Box Hill, the treasure of Fengshui in Melbourne’s southeast district-TRIO Marriott City, a large comprehensive commercial and livable community, has become the largest new commercial and residential landmark, allowing you to experience the convenience of life close at hand!

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Box Hill-Trio·Marriott City
Large comprehensive commercial livable community
All the time
Are you looking for such a place?
It tolerates
Happiness for the whole family
Whole body satisfaction
And the ambition to conquer the world
CBD Development Group
Adhering to the people-oriented development concept
Efforts to create the largest new commercial and residential landmark in Box Hill
Project Introduction

Project name: TRIO BOX HILL Marriott City
Project address: 851 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128
Development Team: CBD Development Group (CBD Development Group)
Architectural design: PLUS Architecture
Estimated start time: early/mid 2020
Estimated delivery time: early/mid 2023

Listening to the graceful heartfelt voice creates a beautiful new life. The powerful Australian developer CBD Development Group adheres to the people-oriented development concept, writes a new definition of modern human settlements, and teamed up with the award-winning PLUS architectural design firm to create Australia’s first full-dimensional, all-age, all-round community; The concept of cultural family permeates the development concept, building Melbourne’s first and innovative community that brings together three generations of “childcare, elderly care, and happy living”.

As the tallest residential development project outside Melbourne’s central business district, TRIO BOX HILL Marriott City consists of three independent towers, consisting of 19, 32 and 39-story towers, and is undertaken by a 6-story podium.

The project is a large-scale commercial and residential complex that integrates boutique apartments, senior residences, high-end hotels, childcare, health care centers, independent living facilities, convenience supermarkets and gourmet shopping districts. There are more than 460 residential apartments available for sale, including 1-3 bedroom boutique apartments and 5 bedroom penthouses. In addition, residents will also enjoy first-class supporting facilities: fitness center, heated swimming pool and sky garden, etc., life is convenient and close at hand.

Regional introduction
Box hill is located in a commercial area 14 kilometers east of Melbourne’s city center, Australia. The local government belongs to the city of Whitehorse. Box Hill is Melbourne’s largest Chinese gathering area. Even the residents of the second CBD who only speak Chinese can still live conveniently here. Whether it is shopping, seeing a doctor or going to the bank, there are Chinese employees to serve. Whitehorse’s city hall is not far from Box Hill center, and the newly built ATO Internal Revenue Service building is located opposite the box hill shopping mall. It has Asian supermarkets and various seafood markets to meet the daily needs of all Chinese, and the Bank of China is also Box hill set up a branch.
Box hill will undergo earth-shaking changes in the next few years. Boxhill’s house appreciation has soared in recent years, and the future development momentum is extremely fierce. All the districts between Box Hill and the CBD are Melbourne’s traditional rich areas, so it is one of the reasons why the housing prices in this area of Box Hill will not fall.
Box Hill is close to the box hill central area and started to build low-rise apartment buildings in the early years to provide housing for many students. One apartment building after another was established and quickly sold out. At this stage, with the continuous increase of population and rigid demand, high-rise apartments are also rising one after another. In recent years, they have become ideal residences for some new immigrants. In the eyes of locals, Box Hill, on the one hand, is a bustling commercial area in Central. There are many shops, restaurants, tea houses and various entertainment projects that make Box Hill look a little feasting, but it is just a few steps away from the park and the small lake area, with a peaceful atmosphere. The beautiful scenery is a good place for local residents to take a leisurely stroll. There is no faster formation of a concentration of Chinese in this area of Box Hill. Because of the convenience of Box Hill and the family atmosphere here, familiar races and friendly faces can be seen everywhere on the street, as well as all kinds of dishes in the north, south, west, and east of China, so that overseas wanderers who have left their homes will not feel unfamiliar. It is not difficult to see the true value of prime locations. For Chinese investors who are more familiar with Melbourne, Box Hill’s attachment is unmatched by other regions.

