Heavy! Today there is a surge of 436 cases, and the patients will be transferred to another state! The cost of eradicating the new crown is too great, only to successfully suppress the epidemic! Supermarket officials announced the cancellation of the nationwide purchase restriction order! Monash waits for major layoffs!

Today’s Introduction
|A second wave of epidemics broke out in Australia. The daily surge in confirmed cases has made Australians feel the severity of the epidemic again.

| Morrison confirms Australia’s anti-epidemic strategy: the cost of eliminating the new crown is too great, only to successfully suppress the epidemic

|Finally on sale! Woolworths official announced: Cancel the nationwide purchase restriction order! However, toilet paper was excluded…

|Governor set flag to eliminate community infection within five weeks

Morrison confirmed Australia’s anti-epidemic strategy:
The cost of eradicating the new crown is too great, only to successfully suppress the epidemic
Nowadays, the epidemic in Australia is repeated, especially in Victoria, where the epidemic is severe and the blockade order has been restarted. The local people’s livelihood and economy are facing tremendous damage caused by the epidemic.
Australia’s fight against the epidemic has already been difficult, and today’s Australian Prime Minister Morrison’s “pessimistic” statement is to pour cold water on Australians who are hoping to eliminate the epidemic as soon as possible:
Morrison said today that in view of the current situation in Australia, it has become unrealistic to completely eliminate the new crown virus, and it is more like an “illusory goal.”
At present, due to the destructive impact of the first wave of the epidemic, nearly one million Australians are unemployed in Australia. The unemployment rate in Australia has also soared to its highest point in 22 years. At the same time, countless companies and industries have suffered. It was a devastating blow. Under such circumstances, if Australia reluctantly implements a policy to “eliminate the new crown pneumonia”, Australia will face serious economic damage.
Considering that the “elimination policy” will inevitably mean a long-term strict blockade, which will undoubtedly bring greater economic losses to Australian society, this anti-epidemic strategy is really not worth the gain;
Morrison said that instead of pursuing “eliminating the epidemic”, Australia’s current anti-epidemic strategy is pursuing “suppressing the epidemic.” Morrison explained that in fact, the recent second outbreak of the Victorian epidemic due to hotel isolation and quarantine loopholes has proved that when overseas Australians return to Australia, they will inevitably be accompanied by the risk of importing overseas cases. Therefore, even if Australia can successfully eliminate the domestic epidemic As long as the border opens, there is still no guarantee that no new cases will appear.
Morrison said that Victoria currently has the largest lockdown in Australia, but the reality is that Victoria still has not been able to control the second wave of the epidemic, which also shows that the “eliminate the epidemic” strategy is quite There are adventurous and even illusory anti-epidemic strategies.
Morrison also revealed that among all the states and regions in Australia, NSW and Victoria are actually the two states that support the “strategy to suppress the epidemic” the most.
In addition, Morrison also exclaimed to the entire Australian public: “In this difficult period, Australians still retain extraordinary tenacity (quality). Let us stride forward and move on.”

Add 436, Victorian patients or transfer to other states
According to the data released today, Victoria added 428 new cases, breaking the new record in a single day.
There are 8 new cases in NSW today, with specific details to be announced. As of press time, there are no new additions in other states/territories.
Victoria’s nursing homes have been severely affected by the epidemic. As of yesterday, 39 nursing homes had newly diagnosed, and a large part of them were infections caused by nurses working in multiple nursing homes.

At present, in order to avoid cross-infection and protect vulnerable groups at the same time, the Victorian government is considering banning nursing workers from working in multiple nursing institutions during the epidemic.
Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd said that all seniors working in residential aged care facilities or providing home care support in restricted areas of Victoria must wear surgical masks.

In addition, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer officially recommends that disabled workers wear masks, and this recommendation also applies to disabled people receiving care.

Brett Sutton pointed out that people with disabilities are relatively more susceptible to the virus because they need to rely on family members, caregivers and auxiliary workers, and need to have close contact with more people every day.

A medical worker at Mercy Women’s Hospital in northwest Melbourne has confirmed the diagnosis.

School-related cases are also on the rise. A student at Mary Immaculate College in Melbourne was infected and the school has been closed.

Two more police officers were infected in Frankston, and the cluster infection has risen to four, resulting in 60 police officers being forced to quarantine.

