309 new cases were added today, and the Victorian blockade may be extended for several months! “I would rather catch the virus than to protest” 4400 people want to march in Sydney! As long as the test is performed, 300 dollars will be issued after the result!

Today’s Introduction
Victoria’s “mandatory mask” regulations have come into effect, and many businesses have cooperated with the government to implement new regulations.
Recently, the infection rate of the virus has dropped to close to 1. In other words, each infected person only infected 1 person

Victoria’s lockdown may be extended to several months, as long as the test can be paid…

One of the organizers of the 4,400-person “Black Fate is Fate” protest scheduled for next Tuesday said he would rather send his message after catching the new crown virus.

There are 309 new cases in Australia, and the epidemic is initially under control
According to data released today, there are 300 new cases in Victoria. There were 6 deaths, the highest in a single day.
Seven new cases were confirmed in NSW today, all of which were local transmission, and six of them were related to the Thai Rock Restaurant cluster.
Two new cases were confirmed in Kunzhou today, both of which came from quarantined travelers.
Just yesterday afternoon, Queensland listed the Fairfield area of Sydney as a new hot spot. This means that after continuing Campbelltown and Liverpool, residents of 27 areas within Fairfield’s jurisdiction have also been “blocked” by Queensland.
The number of confirmed cases of meat processing plants in Victoria continues to rise.
The number of confirmed cases related to Colac’s Australian Lamb Company rose from 17 to 29; the number of confirmed cases related to Tottenham’s Somerville Retail Services increased from 11 to 79;
The number of JBS-related diagnoses related to Brooklyn increased from 11 to 58;

A total of 10 confirmed cases related to Bertocchi Smallgoods in Thomastown.

The number of active cases in Greater Geelong in remote areas rose from 18 to 23, with 1 newly confirmed case each in Ballarat, Moorabool, Wangaratta and Corangamite.

Clever Kids Childcare-related diagnoses in Ashburton, southeast Melbourne, have increased by 16 since last Saturday, bringing a total of 21 confirmed cases, making it the largest cluster of infections in Melbourne kindergartens.
DFOs located in Essendon, South Wharf and Moorabbin have all confirmed employee diagnoses, but the mall has not closed.
A close contact of the confirmed patient appeared in the office building at 140 Bouke street, Melbourne CBD.
A customer at Costco in Marsden Park in Sydney has been diagnosed and went shopping before July 19, which may cause new cluster infections.
The proportion of young people infected accounts for 1/4
The number of confirmed cases for several days is really frightening to the people of Victoria. Although the numbers are still high, the government seems to look at the numbers from a different perspective than the general public.
Their response to this is quite optimistic, because in their opinion, the stay-at-home order is effective. Recently, the infection rate of the virus has dropped to close to 1. In other words, on average, each infected person infected only one person.
Victorian Premier Andrews believes that this “1 percentage point” will help Victorians win the battle against the new crown virus. Although in this case, a little optimistic fact is needed to give people hope. However, the editor believes that it is more intuitive to reduce the number of infections to single digits as soon as possible. In Victoria’s current reality of “more penalties but more prohibitions”, people are not worth encouraging, but more effective isolation measures should be adopted.
But to this day, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton is still clamoring: “Stricter quarantine measures will not be ruled out in the future.” The Victorian government still does not have any intention to step into the stay-at-home order 4.0. It is still just “appeals” and “please “People consciously abide by the rules of home isolation.
But there is always a group of stubborn people who just don’t realize it, and Victoria has reached the stage where the epidemic is blooming everywhere today.

No, the governor today called on the young people again, urging them to abide by the lockdown regulations, slow the spread of the virus, and survive the second wave of the epidemic. Governor Andrews stated that he is not trying to put the blame on young people. But so far this month, young people account for more than a quarter of the number of people infected with new coronary pneumonia. He said that more and more evidence shows that many young people have severe symptoms and even death due to the new crown virus.
According to data provided by the state government, about 25% of all positive patients since the beginning of July are young people in their 20s, while only 6% of people over 60. This shows that this kind of virus attacks indiscriminately. Who can have a fluke? Andrews said: “If you want to get rid of these restrictions as soon as possible… the only thing you can do is… you must follow the rules.”
In addition, seeing the number of confirmed diagnoses remain high, the number of patients in hospitals, elderly care centers, schools, etc. has also continued to rise. In response, Victorian hospitals and nursing homes will tighten visit restrictions. In other words, the expectant mother who is going to give birth can only have her partner or someone who supports her delivery. After the baby is born, a partner or supporter can only accompany her for two hours.
Hug mothers-to-be here, I hope you and your babies are brave, healthy and strong! In addition, visits to nursing homes and hospitals will be limited to 1 hour per person per day. However, parents with children in hospital and visitors to patients receiving palliative care can apply for exemption.
Victoria sends another $300 to urge people to test
Due to the impact of the epidemic, Victoria’s fiscal deficit can be described as shocking. However, in the face of people who cannot consciously go for testing or self-isolate, the government, which cannot think of other ways, can only grit their teeth and issue subsidies.