Surrounding facilities
Strategic location

Marriott City is located in the core location of Baima Road, everything is within reach. Within walking distance to shopping centers, parks, or enjoy a delicious Asian cuisine. Box Hill has convenient transportation. It takes 10 minutes and 20 minutes to drive to Doncaster Shopping Center and Chadstone, the largest shopping center in the southern hemisphere. It takes 15 minutes by train to reach the city centre of Melbourne and enjoy the beauty of Melbourne and its bustling business district.
There are many prestigious schools around the Marriott City project. 15 minutes by bus to Deakin University. Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Center is very convenient, and is close to several public and private primary and secondary schools. For example: Box Hill High School, Our Lady of Sion College, Our Lady of Sion College, Camberwell Grammar School, Melbourne Camberwell College of Men’s Arts and Sciences. The acclaimed Box Hill public and private hospitals are only steps away. Marriott City is only 450 meters away from Box Hill’s center and 15 kilometers away from Melbourne’s city center. It is a true core location.
● Box Hill Railway Station and shopping mall, 8 minutes’ walk
● Box Hill Institute Box Hill Adult School, Technical School, 4 minutes walk
● Box Hill public and private hospitals, 4 minutes walk
● Box Hill Park, a 10-minute walk
● Box Hill Middle School and many other schools can be reached by bus within 20 minutes
● Deakin University, 15 minutes by bus
● Melbourne University can be reached in about 45 minutes by train
● Chadstone shopping mall can be reached in 20 minutes by car or 40 minutes by bus
● Box Hill Golf Course can be reached in 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes by bus
Gourmet shopping
At TRIO, it is no longer a problem. The building brings together food from various countries, leisure shopping and life services. Whether young, old or children, everyone can easily find their own little luck.
Educational advantages

Deakin University is near Burwood and has 50,000 students, including approximately 7,240 international students. Deakin University ranks in the top 3% of the world in the three most indexed higher education rankings.

Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Center is very convenient, and is close to several public and private elementary and secondary schools, such as St Xavier School, Mont Albert Elementary School, Box Hill High School, Laburnum Elementary School, Roberts McCubbin Elementary School, Surrey Hills Elementary School, Our Lady Of Sion College, Box Hill Senior Secondary College, Kingswood College, Presbyterian Ladies College, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour School.

The well-known Box Hill Instituation TAFE provides professional skills and higher education. It is the largest technical college in Victoria. It is known for its cooperation and creative teaching mode. Box Hill Institute of Technology provides a wide range of courses to students at home and abroad. It includes short-term courses, diplomas, degrees and workplace internships, and provides different types of learning methods: full-time students, part-time students, and distance learning. The current number of students in the school has reached 64,770, including 6,080 overseas students.
medical resources
Box Hill Hospital

Box Hill Hospital, established in 1956, is a teaching public hospital for universities with a total of 621 beds. It is one of the eastern health network established by the government and 7 hospitals. This hospital focuses on emergency treatment, including emergency, general diagnosis and treatment and specialist diagnosis and treatment services, and its service targets cover all age groups.
In the north and south of Box Hill Hospital, there are two hospitals, Epworth Eastern and Eastern Neurology. The former is a private hospital and the latter is a medical center.

Box Mountain has never stopped building a local nursing home. In October 2018, another nursing home officially opened. This nursing home offers 216 beds and world-class facilities, fully embodying humanized care. At present, there are more than a dozen nursing homes around Box Hill, including Chinese nursing homes and nursing staff.

Construction concept

CBD Development Group has always paid attention to the sustainability of urban development and the extension of life within the family unit. The design of Marriott City is unique. TRIO means “trio”, which is a concept in music and refers to the performance form of music performed using three different instruments. The CBD Development Group chose to name the project after TRIO, which perfectly understands the complementarity of the three towers of the project.

They have different functions, ranging from entrepreneurial youth residences designed for vigorous young people, family happy residences built for young families, and elderly residences designed specifically for the elderly. The three towers are like three musical instruments, set off each other and are indispensable, symbolizing balance, stability and harmony, and ensemble to create a harmonious and graceful sound of nature.

The first concept of an all-purpose community provides residents with a variety of leisure options. Public facilities include: sky gardens, rest areas, indoor swimming pools, indoor and outdoor gyms, and elderly activity centers. Food shopping is also within easy reach.

