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South Coast Premium Apartment—–The Evermore

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The Evermore
Project Description

Project Name: The Evermore

Project address: 52-56 Dorcas street, Southbank

Area: Southbank

Project Type: South Coast Premium Apartment

Delivery time: 2020

The Evermore is located in Melbourne’s Southbank area, the world’s most liveable city, in the heart of the city, a perfect place to blend life and nature.

The project consists of two apartment buildings: East Tower and West Tower, which are currently being sold by West Tower. The West Tower has 23 floors and is available in 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units. All 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are equipped with parking spaces! Simple and elegant interior decoration style, full set of advanced and high-grade European kitchen utensils, quality assurance. Standard wooden floors, natural marble kitchen countertops, and details show uncommon taste.

Enjoy the exuberant and convenient urban prosperity, and appreciate the profound cultural atmosphere, while at the same time returning to your own space at any time. The south bank of Southbank in Melbourne’s city centre is a popular location, due to its location, proximity to Melbourne’s CBD CBD and large workplaces.

To the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, the winding path leads to create an oxygen bar.

In the west of the bustling city center, you can explore the charm of the city and enjoy a convenient life.

South to Albert Green Park Internationally renowned sports venues, experience life rhythm.

Looking north to the Yarra River, the light is bright, and the collision between history and modernity is realized in a quiet and flowing place.

The geographical environment is very advantageous. The east facing the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne is the best viewing visual of the whole project. From here, you can feel the vivid scene outside the window. The whole person is immersed in the beautiful natural environment, not only can relax. The body and mind, as well as, can also ensure that the air here is fresh and creates a living environment with birds and flowers.

One kilometer south of the place is Albert Park, enjoying the comfort and tranquility of urban leisure life, facing the South Melbourne market in the west, and it is also convenient to purchase some necessities in the north, and in the direction of the north. The lighting is excellent, here is the mother of Melbourne River Yarra River, Philip Bay is also standing in the north, watching the quiet Yarra River flow slowly from not far away, let people’s thoughts follow this slowly The river that flows through, drifts into the distance.

Regional introduction

The south bank of Southbank in Melbourne’s city centre is a popular location, due to its location, proximity to Melbourne’s CBD CBD and large workplaces.

There is a large source of tenants here, which is not only the preferred location for rental properties, but also provides the ultimate convenience for self-occupied guests with huge potential for appreciation.

Situated on the south bank of the Yarra River, 1km south of Melbourne’s city centre, Southbank combines the luxury of high-rise apartment living with colourful art and entertainment. Hotels, restaurants, office buildings, art centers and the Crown Casino Entertainment Center are here, and today it has become an integral part of Melbourne.

The location is excellent, suitable for young people working in the city, but also attracts those who want to enjoy a convenient life in the apartment. South Bank is undoubtedly Melbourne’s golden city, just 1.4 km from the CBD. Trams on St. Kilda Avenue go directly to Flinder Station and Federation Square, and it takes less than 15 minutes on foot.

There is also Melbourne’s landmark Flinders Street train station. You can walk home from the best bars and restaurants in the city. There are gyms and small supermarkets in the area to facilitate apartment occupants, and you can also cross the pedestrian bridge to the centre of Melbourne. The Royal Botanic Gardens and the Arts Centre in Melbourne are within easy reach and are good for cultivating sentiment

Botanical gardens, historical museums, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and art centers are the most artistic and cultural districts in Melbourne. They have been rated as the “Victoria’s Best Land Price” by the Australian Times, and “Appreciation Potential Melbourne” The area of the crown is a combination of fashion, culture and prosperity. At the same time, it is regarded as the most suitable residential area in Melbourne. The “Easy Index” is as high as 91/100.

The government will invest a billion Australian dollars in the planned new subway line, and will add five new subway stations to connect the North and South regions. The addition of the Domain St transfer station will take you to The Evermore, and the Domain St transfer station allows passengers to quickly change to the underground passage of the train, enabling seamless connection to multiple tram tracks and trains.

Surrounding facilities

From the apartment, take the tram line 1, 8, 12, 55 to the city center and all major Melbourne areas. There are also 96 buses. The government will invest a billion Australian dollars in the planned new subway line. Five new subways will be added. station. Link the north and south regions.

The addition of the Domain St transfer station will take you to The Evermore, and the Domain St transfer station allows passengers to quickly change to the underground passage of the train for seamless connection to multiple tram tracks and trains. If you choose to travel by car, it is only 750 meters from the M1 entrance, which is very convenient for other areas.

