Compared with the prospects of overseas buyers, real estate, Australia is the impeccable first choice! So what are the most popular places to live in in Melbourne?

In recent years, the pace of Chinese investment in overseas investment has grown faster and faster. According to data released by the international agency Jones Lang LaSalle, as early as 2013, China’s overseas real estate investment transactions have exceeded the $5 billion mark.

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So, who is the main force of overseas real estate investment?
In this regard, experts believe that with the continuous accumulation of wealth of Chinese people, coupled with domestic restrictions on speculative purchases, stock market downturns, narrow investment channels, etc., many investors have turned their eyes to overseas real estate, the new middle class The group is also the main force to buy houses overseas.

For the reasons why Chinese people’s overseas investment enthusiasm has been heating up in recent years, industry experts pointed out: First, most domestic first- and second-tier cities have adopted measures to limit purchases, but most of the most investment-producing properties are concentrated in first- and second-tier cities, so investors can only Turn your eyes to overseas.

Secondly, there are also many investors who are thinking about their future life prospects, such as their children’s education, old-age care and a better living environment. More and more, they are considering the issue of home ownership and overseas settlement.

Finally, in recent months, the depreciation of the renminbi has accelerated, and only by seeking a reasonable allocation of overseas assets can we effectively hedge the risk of devaluation.

Australia is the most popular country for overseas investment in recent years. In the face of overseas real estate investment projects, many Chinese investors are both excited and cautious. So today, let’s talk in detail about the advantages of investing in Australian real estate.
Australian real estate investment advantage

Australia is the most suitable country for human life. It has the most stable political system, pleasant climate, unique and beautiful environment, high-quality cultural infrastructure, highly civilized and prosperous social system and inclusive and open social customs.

In addition to the admirable environmental and social factors, there are several outstanding advantages to investing in Australian properties –
Australian Property Ownership Australia is a capitalist country and private ownership is the economic base. The law stipulates that the owner owns the permanent land ownership, not the lease right (the so-called domestic use right, which separates the ownership and use rights, and the right to use is the lease right).

“Permanent property rights” means that you can always enjoy ownership of the land.

If it is a leasehold right, you can only own the land within a certain period of time – in mainland China, the current term is 70 years – the property rights law stipulates that 70 years of land use rights can be automatically renewed, but there is no clear whether to pay a certain fee. Therefore, in the real estate appraisal, the value of real estate after a certain number of years will be reduced.

This problem does not exist in real estate with freehold property. Therefore, the permanent property rights are superior and can sell high prices.

When purchasing a deposit for a real estate project in Australia and a down payment to buy a property, regardless of the country, the standard practice is to pay a deposit and down payment first.

This down payment is paid immediately after signing the contract. The amount of the deposit varies from country to country. But in Australia, the legal deposit is 10%, Thailand is 15-30%, China is 30% and so on.

Paying a 10% less deposit to buy Australian property is a big advantage. If you have enough cash, you don’t have to deposit capital in the deposit, but you can invest it in other projects (including real estate projects), so that the same investment amount can get higher investment income.

For the purchase of the 期房, as long as the 10% deposit is delivered at the time of signing the contract, there is no need to pay any fees until the delivery to the house within one to two years of delivery. Therefore, in the process of purchasing the 期房, the advantage of Australia is more reflected.
The risk of buying out-of-town housing Frequently asked questions, if the purchase of the 期房, and the developer can not pay the house on time, what will happen to the down payment I paid? Many people mistakenly believe that the seller will use the buyer’s down payment during the construction period according to the domestic operation mode.

In fact, this is not the case – all the down payment in Australia is kept in the lawyer’s trust account (the lawyer’s trust account is the lawyer’s third party for the transaction is used to supervise the transaction, this trust account is supervised by the government, no fault). The money cannot be misappropriated by the developer without your permission. Of course, as a down payment, you are not allowed to use it without the permission of the developer.

If for any reason the developer fails to deliver the property and defaults, all down payment will be refunded to the purchaser in full. This gives you greater protection against the loss of your down payment. So you don’t have to worry about the risk of the developer running away, or the unfinished building – although this kind of thing is hard to find in Australia for a hundred years.
A mature legal system Australia has a strong system of verification and checks and balances, as well as a well-respected judicial and law enforcement system.

Australia has an open, effective and transparent legal framework, and Australia’s housing market is heavily regulated by strict national property and consumer laws, guaranteeing that you are fully protected by law as a buyer.

In the event of a dispute, you have the right to hire a professional lawyer to protect you and your property. It can be said that the advantages of most Australian real estate investments that you know are determined by Australia’s well-established legal system.
The rental income is high. Australian property has become an attractive investment option because of the strong rental market.

The vacancy rate is at a historical low level all the year round. Investors may receive 5% higher rent income, which ensures that investors get sufficient cash flow.
Australia has a high level of property managers who can handle everything from finding the right tenant to post-maintenance and inspection.

In fact, a good property manager not only relieves you of the burden, but if they can find a “good” tenant who cares about your property, it will slow down the depreciation of your furniture and furnishings and other assets.
So, where is the Chinese community in Melbourne, where is it more suitable for Chinese families and children? Where are the educational resources better? Where is the transportation life more convenient and the surrounding facilities more complete?

