Australians are starting to grab toilet paper! All major supermarket toilet papers are empty, stocks run out overnight! Netizen :? ? ?

Stock culmination

In the past two days, Sydney people have gone crazy …
Australia has finally caught up with the international trend and is rushing to grab toilet paper! !!


Everyone bought the car
I’m afraid I won’t be able to buy it once!

And next to Coles, from toilet paper to milk to canned food.
The grand occasion of being emptied!

Came early with a cart of “trophy” and returned with a full load. Obviously ready for a long-term battle with the new crown virus.

Those who come late can only doubt the life in front of rows of shelves that are cleaner than wallets …

In fact, in just a few days since the first death in Australia last Sunday,

The Australian people who said “can’t panic to stabilize” have already panicked in their hearts,

The panic is not contagious with the virus,

Soon a nationwide supermarket rush occurred in Australia.
Rao is a supermarket retailer with a large inventory, and it can’t manage such a sudden increase in demand in a short time …

David Savage, associate professor of behavioral economics at Newcastle School of Business, expressed outrage at this,
Australians are always inclined to overreact to disaster events without realizing that they need to be more responsible for survival planning and preparation.

The professor saw that Australians had absolutely no reliable plan and awareness,
Just rushing into the supermarket with panic alone,
Panic buying for such an irrational national panic
It can be said that I hate iron and steel:

“Many of us Australians (attitudes) are too casual. Some people have delayed (the plan for hoarding essential supplies) too late. This is the biggest problem, especially for the supply chain. If everyone They all decided to go to the supermarket at the last minute to search for goods from the shelves. This problem is too serious. ”

Actually during this extraordinary period,

It is obvious that there is far more than the Australian people without effective planning.
In the worst-hit areas around the world, which were “occupied” earlier than Australia,
The local people ’s bad heart that “toilet paper is more valuable than money” has been going on for a while …

This is understandable,
After all, the number of confirmed cases in Japan continues to soar every day.
It is indeed necessary to snap up living materials (toilet paper …);

Hong Kong tongs are miserable
Not far from Japan, our compatriots in Hong Kong also performed extremely “calmly”, just emptied the supermarket shelves calmly …

The worst tragedy in Italy
Looking back at the worst “infected area” of Italy on the European continent, the local people, regardless of whether they are 371, have enough goods in at least two shopping carts to talk about;

The U.S. situation is not optimistic
And the American people across the sea are also in hot water,
Rush toilet paper from offline to online,
There has been no rational consumption …

A good way to save paper
Stop eating vegetables, fruits, and all fiber-rich foods, reduce exercise, drink less water, and not consume any olive oil. This will soon start constipation, and the frequency of going to the toilet will be immediately reduced from 3 times a day to every 3 days. 1 time, effectively reduce the use of paper! !! !! No thanks ~!

Good way to save paper 2
Autumn in Australia is coming. You can pay attention to this kind of leaves on the street. The scientific name is Broadleaf Maple. It is very common in Australia. Maple trees are the largest tree species in the world, and the maple leaves are rarely tiny Burr, it will be better to use, and it is completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable, one of the perfect solutions to replace toilet paper

Good way to save paper three

Refrain from going to the toilet at home. Almost all public toilets in office buildings, shopping malls, parks, McDonald’s, sports centres, etc. in Australia have toilet paper. It is difficult to find places without toilet paper, even in national parks in the wild. If you can go outside every day, the toilet paper at home can be used until Easter 2021
Four ways to save paper
That’s right, it’s a newspaper. If there is no toilet paper, this one will definitely come in handy!

But there are a few things to note:
Don’t use smooth paper magazines
Do not use free newspapers with low printing quality, which will cause ink to drop and have a bad impression.
Do n’t use books. Well, books are the ladder of human progress. Unless you have no choice but to leave no leaves on the street, try not to use books. This is the insistence of reading wheat.

But seriously, return to the topic of this article: What is the real reason for everyone to buy and stock up toilet paper?

In fact, it is a psychological comfort to soothe the panic in a situation full of uncertainty.

And the key point here is that the things used to comfort must be bought, such as toilet paper, cheap, not expired, and sooner or later.

This state of mind is the same as when people bought some light luxury goods they could afford to comfort themselves during the Great Depression.

This is the so-called “lipstick effect”. The economic term is called “low-price product preference trend”. It comes from the history that whenever the United States has an economic crisis, the sales of lipstick as a luxury product that the public can afford to increase will actually increase. In this way, you can satisfy your desire for consumption and make yourself feel that life is still good.

The same phenomenon is now happening in the case of buying toilet paper. In fact, everyone does not need to buy so much. Most people do n’t know why they should stock up toilet paper, but they will still follow the buying, just to worry about what happens if something unexpected happens. Psychological a comfort.

But you know what? 85% of what we worry about will never happen, but it scares us to death.

ps supplementary message: Australia’s three largest toilet paper production companies: Kimberly-Clark Australia (brand: Kleenex), Asaleo (brand: Sorbent) and ABC Tissue (brand: Quilton) have clearly stated that Australia’s tissue paper is almost used up, Kleenex’s production plant is in South Australia, and the pulp is also local to Australia. Even if Australia is isolated from the world, it can endlessly produce enough toilet paper for everyone in Australia to use the toilet three times a day, and use 9 sheets of paper each time. Splurge. The supermarket shelves are currently empty, just because everyone suddenly snapped up, and soon the shelves were full again.

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