The ground floor provides multiple life conveniences: supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, hair and beauty salons, tourism and real estate agency services, etc., to meet your daily needs.
Tower 1 Sapphire – Sapphire Guarding Fate
Family Home
Starlight Sapphire is also known as the “Stone of Destiny”
Is one of the top five gems in the world
Full of positive, warm and steadfast power
Let the family be protected by the god of destiny at all times
Safe and smooth, happy family
It is designed for the happy life of the family. The building is equipped with gymnasiums, swimming pools and other supporting facilities. It advocates green and organic life and meets the needs of a variety of life.
· A total of 37 floors
· 1 to 6 floors of retail shops, private clubs, high-end hotels
· Residential apartments of 7 to 37 floors
Tower 2 Golden Amber – Collection of Amber

Aged Residence
Amber is a “living fossil” formed by resin precipitation over time
The lightest, oldest, and most colorful gem
It is deep and elegant, simple and subtle
Like an old man who has been baptized by years
There are endless beautiful stories and wisdom in life
CBD Development Group has infiltrated the traditional Chinese cultural family concept into the development concept, and is committed to meeting the needs of three-generation families. The apartment for the elderly is specially designed for the elderly aged 50-70. The building has a full-floor exclusive public club for social entertainment, a health care center that monitors health conditions and provides necessary living assistance for middle-aged and elderly people, and allows busy young children to work. Let parents live with confidence; high-end kindergartens are equipped in the building, which is convenient for the elderly to help pick up and drop off, and on the other hand, it solves the difficulty of enrolling in high-end kindergartens in Australia. Three generations of needs are met at once.
· 19 floors
· 1st to 2nd floors are shops and exclusive clubs for middle-aged and elderly people
· 3 to 6-story residential apartments
· 7th to 8th floors are high-end kindergartens
· 9 to the top floor are residential apartments
Tower 3 Amethyst – Amethyst accumulates aura
As the only purple gem
Amethyst is an energy stone containing a mysterious magnetic field
Its dense, meticulous, calm energy
Can stimulate thinking and improve spirituality
Narrow and catalyze the relationship between people
For emotional and career development
All have positive impetus like spring breeze

Commercial and residential dual-use practical residences are cost-effective and suitable for first-time buyers. Incorporate the elements of the Family Office into the design, which is stylish, concise, and functional. Cooperating with the independent reception room on the 6th floor, it is the first choice for SOHO family to work from home.
· A total of 30 floors
· 1 to 6 storeys, family offices, high-end hotels
· Residential apartments of 7 to 30 floors
In response to the scarcity of high-end kindergartens in the market and the difficulty in queuing, TRIO will introduce a high-end kindergarten with an area of more than 1,000 square meters to provide residents with more than 100 precious priority seats. It will solve the three major problems of home ownership, garden selection and elderly care at one time. From “three generations in the same house” to “three generations in the same neighbourhood”, the right distance brings the heart closer.

Trio combines kindergarten and senior apartment, which is one of the few innovative projects in Australia. Trio has gone through nearly 3 years from the budding to the planning to the project opening. The conception is based on the needs of the market and the voice of the residents of BOX HILL.
Investment potential

Box Hill Activity Center has more than 2,000 residents. It has a high degree of cultural diversity. A considerable proportion of residents were born overseas, especially in China. Box Hill is quickly becoming the Asian cultural center of Melbourne, a well-known destination for buying Asian food, specialty products, services and education. The Victorian Government has designated Box Hill as a place of strategic importance for promoting employment, investment and productivity in the state. It has also been designated as an urban activity center and a health/education area. The state government is planning to vigorously promote the further substantial growth of Box Hill.

The Victorian government has positioned Box Hill as Melbourne’s second CBD (Central Business District). Its population increased from 15,600 in 2003 to 21,000 last year. Box Hill’s slow but steady population growth rate has surpassed that of Melbourne.
Box Hill has extremely convenient infrastructure and education. Box Hill Central not only has a large-scale Shopping Mall, but also has numerous retail stores, restaurants and entertainment venues! Box Hill Institute and Box Hill TAFE allow those who want to learn a skill to get what they want at home! In recent years, more and more Chinese friends have poured into Box Hill, and the White Horse City Government has also actively embraced Chinese culture! As we all know, Box Hill has the most Chinese New Year event among all Suburbs in Australia! Various temple fairs, fairs, and dragon dances Lion dance!

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