Next, let’s talk about it, about the things in Melbourne’s Chinese district~
Box hill

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Known as “Doctor Hill” or “Box Mountain”
It is a well-known Chinese district in Melbourne.
Chinese accounted for 35.4%

It is located 14 km east of Melbourne CBD
The population is about 11,000, and the median age is 31 years old.
It belongs to “City of Whitehourse”
A white horse sculpture on the main street is the landmark here.
Traffic ★★★★☆
The train has two lines, Belgrave and Lilydale. It takes only 15 minutes to reach the City in the morning and evening peak hours express line. The tram has 109 direct access to the city centre. If you are driving by car, you can drive to the Eastern Highway in just 20 minutes.
Shopping ★★★★★
In Box Hill Central and nearby shops, you can buy almost everything that Chinese needs for everyday life. Whether it is buying food, eating, seeing a doctor, buying medicines, wearing glasses, doing business in a bank, etc., it will not even be important in English here, and fluent Chinese can be unimpeded!
School ★★★★★
Nearby schools are Kerrimuir Elementary School and Laburnum Elementary School, and one of Melbourne’s top public high schools, Box Hill High, which is known for its top rankings and Chinese people. In fact, Chinese people only need to observe one thing when they choose a school in Australia. Because Chinese families generally attach importance to education, the higher the proportion of Chinese students in the school, the better the school’s academic style and academic performance will be.

Rates ★★★★★
The mid-priced villa has reached $1.697 million and the median rent is $450 per week. In the past two years, due to the increase in immigrant population and the increase in the number of international students, Box Hill has started to build a number of new apartment properties, and the density of residence has also begun to increase. This well-known Chinese district has also begun to develop in the direction of “inch and gold”. .

Glen Waverley

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Chinese in Melbourne like to call it “the center of the universe”
This is the favorite area for Chinese new immigrants.
About 20 km from the CBD
The population is about 40,300 people, and the median age is 40.
Among them, Chinese account for 28.3%
Traffic ★★★☆☆
The Glen Waverley train station is the terminus of the Glen Waverley line, which departs every 7-8 minutes during peak hours and every 15 minutes during off-peak hours. If you drive by yourself, drive through the Monash Freeway and arrive in the city center in about 35 minutes.
Shopping ★★★★☆
It is said that it is the center of the universe, which means that there is definitely something to eat and drink here! A food street is a collection of restaurants of all sizes, from Chuanlu to Huaiyinyang. In addition, the Glen Waverley shopping center is small, but the store is complete, including large supermarkets, as well as department stores Target and David Jones, which can basically meet all the needs of daily life.
School ★★★★★
The reason why this area is loved by Chinese people is also because of its quality school district. Including Glendal Primary School, Mount View Primary School, and Glen Waverley Primary School are all “fighters” in elementary schools. In addition, Glen Waverley Secondary College on the VCE (Victoria College Entrance Examination) list is the only school that can compete with Box Hill High for the first place in the Victorian Public High School. Chinese people get together and don’t have it. reason.
Rates ★★★★☆
Nowadays, the price of the “Cosmic Center” has become more and more expensive, and the medium-priced villas reached 1.321 million, but the houses actually located in the Glen Waverly Secondary College are far higher than this number.


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Melbourne’s “Dragon’s Land”
In recent years, more and more Chinese have settled here.
It is about 15 kilometers from the CBD
The population is 2.09, and the median age is 42.
Among them, Chinese account for 26.6%

Traffic ★★★☆☆
Doncaster was the first district in the southern hemisphere in the 19th century to have Tram. The public transport here relies mainly on public transport and there is currently no train station. It takes only 20 minutes to get to the city via the Eastern Freeway by car.

Shopping ★★★★☆
The eastern commercial and residential regional business centre, including Westfiled, one of Australia’s top shopping centres, has more than 8 million traffic per year. In addition, Doncaster Road is also an important commercial street here.
School ★★★★☆
Doncaster is an area where education is important, and the nearby public elementary schools are quite good, ranking one of the best. In addition to the high-quality kilometer secondary school Doncaster Secondary College, there are many good private schools with good reputation and high quality of students.
Rates ★★★★☆
The mid-priced villa is at $1.4 million and the rent is $500 per week. Doncaster Hill is basically the highest point in the entire east of Melbourne, and many luxury homes can see a 360-degree 360-degree view of the Melbourne East. Among them, the price of houses in the Doncaster Secondary College school district is even higher.

屏幕快照 2018-08-27 下午3.11.01It’s not just the old rich area of Melbourne.
It is also the place where Chinese people are competing in recent years.
About 10 km from the CBD
The population is about 13,000, and the median age is 42 years old.
Among them, Chinese account for about 21.8%

Traffic ★★★☆☆
Tram 48, 109 runs through the Balwyn area. The 200, 207, 302, 285 bus and Camberwell train station have trains to the city center. It takes 45 minutes to enter the city. If you drive high, it will be shortened to 27 minutes.
Shopping ★★★☆☆
The shopping centres in the area are mainly on Whitehorse Road, also on both sides of Balwyn Road. This street is a great place for recreation, afternoon tea, and a popular spot in the area. There are also tennis and bowling clubs nearby.
School ★★★★☆
The well-known Balwyn High School is enough for many Chinese to settle here. This glittering public school, if you step into it, is equivalent to stepping into one foot to enter the famous University of Melbourne. Chinese students in Balwyn Middle School are also increasing almost every year.
Rates ★★★★★
As a combination of a wealthy area + a quality school district, the price of the villa here is $23.03 million, and the rent is $728 per week. After all, the wealthy district, Balwyn’s house prices have been highly speculated, and the buyers with strong economic strength must be A place you can’t miss.

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