Melbourne’s Airbnb occupancy rate is over 70%, ranking second in the world! The average nightly price is much higher than the long rent

The world is so big, who would not want to go out and see? However, the traditional way of traveling – the exhausted experience of visiting attractions and staying at the same size hotel, has made it harder for people to have a good mood to experience good times and good times.

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Most of the travel site’s recommendation rankings are based on tourists, not local people’s thoughts and experiences, which will lead to travelers out of touch with the real experience they are looking for.

As a result, more and more people began to turn to short-term platforms such as Airbnb and integrate them into travel destinations as much as the locals. Just as Airbnb preaches, travel is about to throw away selfie sticks and play like a local.

The transformation of travel methods has driven Airbnb’s popularity. In Melbourne, for example, according to the first Moore Airbnb rental market quantification report released by the University of Melbourne, the Airbnb short-term rental platform is eroding the traditional Melbourne hotel market.

In addition, a study from the University of Melbourne found that during the peak of the summer of last year, the Melbourne landlord’s short-term rental turnover through the Airbnb platform reached A$14 million, which is expected to exceed this record this year.

Looking around the world, among the more than 180 countries that provide Airbnb services, Melbourne’s occupancy rate ranks second in the world.
The data shows that the rent return rate of a well-managed Airbnb apartment in the Melbourne CBD can reach 13.11%.

According to AirDNA’s data, Airbnb averaged $151 per night throughout the Melbourne area, with an occupancy rate of 72% and an average return of $2,509. In contrast, the median rent in the inner city with a higher rent in Melbourne is about $550, which averages less than $79 per night.

According to Airbnb statistics, Melbourne’s most popular ten regions are: CBD, St Kilda, South Yarra, Southbank, Richmond, Brunswick, Fitzroy, Elwood, Carlton and South Melbourne.

Among them, Melbourne’s city centre was selected as the most popular area for Melbourne’s Airbnb tenants.

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