Nearly 500 cases increased across Australia! Starting this week, you will not be able to enter these stores without wearing a mask! There are 5 new visa regulations for international students! Australia’s recent popular welfare subsidy summary: you can get it without PR!

Today’s Introduction
In the past 24 hours, 500 new cases have been added across Australia!
The next two days will become the key, not only to verify whether the second wave of the Victorian epidemic has been reversed, but also to provide a basis for the government to implement a stricter lockdown.
At the same time, the government released a big move! Five new policies for international students are introduced:
Overseas student visa issuance resumed
Overseas online courses are regarded as studying in Australia
You can also apply for a PSW work visa…
The epidemic is not over yet, and the subsidy continues.
What benefits does the government have?
Let’s introduce it below

There are 500 new cases in Australia, and the number of confirmed cases continues to rise

According to data released today, there are 484 new cases in Victoria.
16 new cases were confirmed in NSW today, and specific information is yet to be announced.

Until the deadline for publication, there are no new additions in other states/territories.
As the number of confirmed cases in Victoria continues to skyrocket, community infection cases are increasing.

A Victorian prison guard confirmed that because he worked in 6 Victorian prisons, all 6 prisons are currently under lockdown.

Seven more officers from the Frankston Police Department confirmed the diagnosis.
One case was diagnosed in the Chaddy shopping mall most frequently visited by Chinese.

The confirmed patient is an employee of the David Jones store in the mall and went to work in the mall last Monday.
The DFO of MOORABBIN in Melbourne was diagnosed and an employee tested positive. His last work date is July 14.

Except for Victoria, the epidemic situation across Australia has rebounded to varying degrees.

Community transmission in NSW has intensified, and 45 places in Sydney have been diagnosed, including shopping malls, restaurants, churches and clubs.

Bartone said that in many areas, people have no way to keep social distance. Therefore, the need for the popularization of masks should be nationwide, “wrong information must be corrected.”

He also said that although the Victorian and NSW governments “is commendable for encouraging the use of masks,” they need unanimous support from the federal government.

“In the current community transmission area, every Australian must use masks as part of their daily lives.”

Although the epidemic in Australia is not optimistic, for countless Chinese Australians, there is another major event that worries them.

Starting this week, you will not be able to enter these stores without wearing a mask
The next two days will become the key, not only to verify whether the second wave of the Victorian epidemic has been reversed, but also to provide a basis for the government to implement a stricter lockdown. Today, Melbourne City and Mitchell Shire have been locked down for 14 days, and the authorities will fully assess the impact of the restraining order.

At the same time, the Times reported that starting from Thursday, if residents of Melbourne city and Mitchell Shire enter stores without wearing masks, large retailers such as Bunnings and Myer will refuse to accept them. The Victorian government issued new regulations yesterday, announcing that from 11:59 midnight on Wednesday, residents of the lockdown area must wear masks when going out. Some major retailers have subsequently responded.

Bunnings, Officeworks, Kmart, Target, Myer, David Jones and Country Road Group have confirmed that customers will be denied entry if they do not wear masks. Harvey Norman has similar regulations, but the spokesperson confirmed that the policy will be extended to customers and employees in all of the company’s Victorian stores, except for customers with special health problems and children under the age of 12.

Coles did not specify whether customers must wear masks, saying he listened to the advice of the state government. In addition, beginning Thursday, Coles and Woolworths employees will be required to wear masks.

Major retailers have expressed that they will provide masks for employees who start work. This has been welcomed by Australia’s largest retail trade union-the Store, Distribution and United Employees Association (SDA). The union also called on employers to establish procedures to allow employees to change masks during shifts and safely dispose of masks that may be contaminated.

Paul Zahra, head of the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), also encourages retailers to provide masks to employees and ensure they wear masks during shifts. ARA also stated that it should refuse to provide services to customers who do not wear masks.

However, both SDA and ARA have similar concerns, worrying that employees will be threatened or “violent” by customers because of the mask problem. Josh Cullinan, the head of the retail and fast food trade union, believes that employees should not be held responsible for supervising customers, but store security and even the police.

The subsidy for the epidemic has been reduced and the time has been extended!
There are 5 new visa regulations for international students
Official announcement! Australia announced 5 new policies for studying abroad: re-issuing student visas, and overseas online courses are regarded as studying in Australia…

Due to the counterattack of the epidemic and the aggravation of the epidemic prevention, the return of overseas students to Australia seems to continue to be cold, but yesterday, Acting Minister of Immigration Alan Tudgeu suddenly announced in a joint statement five new regulations that will provide a series of conveniences for international students. It’s really hard to keep foreign students!