South Australia has also been affected by the Victorian epidemic, with the first confirmed case in 17 days. The patient returned to Australia from overseas to enter Victoria and was quarantined for 14 days, but the two tests during the quarantine period were negative.
Even Prime Minister Morrison said that the situation in Victoria is very serious. If the hospital is overloaded, Victorian coronavirus patients may be transferred to other states.
The recent epidemic has made everyone living in Australia feel the severity of the epidemic situation, but the good news is that the death rate of ICU patients is declining, and at the same time, the cure rate is also rising.

The situation may not be as bad as we thought…
Woolworths official announced: Cancel the nationwide purchase restriction order!
However, toilet paper was excluded…
Since the epidemic, everyone has been blindly rushing to buy – especially toilet paper. As a last resort, all major supermarkets have launched purchase restrictions.

Woolworths announced today that they will remove all purchase restrictions on goods across Australia. Of course, except for toilet paper…
Woolworths will eliminate restrictions on all products except toilet paper.

From tomorrow, restrictions on 23 products will be lifted, including rice, pasta, flour, meat, sugar, eggs, dairy products, bread, etc. But all stores across the country will continue to restrict two packs of toilet paper..

In the statement, Woolworths thanked customers for their continued support over the past week. The company said: “We will continue to monitor the situation closely.
If we see a further surge in demand, product restrictions will be restored. “Due to the significant increase in the number of new coronavirus cases in Melbourne, some supermarket shelves in the state began to be sold empty, so Woolworths had to impose restrictions on products again three weeks ago. At present, Woolworths supermarkets are still operating normally in Victoria.

Can’t hold it! Monash waits for major layoffs!
Yesterday UNSW University just announced that it would lay off 493 employees, cut its management staff by 25%, and even cut the number of colleges from 8 to 6!

Today, the other eight members, Monash, also announced that nearly 300 employees will be laid off at the end of the year to cope with the loss of 300 million Australian dollars!

The spokesperson of the eight major education alliances even warned that Australian universities have layoffs or are just the tip of the iceberg, and there may be more serious consequences in the follow-up!
“We want to live with the virus,” but the virus only wants to poison us. If we procrastinate again and again, I am afraid that more companies and people will fall.

Just like Bill Bowtell said, why not do things right at one time because they have to be sealed anyway?
It may be difficult for us to influence the government’s actions, but sincerely hope that in five weeks, the governor can fulfill his promise!

I hope the governor can fulfill his promise!
Although Deborah Cromer, a virology expert from the University of New South Wales last week, predicted that Victoria may have more than 500 new people in a single day today, the worst case did not appear.
Despite the new records in a single day, Victoria has repeatedly brushed it, but Victoria’s chief medical officer Brett Sutton still believes that the Victorian epidemic may not have reached that “peak”.
As for the fourth phase of the blockade that has been promoted by the media almost every day as “ready to come out” today, the governor also responded today by saying “unsound”.

There are currently no plans to upgrade Melbourne’s restrictions to Level 4, but this possibility is not ruled out.
Although the current situation in Victoria is at least higher in terms of numbers, both the governor and the chief medical officer are still very optimistic about containing the epidemic.

The governor believes that Victoria’s shortfall is time. “These restrictions have only been implemented for a week. It will take some time for these numbers to stabilize and begin to see their downward trend.”
And set up a flag stating that Victoria’s goal is to eliminate community infections in the next five weeks. The Chief Medical Officer of Victoria is even more convinced that there may be an inflection point this week.
However, Australian experts somewhat disagree with this view of the “optimistic family”.

Bill Bowtell, a distinguished professor at the University of New South Wales, believes that Victoria and NSW will not be effective in containing the virus.

I believe that what Victoria is doing now is just thinking of ways to curb the spread of the virus, rather than trying to eradicate the virus. Wanting to curb the virus through this method will only cause Victoria to repeatedly block and unblock it.

“We can’t keep people facing lockdowns, but if Christmas breaks out again, we will face lockdowns again. I think this is very stupid.”
In his opinion, eradicating this virus is definitely not as difficult as the government has done. Anyway, they must be locked down, and go directly to the fourth stage, which lasts for 4 to 6 weeks, so that people try to stay at home, try not to go out, and use masks. Let’s do it all in one go.
It is true that the current state of Victoria says it is the third stage of the blockade, which is a big battle, but it is just like the people have been crazy about it these days.

The binding force of not going out for non-necessities is too bad, and the bug is basically what you want to do.

Today, “Hearld Sun” even directly pointed out that why the Victorian epidemic cannot be controlled? Go to Chadstone to have a look and you will know the answer.

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