of the ceiling, a spokesperson for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said: “The Australian government continues to explore options to support Australians in commercial flights.

“Our global network of overseas embassies and consulates continues to provide consular services to Australians affected by COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions imposed by the government.”

Morrison said in the past week that Perth only receives 525 overseas passengers and Brisbane 500 passengers a week, and can accommodate up to 30 people on a plane.

Sydney’s maximum number of arrivals at that time was 450 people per day, and a plane could accommodate up to 50 passengers.
The Qatar Airways business class fare that has reached the upper limit has jumped from Doha to Sydney to 12,000 Australian dollars, which is at least twice the previous price!

The price of economy class seats on the same flight segment is between $2500 and $3000, but tickets are not available until the second week of August.

Qatar is one of many airlines that have been criticized in the past week for prioritizing business class passengers, including claims that some economy class passengers were driven out of the airport to fill more expensive seats.
It’s time to do it!
WeChat, Douyin and Weibo are about to face Australian security investigations…
The Morrison government will investigate social media platforms such as Douyin, and there are growing concerns that the company does not know whether it will be required to share user information with the Chinese government.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday that the Australian government is watching Douyin “very closely” and will take action against the video sharing app if necessary.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Time revealed that the Morrison government may investigate social media companies and listen to the recommendations of security agencies.
According to government sources, the investigation will not be a formal public investigation. The subjects of the investigation may be security threats posed by platforms mainly used by overseas Chinese such as Douyin, WeChat and Weibo.

The Morrison administration has also been negotiating with the US government about the threats of Douyin and other social media companies. The Trump administration is expected to announce its decision whether to ban Douyin and other Chinese social media companies within a few weeks.
The Indian government announced this month that Douyin and other well-known Chinese apps (including WeChat) were banned, saying they “posed a threat to sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Douyin is China’s first technology giant with a truly international user base, owned by ByteDance.

CFIUS is currently investigating: Can the millions of videos uploaded to TikTok every day allow the Chinese government to access a huge facial recognition database?
Like Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, the latter has always been the focus of White House review, and the United States hopes to increase economic pressure on China. Australia also conducted a parliamentary investigation last year, mainly to address the risks to the country’s democracy posed by foreign government intervention through social media companies.

But the government hopes to establish its own review mechanism to determine what actions should be taken against platforms such as Douyin. The Morrison government also expressed concern about the social media applications used by a large number of Chinese-Australians, including WeChat and Weibo.

Fergus Ryan, an analyst at the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy, said he is not sure whether it is necessary to ban companies such as Douyin, but the Australian government should stipulate that user data cannot be sent back to China.

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