South of Melbourne’s city centre, on the quiet Dorcas street at the junction of Southbank and South Melbourne, the Evermore offers the bustling CBD, the beauty of the bay, the greenery of the Royal Botanic Gardens, and the cultural heritage of historic buildings. At the end of the day, the scenery is beautiful. A number of trams run directly to the Flinders train station and the university’s prestigious schools. It takes less than 15 minutes to walk to South Melbourne Market for easy shopping and shopping.

Located on Dorcas Street on the South Bank, The Evermore is a prime location between Southbank and South Melbourne. The South Melbourne Market and the Royal Botanic Gardens are each 1 km away. There are many public and private schools in the surrounding area, and the basic education environment is unique in the region.

There are many colleges and universities around the apartment, and the educational resources here are also very rich. It is also a very favorable condition for the students who come to school here.

The Royal Institute of Technology (RMIT) is a comprehensive national university in Australia. Founded in 1887, the campus is located in the heart of Melbourne. RMIT is a member of the Australian University of Science and Technology Union ATN and GU8, and RMIT is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world by Times Higher Education.

The University of Melbourne 3.2 km, referred to as the University of Mexico, was founded in 1853 and is one of the world’s top research universities, the premier academic town in the Southern Hemisphere. The University of Melbourne is one of the six sandstone universities in Australia and is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

In addition, there is 1.6 km from Victoria University, 1.9 km from Melbourne Grammar School (Men’s School), 3 km from Melbourne Women’s Grammar School, 1.8 km from Mike Robinson Girls’ High School, 3.6 km from Mouda High School, and 3.6 km from Wesley Private School. The school is so rich that it also provides more quality educational resources for the students who live here.

Within 500 metres of the apartment, there are a variety of cafés and famous restaurants as well as Crown Hotel, Southbank Marina Outlet Mall, Yarra River Promenade and South Bank Pier, Melbourne Arts Centre and Melbourne CBD (within 1 km). South Melbourne Market, Clarendon Street Shop, Southern Cross Station, Royal Botanic Gardens and Albert Park (1.5 km)

You can also experience cricket fun, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Etihad Stadium and the Melbourne Park Event Area and the Fitzory Gardens (within 2 km), as well as the Docklands and Waterfront City shopping centres (within 2.5 km) for your fun shopping. There are also a number of trams that provide direct access to the city centre, prestigious schools such as the University of Melbourne, and various markets and hospitals.

Convenient transportation

Tram station — 300 m

Tram line: 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 8, 16, 55, 64, 67, 72

Flinders train station – tram arrives in 5 minutes

M1 high speed entrance – 750 meters

Train – the newly planned domain station is about 5 minutes walk (starting in early 2017)


Royal Melbourne Park – 350 m

Albert Park — 1 km

Famous school

University of Melbourne 4km

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 3 km

Mark Robson Girls High School 500 m

Wesleyan College 600 m

Melbourne High School 3 km

Melbourne Grammar School 2.5km

Melbourne Girls Grammar School 2.5km

Albert Lake District Elementary School 2 km

Life entertainment

Crown Casino 1km

Melbourne Cultural Centre 500 m

Royal Melbourne Botanical Garden 100 m

Albert Park 500 m

Melbourne Olympic Park 1 km

Interior design

The entire design is dominated by lush tropical vegetation and wooden walls. The large area uses marble floors to highlight its sense of dignity. An impressive glazed wall portrays the luxury of a busy metropolis.

Private cinemas and private pools are of course the standard of luxury projects. In Evermore, you can’t maximize the luxury. You can visit the city without leaving your home. The senses and mind and body can be satisfied in the project.

The apartments are fully equipped with indoor and outdoor dining areas, lounges, indoor swimming pool, gym, audio-visual room, home theater, library and sky garden. The total facilities are over 600 square meters. The life is more convenient and comfortable.

The exterior architectural design was completed using HAYBALL, the top architectural design in Australia. There are hundreds of works, and the industry is more extensive: apartment, business, school building and urban overall planning, called the industry master.

The materials and household items will be decorated with the highest-end luxury brands, and the most high-end humanized design will complete the building and project excellence.