It is understood that almost 90% of the confirmed cases, that is, more than 3,400 people, did not quarantine at home for the first time after they developed symptoms or were tested, but continued to work.
Victorian Premier Andrews revealed that this problem is mainly caused by temporary workers who do not have paid leave. Therefore, he announced today a subsidy of $300 to subsidize temporary workers who have temporary jobs but do not have any sick leave. Encourage them to be isolated at home and wait for the results after they have been tested for the virus, instead of going out regardless of the results. He said: Employees who have been tested, are not eligible for sick leave or cannot miss shifts, should call 1800 675 398 to apply for payment.
It is reported that the detailed rules for this compensation measure will be released as soon as possible. Andrews said that this will be a very simple process and may only require temporary workers to provide a pay slip. If the pay slip is not provided, a statutory declaration must be made.
Subsequently, if the test result is positive, you will need to isolate for two weeks. At this time, you are eligible for another hardship subsidy provided by the government-$1500. In any case, the government is also poignant. I just don’t know, can the disease be cured after only two weeks of isolation?
The Sydney parade may be unavoidable
Paul Silva will parade in Sydney’s Town Hall on July 28 to commemorate his uncle David Dungay Junior, an Aboriginal man, in 2015 Died in police custody. To stop the spread of COVID-19, the police are working to ban the protests, while Mr. Silva and other organizers insist that they must continue.
“I absolutely understand why people are worried about the new coronavirus because of the parade, but we take social distancing seriously. We have masks and hand sanitizer, and we advise people to keep 2m intervals on our sound reinforcement system every few minutes. .”

“The status quo is that people are still taking risks to go to the store, but I am not taking the risk of buying clothes or shoes. I am defending justice and the lives of the indigenous people.”

The authorities urged the protesters to reconsider whether to participate in the demonstrations, because after the second outbreak in Victoria, Sydney experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases. Follower organizer Paddy Gibson said on Tuesday’s “Today Show” that the rally next Tuesday is “critical” and that the whole world is worried about the human rights of blacks.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that given the current situation, the scheduled parade was “shocking”. Mr. Silva said: “(Mr. Morrison) told us to obey the law, but the police and corrections department did not obey the law.”
The police wanted to ban protests because it violated the state’s coronavirus restrictions by limiting gatherings in public places to 20 people.

When the prime minister was asked what he wanted to say to the protesters, the prime minister said: “I just think this is shocking.”

He told Sydney’s 2GB radio station on Wednesday morning: “In places where the police and the state government say that mass gatherings cannot be held, people should abide by the law.” “I mean people must abide by the law. What privileges do they have? Since July 13, New South Wales has almost had double-digit coronavirus cases.
Governor Gladys Berejiklian told the protesters to express their views “in different ways.”

“New South Wales is at a critical juncture. We don’t want to see this virus spread, and taking such actions will bring huge health risks.”

Victoria’s lockdown may be extended to several months, as long as the test can be paid
Now Melbourne has been closed for more than two weeks, but there is still no downward trend. Therefore, more and more analyses indicate that the six-week blockade ban may be greatly extended!
According to The Australian report, the Victorian blockade ban may continue until Christmas. The senior Victorian government has discussed that even if the current Tier 3 city lockdown is loosened in the future, the ban may still last for several months.
Governor Andrew hopes to consider restarting the economy after the daily growth drops to single digits.
In this regard, today the Australian Federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt also made a similar statement in an interview with ABC. Minister Hunt said: If the epidemic situation does not get better, Victorians need to be prepared to continue the extension of the ban after the 6-week lockdown is over!
If you cannot enjoy Sick Leave at work, and you are tested because of discomfort, the government will provide you with emergency financial assistance of A$300 while waiting for the results. If you are diagnosed, you can apply for an additional A$1,500 in assistance during the isolation period. To apply for assistance, please call the hotline: 1800 675 398
As proof, you need to prepare a copy of your Pay Slip to provide to the government. Employees who work in Victoria can enjoy it, as well as temporary workers.
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