The five measures include:

1. Approval of visas for overseas students is about to begin, and you can enter immediately after the border opens!
2. International students who are unable to complete their studies within the time limit of their visa due to the epidemic can submit their student visa application again for free
3. Online courses for overseas students can be counted towards the Australian study requirements and can apply for a 485 PSW work permit
4. Overseas graduates can also apply for PSW 485 work permit abroad
5. If the epidemic interrupts the visa application, the applicant will extend the time for providing English scores

It can be seen from Measure 1 that Australia is eager for overseas students, and applying for a student visa for free, although it only saves a few hundred dollars, it can be said to be quite sincere!

In addition, it is really a big move by the Australian government to include online courses in the PSW study time. PSW can also submit these two points. The online courses that everyone is worried about are not included in the PSW class hours finally did not happen!

And students who have returned to China and thought they missed the PSW application can also feel Australia’s retention of them!

Alan Tudge said that these measures support the international education sector, which is our fourth largest export sector, and will help its recovery.

(They) will not only support the education industry, but will also have a homeopathic effect on many local communities and businesses, including accommodation services, tourism, hospitality, and retail.

As we all know, the study abroad industry is one of Australia’s pillar industries, and the continuous line of retaining international students will be a strong boost to all aspects of the Australian economy.

The Morrison government says international students are vital to the Australian economy
They contribute 40 billion Australian dollars and create 250,000 jobs every year, many of whom have remained as Australian citizens.

The Minister of Education Dan Tehan also added that in addition to supporting the employment of international students, International Education has also established our connections with the rest of the world and supported many key industries such as health, elderly and disability care.

The most popular subsidies in Australia recently,
And the subsidy policies of some states.
All Australia

Emergency relief support for people on temporary visas

Recently, the Australian Red Cross received special government funding to issue one-time emergency relief or material assistance to people on temporary visas to meet emergency needs during the epidemic.
Those who apply for this subsidy need to meet the following three conditions:

Non-Australian citizens or permanent residents
Not eligible for federal and state government policy support subsidies for low-income people who have no income or savings, and cannot obtain other support

The majority of overseas Chinese students, low-income people holding work permits or working holiday visas, and non-income Chinese all meet the requirements to apply.

Application website:

Coronavirus Cash Payment

Beginning on July 15, the second new crown virus stimulus subsidy worth $750 will flow into the hands of 5 million Australians.

The federal government has reduced the scope of claims. In the second round of payment, only those who received the following subsidies on July 10 are eligible to receive:
Age pension
Widowhood allowance
Caregiver allowance
Caregiver allowance
Federal Senior Health Card
Disability support pension
Double orphan pension
Family tax incentive A
Family tax incentive B
Pensioner discount card

Rent Relief Package

Due to the recent epidemic, the Victorian government will provide housing subsidies to all Victorians facing housing subsidies, up to a maximum of $2000 Australian dollars.
There are no visa requirements for this type of subsidy, and the requirements for applying for a temporary visa are:

Bank deposits less than $5000 AUD
The rent is 30% of the total salary
With a weekly salary of less than $1903

Application website:

Working for Victoria

The Victorian government has launched the Working for Victoria project worth 500 million Australian dollars to help those who are unemployed because of the epidemic find new job opportunities and can also provide free online skills training.

Job opportunities include: nursing, machine operation, food processing, call center, quarantine-related transportation, cleaning and other types, covering the whole state.

Application website:

International Student Emergency Relief Fund

The Victorian Government has provided international students with a total of up to A$45 million in the International Student Emergency Relief Fund, and applications are now open.

The fund is used to assist Victorian international students who have lost their jobs and wages due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic and are therefore facing financial difficulties.
Application site 1-TAFE students
Application Site 2-Private Education Institution Students


Crisis Accommodation & Food Assistance

The NSW government currently provides accommodation assistance for the homeless and prohibits the eviction of tenants who cannot pay rent.
Application website:

In addition to accommodation, the NSW government will also provide free daily necessities such as food and toilet paper.
Application website:

Support International Students

The Queensland Government has announced that it will provide support to international students affected by the epidemic, with a total amount of 2.2 million Australian dollars.
International students who meet the requirements can go to the university to learn about the situation.

Student Hub

During the epidemic, the Queensland Government established a new Student Hub to provide students with various aspects of support, such as:
Mental health visas and other basic needs for crisis response
In addition, the government also provides isolation nursing kits, food and other living expenses to students.

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