NSW will gradually abolish stamp duty and give first home buyers a subsidy of A$25,000! Victoria is sending out money again! Australian Chinese, Muslims and Aboriginals have become the main targets of discrimination, and the media must bear the responsibility!

NSW will gradually abolish stamp duty and give first home buyers a $25,000 subsidy
New South Wales has a historic budget deficit of A$16 billion since its record. State Finance Minister Dominic Perrottet said it will carry out the state’s largest tax reform in decades and will gradually eliminate stamp duty to promote Economic Growth. ,

Perrott said that the annual land tax will replace the stamp duty on new property transactions, which will be an important stimulus measure that will inject 11 billion Australian dollars into the state within four years. In addition, NSW's infrastructure investment will increase to 107 billion Australian dollars, including 812 million Australian dollars in new social housing investment. It is worth noting that the payroll tax will also undergo a comprehensive reform, the tax rate will be reduced from 5.45% to 4.85%, which will save companies an average of A$34,000 per year in the next two years.
In response to the epidemic, NSW will invest A$29.6 billion in the next five years (mainly in vaccines). The current stamp duty reduction policy for first home buyers will also be replaced by a grant of A$25,000, which buyers can use to renovate their homes.

Victoria is sending out money again! Directly send $200 per person
This result is particularly reassuring when large-scale testing is still going on: Yesterday, Victoria received another 17,000 test results and still maintained a double zero record.

But this is not worth mentioning, anyway, Melburnians have soaked in the honey pot for too long, and they don’t feel sweet anymore~

In order to make everyone cheer up today, the governor announced a major benefit-direct money! Everyone can get it! 200 dollars each! The Victorian Government invites everyone to go out and play!
At noon today, Governor Andrews announced a super gift package that will be distributed to all Victorians:

Travel vouchers used in the suburbs of Victoria will be online soon! $200 per person! A total of 120,000 copies!

All Victorians can receive this benefit as long as they travel to the suburbs of Victoria and spend more than $400 on accommodation, attractions, sightseeing tours, etc.! Does it sound like a stir-fried chicken?

Although I'm still a bit scared, wouldn't it be a loss of $200 in vain if I didn't go! This is almost half price travel! Ah, so tangled...
That's right! I'm afraid this is also Victoria's small calculation: take 200 dollars to lure you out of the hole. Once everyone is cheered up, it will definitely cost more than 200, and even 2,000 may not stop the car!

This $24 million government budget is definitely worth the money! The economy of remote areas depends on this money to start! Before the Christmas holidays, this project will begin!
Up to now, Australia’s attitude towards the virus has been very clear: when the epidemic comes, it will be severely sealed, and if the epidemic improves, seize the time to develop the economy, be cautious + flexible for a win-win situation in health and economy.

How did the 200 dollars come into our hands this time? The specific distribution method is not yet known. It will be announced together when the two-dimensional state announces the budget next week.
But yesterday, NSW’s budget came out first, and it followed a similar path: each adult was given 4 consumer vouchers worth $25.

The comparison between Sydney people sending $100 per person and Melbourne sending $200 per person, the happiness is soaring!
I think that when the domestic epidemic in China was first brought under control, cities rushed to distribute consumer coupons.

Look at this battle. At this scale, everyone can only look greedy at the time; this time, children's shoes in Australia can finally experience the feeling of cash falling from the sky and throwing it on their faces!
I'm afraid this is just one word: cool!
Real estate agents show people to see top luxury houses, guests jump off the 27th floor

According to reports, a Los Angeles buyer turned around and jumped to death after visiting a multi-million dollar apartment.
And this apartment is called Sierra Towers apartment, this luxurious high-end residential building is the former home of Hollywood's brightest stars.

There are many other Hollywood movie stars here, Adam Sandler, Lily Collins and Kelly Osbourne are all current residents.

According to reports, the person, accompanied by a real estate agent, was viewing the apartment on one of the highest floors of the building last Monday afternoon.
But when the real estate agent turned around, the man climbed onto the balcony, jumped downstairs, and fell to death on the spot...

The source said that at least one local resident in the building witnessed the body on the ground.
The Los Angeles County Sharif office confirmed that it will respond to the fall.

Sierra Towers management and security personnel stated that they currently have no information and will not discuss the details of the incident.
Built in 1965, Sierra Towers has become a top luxury residence, famous for its beautiful scenery and listing prices of millions of dollars.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote in 2011: "There is no other residential building in Los Angeles that can accommodate so many celebrities."
Talk show host and resident Nikki Haskell said: "When you get on the elevator, you must always be polite, because you never know who you will meet."

4. Australian Chinese, Muslims and Aboriginals have become the main targets of discrimination, and the media should bear the responsibility! Recently, an article in Australian media stated that racial discrimination in Australia is inseparable from media guidance. A recent "Media Snapshot" study analyzed public opinion related to race in mainstream Australian newspapers and TV shows and found that more than half of them involved negative descriptions of race. All Together Now, an anti-racism non-profit organization, said Muslim Australians, Chinese Australians and Aboriginal Australians are the most targeted communities. This research is part of a report in 2021 that looked at ABC, 9news (including the Sydney Morning Herald and The Time), News Corp and 10 news from April 2019 to April 2020. Of 315 comments. Project manager Jennifer McLean said, “This means that not only is racism still prevalent in mainstream society, but it is also becoming increasingly vague and deceptive.” The team analyzed the articles by studying ridiculous and harmful stereotypes and found that some of them often blur the line between legitimate political criticism and racist sentiment

Chinese Australian Xia Yongyan (transliteration) is from the Midwest of New South Wales, studying biomedicine in Melbourne.
Earlier this year, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Australia, she tried to avoid reading the news.
"Many of the articles published on Facebook say that it is a'Chinese virus', and they also say that you should not come into contact with Chinese people because you will be infected. This feeling is really bad."

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in racism and xenophobia against the Asian communities in Australia, and some inflammatory social comments in the media have exacerbated this situation.
McLean said: "Unfortunately, media racism systematically strengthens public opinion and political speech."
McLean also stated that they have observed an increase in implicit forms of racism, which may be difficult to detect.
Source: 7 NEWS, Australian Red Collars, Australian Financial Information, Melbourne Youth Club, Melbourne Life Information and other online media

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