The public facilities of the project are also fully equipped and luxurious. There are 4 guest spaces for leisure use in the building, 2 high-class banquet living rooms, 6 meters of empty lobby entrance and exit, heated swimming pool, 2 saunas, fully equipped gymnasium. , film and television hall, library, central courtyard. Allowing you to stay at home, you can be satisfied with the senses and mind and body.

o Full-time building manager, night security patrol

o In and out of the security card access control system

o 24-hour closed-circuit monitoring of public areas and parking lots

o Embedded grid, hot water, gas and high speed wireless network wiring


Project Name: Willow

Project address: 155-166 Willamsons Rd, Doncaster

Area: Doncaster

Project Type: Highly Heated Elegant Apartment

Delivery time: end of 2019

Located in Doncaster, the Chinese district of Melbourne’s Eastern District, 18 km from the city centre, the project is a uniquely designed and fascinating modern project.

The project also enjoys the superior and convenient life of Melbourne’s East End. Located on Williamsons Road in Doncaster, this Westfield Doncaster shopping centre is surrounded by swimming pools and offers a great modern lifestyle. It is a place where nature and city life coexist happily. Residents will enjoy the scenery that attracts people’s attention from the trees and grass. Stroll through the tree-lined streets and the spacious open grass.

There are many public facilities around, including parks and gardens, several educational facilities, Westfeld Shopping Centre and shopping areas along Doncaster RD. Williamsons Road is also close to the Eastern Freeway, providing connections to Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Just 19km from Melbourne’s city centre and close to another famous Chinese district, Box Hill, Box Hill, with convenient living. You can drive to other areas via the M3 East Line.

The surrounding environment is beautiful, in addition to close to the WESTFIELD shopping mall, there are many famous schools nearby. Parks, public facilities, the Chinese community of the Dr. Mountain, golf courses, etc. are all within easy reach, and the convenience of life, but not a quiet. It takes only 20 minutes by car to the city centre of Melbourne. There are many bus lines and the traffic is very convenient.

The project is easily accessible by public transportation, surrounded by parks and gardens, educational institutions, Westfield Shopping Centre. Convenient public entertainment facilities are favorable conditions for population agglomeration. Williamsons Road is close to the EASTR Expressway, making it easy to drive to the Melbourne CBD.

The project combines the design concepts of contemporary architecture with traditional design to create a multi-level architecture and interior style. The apartment and duplex interiors are designed to create a warm and relaxing environment, using durable materials to create a modern and luxurious effect in two color schemes. Creating a different sense of space through contrasting colors and tones creates an interesting layered feel.

The central block outside the apartment building is lined with trees, whether along Williamson Road or next to Williamson Road Park, with large green areas for you to enjoy.

Regional introduction

Doncaster is a wealthy area located approximately 12 kilometres east of Melbourne CBD and approximately 20 minutes drive from the Eastern Highway to the city centre. Doncaster’s feng shui is particularly good. Its location is exactly the position of the faucet. The dragon body extends to Box Hill and other places. According to Feng Shui principle, the place with dragons represents strength and prosperity, so it is very popular among Asians. .

Doncaster was the first tram area in the southern hemisphere in the 19th century, from Box Hill to Doncaster (now called Tram Road). The east-west main road – Doncaster Road from Kew to Donvale, the Eastern Freeway terminal is located on Doncaster Road on the western border of the area. In 1969, the Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre was built at Doncaster and Williamsons Roads, a relatively popular shopping district in Melbourne. Refurbished and expanded in the 1980s and 1990s.

Local schools include Doncaster High School, Birralee Elementary School, St. Gregory the Great Elementary School and Doncaster Elementary School.

Most of the life in the Doncaster area is for middle-aged families and couples, and the spacious home is perfect for families with children. Of course, there are new modern apartment buildings, and there are high-speed roads nearby, so young people and people with independent economic living capacity also live here.

Public transport is the main mode of travel in the area and is very convenient. In the Doncaster area, you can see the perfect picture of the sunny suburbs of the 1970s. At that time, there were orchards everywhere (the street name could be seen), and most of them have now built single-storey or double-decker family homes.

Surrounding facilities

Doncaster is 15 km from the city centre and can be reached by car in about 20 minutes from the Eastern highway. There are many bus stops around the apartment for direct access to the city centre, Box Hill, the seaside and the Chadstone shopping centre. There is a bus stop at the intersection of the apartment for easy travel.

The quality of education in the Doncaster district is high and there are many local schools. From Docanster Primary School, Birralee Primary School to Doncaster Secondary College and Templestowe College, the district’s schools have an independent education system.

Doncaster has a beautiful view and complete facilities, with large shopping malls, parks, cinemas, gyms and sports facilities. Play a round of golf on weekends or linger in dazzling shops, cafes and cinemas.


