Project Name: 12 Montgomery Street

Project area: Doncaster East

Project Type: 2 & 4 rooms

Project Price: $965,000~1,495,000

Delivery time: mid-2022

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On the Australian map, there is a dragon-shaped mountain that stretches from Queensland to the Doncaster district in Victoria, and Doncaster is called the “Dragon Head” by the local Chinese residents and is considered to be one of the best districts in Feng Shui. As long as you come to Melbourne to buy a house, when it comes to Doncaster, no one knows it, no one knows it!

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Doncaster District, 15 kilometers east of Melbourne’s central business district. The local government of the project we are going to introduce today is the City of Manningham, which has the lowest crime rate in the entire Melbourne city.

Based on data from 330 home sales, the median home sale price in Doncaster last year was $1,325,000. Compared to the same period five years ago, the median home sale price rose 94.9%, representing an annual growth rate of 14.3%.

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Doncaster has always been surrounded by the halo of “Dragon Vessel”, “Dragon Head” and “Feng Shui Treasure Land”, and is especially loved by buyers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The house price has always been very strong. It is the first-line Chinese area in Melbourne and the first choice for new immigrants. point.

Most of the residents of Doncaster East are mature and stable families, of which Chinese families account for the majority. Population growth has pushed Doncaster house prices all the way up and out of reach.

Around 850 meters are the famous Malaysian restaurant Two Circles Cafe, Japanese restaurant Kobe Teppanyaki and all kinds of favorite food, all kinds of shopping, convenient life

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500 meters to Donburn 98 Elementary School

3 minutes drive to the famous Doncaster East Secondary School

4 minutes drive to Jackson Court everything

6 minutes to Westfield Doncaster shopping mall

7 minutes to the famous Ruffey Park Lake for a dog walk

The M3 highway can be reached in a few minutes.

25 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD

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In order to better ensure the convenience of life for local residents, Westfield shopping center, the nearest large shopping center in the southern hemisphere and one of the best in the southern hemisphere, spent 500 million + Australian dollars for the overall expansion! Covering an area of 105,000 square meters, Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in Doncaster and the largest employment base.

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After the expansion, the mall now has more than 400 retail specialty stores, department stores, restaurants, cinemas and more, attracting more than 7 million consumers every year.

Westfield Shopping Town (a quick 6-minute drive away)

Jackson Court Shopping Centre (an incredibly short 2-minute drive away)

Devon Plaza (just a 1-minute walk from the Dryden Residence!)

Box Hill Central Shopping Centre (only an 11-minute drive)

Eastland Shopping Centre (only an 11-minute drive)

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In addition, from the project, it takes only 2 minutes to walk to Woolworth supermarket; it only takes 5 minutes to walk to Asian food store to reach KFL!

The project is located in the school district of two well-known public schools in Melbourne. Only 4 minutes walk to East Doncaster Secondary School and 8 minutes to Donburn Public Primary School.

Another Melbourne primary school, Doncaster Gardens, ranked sixth, can apply. Children can go to school on foot, convenient and safe! It also saves your time.

The junior high school most valued by Chinese parents: Doncaster Secondary College, established in 1969, is a large coeducational public high school in Melbourne, offering courses in grades 7-12. It is one of the top ten key secondary schools in Australia.

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Living here has a great location, whether it’s relaxing, dining, shopping or exercising, you can do it all close to home!

Ruffey Lake Park (68 hectare)

Doncaster Reserve

Zerbes Reserve

Currawong Bush Park

This modern 4 bedroom townhouse features smart design and luxurious finishes. The quiet streets and wide parkland that can be with the family, not to mention the top educational resources, have deeply attracted families.

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The spacious and bright living and dining room leads to the open plan kitchen area to suit every lifestyle. An additional mezzanine is designed above the kitchen to unlock more living space and bring a different home life to the family.

2b2b1c from 965,000

4b3b2c from 1.33m

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12 Montgomery St – Doncaster East 2b2b1c Townhouse from 965K

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