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Platinum Investment Realty Group

Platinum Investment Realty Group has a strong team includes more than hundred professional real  estate investment consultants which have affluent experience,  and headquarters of the management department  has more than thirty best elite. Our service idea, ‘always stay in customer’s situation’ , make the best and completely investment personal project to each customers. Your satisfaction, prompt to makes our efforts, we will be dedicated to each customers plan the exclusive investment that only belongs to you, so you will be receive the maximum return of the real estate investment!




Our best elite will help customers receive the maximum return of the real estate investment through a smart portfolio.

We believe, the real estate investment can bring you more wealth returns, personal values reflect the sense. Our core philosophy, serious service to every customer, committed to make every effort to bring you the market’s most advanced investment strategy.

Our team has a mature investment system, in-depth study of high-quality real estate investment market, investing to provide continuous professional support concept.


The difference between us to other company

Mature management system

Platinum realty investment group’s management system is very mature, our elite management staffs develop a full range of systematic management mode, in order to every staff could be accept the most professional real estate investment philosophy.

Mature investment system. 

Platinum realty investment group has a mature and strong investment system to help investors to establish unique and secure real estate investment portfolio in various cities in Australia. The property types include uncompleted properties, off the plan, townhouses and apartments. Investors can save the time in visiting other cities for property inspections, learn more about real estate policies and conditions in different cities, reduce the risk of investment, and obtain the best investment opportunities in real estate in Australia more effectively.

Delve into the details of high quality real estate investment

Platinum realty investment group’s  market research department will regularly analyse the various Australian real estate investment projects in various cities, discover new sources of new information for investors to select the best quality of real estate. We will fight for investors more concessions, greater return on investment, there are more and better choices.

Other service

Whether you are for the purpose of investment, or purchase our own warm home, we will be dedicated to serve every good investor. If you have any investment or industry questions after your purchase, our professional team will still be able to answer your questions.