St Gregory GreatSchool 900m

Doncaster PrimarySchool 950m

Doncaster GardensPrimary School 2.6km

Doncaster SecondaryCollege 1.4km

Templestowe College 2.2km

Koonung SecondaryCollege 3.3km

Bererngarra School 3.7km

East doncasterSecondary College 3.4km


M3 Eastern Expressway 6km

Bus Route 305, 293,902, 279


Box Hill Hospital 5km

Epworth Eastern Hospital 5km

Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital 4.6km


Westfield Doncaster 1.1km

Stockland The Pine Shopping Town 6.5km

Coles 1.3 km

Woolworth 1km

Park leisure

JW Thomson Reserve 200m

Winbrook Court Reserve 300m

Doncaster Reserve 3.5km

Schramms Reserve 1km

Aquarena Swimming Pool 1km

Eastern Golf Club 3.8 km

Interior design

The Willow apartment not only has a modern and elegant appearance, but also fills the entire apartment with light mixes and lines of coherence, reflecting the modern and fashionable design style.

The well-designed kitchen provides you with plenty of space for activity and plenty of storage. The modern design kitchen is equipped with high-end stainless steel gas cooktops, range hoods, electric ovens and dishwashers.


Located southwest of Melbourne city centre, the Tarneit district is a fast-growing new town. Tarneit is adjacent to Werribee, the development hub of Melbourne’s 2030 Metropolis Project, and is the hub connecting Melbourne’s city centre with the second largest city in Victoria, Geelong.

Tarneit is not only located in the East Werribee, a development area hand-picked by the federal government, but also in close proximity to another new area with unlimited development potential. In the future, three emerging development zones will form the “Golden Triangle” in the west.

The Wyndham Village shopping centre and Hogan’s Corner at Sayers Road can cater to your everyday needs, or head to the nearby Werribee Square, where you’ll find a selection of retail outlets, cafes and cinemas; modern residences in each of the stylish properties; proximity All the amenities of Werribee and Hoppers Crossing are a short drive from the harbour. It is full of family-friendly properties and has a grand blueprint for future development.

In the past five years, the number of residents in Tarneit has increased at a rate that is beyond the imagination of researchers. And it all stems from the largest new city construction project in the history of the Australian federal government – East Werribee Employment Precinct.
East Werribee, known as Melbourne’s new CBD:

Just 20km from the city.

30 minutes direct access to Melbourne International Airport.

Direct access to Avalon International Airport in 15 minutes.

It is only 40km from Geelong, the second largest city in Victoria.
As a comprehensive urban area in the future, the geographical location advantage is enough to bring it to the employment and living population of the Twin Cities. Tarneit is only a 10-minute drive from the new CBD, making it the most adjacent community.

According to Clay Lucas of The Age, Melbourne has the highest population growth rate in Australia, while Melbourne’s top five population growth areas are: Point Cook, Craigieburn, Tarneit and South Morang.

Tarneit Regional Profile

In the past five years, the number of residents in Tarneit has increased at a rate that is beyond the imagination of researchers.

According to tests, Tarneit’s total population will rise to 630,000 in 2031. The population of Tarneit is growing at an alarming rate, with an average of 10,000 people moving to this area every five years!

Most of the relocated to Tarneit are middle-income and married white-collar families. For family reasons, Tarneit’s properties are dominated by multi-bedroom, multi-bathroom and free-standing independent villas with gardens, which is the preferred choice for most families.

Tarneit’s Education

The Tarneit area is rich in educational resources and covers all educational resources from the elementary school to the high school grades 1-12. Including Westbourne Grammar School, Suzanne Cory High school, Good News Lutheran College, Islamic College Of Melbourne, Tarneit Senior College, Good News Lutheran College, etc. The good educational atmosphere has trained a large number of outstanding young talents over the years.

In view of the increasing number of children in the region, the Wyndham Council of Tarneit is still building a number of primary schools in the region to meet the growing number of new students. There is also the ongoing new CBD University City project in the neighbouring Werribee core area, where the University of Melbourne and the University of Victoria have built campuses.

Tarneit’s traffic

Tarneit has excellent transport facilities. In 2015, the new railway line Regional Rail Link was opened, starting from West Werribee and passing through Tarneit to Deer Park. There is also a new train station in the area, which is built on the northeastern border of Derrimut and Leakes Roads. The train station has 1,000 parking spaces, making it a major transportation hub to the city.

Tarneit’s life

Located 30 km from the city centre, Tarneit is now a fast-growing new town with modern residences in its stylish properties. The city has been growing and is close to all the amenities of Werribee and Hoppers Crossing, with a short drive to the harbour.

According to the “20 mins Neighborhood” in the Melbourne 2030 Planning White Paper (a direct access to shopping, education, and medical facilities in 20 minutes). The Tarneit area has many community shopping centres for everyday shopping. There is also the entire West Melbourne’s largest upscale shopping mall – Pacific Werribee, located next to East Werribee, just 10 minutes drive from Tarneit. From theaters and fitness centers to high-end shopping malls such as Myer and David Jones, and dining and dining streets, everything is there.

Tarneit’s affordable homes are popular with families of all ages and stages, including stable families where young families and children are about to grow up, and couples aged 30, 40 and 50 live here.

Tarneit is a livable place that provides residents with a manageable life that can be called a home. Sayers Road’s Wyndham Village Shopping Centre and Hogan’s Corner cater to your everyday needs, or head to the nearby Werribee Square, where you’ll find plenty of retail, cafes and movie theaters to choose from.

On a day out, head to Altona Beach or Point Cook Marina Park. If you haven’t been to Werribee Park or Werribee’s Open Range Zoo, you can also visit. There are many schools in Tarneit, and now the public transport facilities are mainly bus routes, and the new Tarneit train station is under construction.

Tarneit has many residential areas, and most of the homes are spacious and stylish, giving new meaning to classic family life. On the two sides of the winding road are the easy-care front yards, which are furnished in a variety of modern styles, from traditional double-storey homes to small, single-storey houses of geometric shape, ideal for empty nest families or small-sized buyers. .

If you need affordable new homes and are located in well-planned properties and there are many families living around, Tarneit must be your first choice. There are many schools, shopping centers and convenient bus routes. The nearby harbour is full of tourist attractions, with bicycle lanes and beaches moments away.

Tarneit’s population

Tarneit is a livable place that provides residents with an easy-going life, thus attracting many stable families to settle here. Most of the families have children, and the number of families with children and the average age of the population reflect the living habits of the residents in this area to a certain extent, and also show their strong purchasing power. The region has the largest number of mature families, accounting for 25.4%, followed by stable families (18.3%) and younger families (15%).

Tarneit’s development

After the middle house prices in the eastern and southeastern parts of Melbourne have been over a million thresholds, the West End has become a new favorite of investors because of the lower house prices and the considerable room for growth in the future. REIV’s sales figures show that the median price of Melbourne’s detached homes has risen 46% in the past five years. The rise in the suburbs of the Western District is one of the best.

The investment prospects in the Tarneit area are very good, adjacent to the Werribee area of Melbourne’s 2030 metropolitan plan; in addition, the Australian Government’s “Melbourne 2030 Sustainable Development Plan” identifies the Western District as one of the five major development zones, these new districts are near 3- The population increased significantly within 4 years, and the property and related supporting facilities developed rapidly. According to the Melbourne 2030 Forecast, Melbourne’s population will increase by 1 million by 2030, and at least 220,000 homes will be needed in these five new districts to meet population development, so there is great potential for land appreciation in these areas.

Regional key projects

Grand Central

Project Name: Grand Central

Property Type: Single Villa

Project address: 1070 Sayers Rd, Tarneit VIC 3029

Area: Tarneit

28 km from Melbourne’s city centre, in a great location in the Tarneit area, next to the planned future town centre of Riversdale.

The park’s internal park sports grounds have everything; the developers create green homes, green belts with walking trails, bicycle lanes and various sports venues, as well as a planned large water recreation center with a good ecological environment.

The project is located in the new district of Tarneit, only 28km from the city of Melbourne, 38 minutes by train to the Southern Cross train station in the city center (the next station next to the planned project will take only 4 stops to the Southern Cross station), 32 minutes It is possible to reach Flinders Railway Station at Melbourne Central Station and it takes only half an hour to get to Melbourne Airport.

Just 28km from downtown Melbourne, 38 minutes by train to the Southern Cross train station in the city centre (the next station next to the planned project will take you to the Southern Cross station in just 4 stops) and 32 minutes to the Flinders train at Melbourne Central Station. It takes only half an hour to get to Melbourne Airport.

Project selling point

Good location:

Tarneit Central has a total area of 25,000 square meters. There are 45 stores in this mall, including restaurants, clothes stores, supermarkets and so on. There are also 950 parking spaces. Tarneit Central is well covered to meet the living needs of the 188,000 residents.

Government support:

The Melbourne 2030 Sustainability Plan states that the region is the largest commercial and residential development ever undertaken by the Victorian Government since the Docklands. Its future appreciation space is self-evident.

Convenient life:

Surrounded by leisure, entertainment, shopping and medical facilities.

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