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Are you still looking for the ideal place to live? Are you still worried about whether the investment has a return? Melbourne’s apartments and townhouses are worth your expectations!
The new Summit apartment in Doncaster, Melbourne!Bring you a low-key luxury comfortable life experience!With Summit, you will have the core of Melbourne Doncaster.”Looking at the central axis and enjoying the quality of lifeView the magnificent mountains and sigh the life. “Project Description:
Project Type: High-end apartment
Specific address: 9-11 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster VIC 3108basic unit: two rooms, one bathroom + one garage, two rooms, two bathrooms + one garage, three rooms, two bathrooms + one garageArea: DoncasterDelivery time: 2020Located on Doncaster Hill, the Summit Apartments project is a high-rise city with beautiful city views for a pleasant stay. The project has a variety of apartment designs – apartments, duplex apartments, townhouses.
Villa and penthouse, the surrounding scenery is pleasant and the community environment is warm. Doncaster is 15 km from the centre of Melbourne and close to Box Hill. It has a promising future and the bustling Westfield Doncaster shopping centre. Everything you need for life, you can enjoy a convenient life.
Standing at the heart of the Doncaster area, the Summit project combines a low-key, calm design aesthetic with a simple and orderly architectural layout to create a humane architecture that is common to the world.
The architecture of the Summit project is gorgeous and modern, with a very good location. The natural texture of the warm color combines with the simple and modern form, with high quality construction and attention to detail. Plus an open kitchen with marble-textured tiles and boutique European appliances. Whether you choose a light or dark colour scheme, the wooden accents add luster to the soothing neutral tones, and the interior is well lit and airy.
At Summit, you will be surrounded by the bustling and convenient city. Whether it’s relaxing, dining, shopping or exercising, you can do it all at home!
Regional introduction:
The new project Summit, located in the heart of the Doncaster area, has the perfect infrastructure and excellent location making it the best choice for self-occupation and investment. After the project is completed, it will become the modern center of Doncaster commercial and residential integration. Address: 9-11 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster VIC 3108.
Doncaster is 23 km from Melbourne’s city centre. As a mature and livable area, business, transportation, community service…the parties coordinate and develop and complement each other. The Doncaster area is part of the Manningham City Hall and is 15 kilometres from Melbourne CBD. The natural ecological environment of the area is perfectly combined with the urban living circle. The geographical position is superior. It is called the “leading”, “ridge” and “fengshui treasure land” of the Chinese. Above the Doncaster Hill ridge on the ridge, you can see the CBD of Melbourne!
Walking Area – Westfield Shopping Center – Restaurant, Cafe, Fitness Center
– Doncaster Train Station – 907 bus to the city centre – Coles Supermarket
– Boroondara Kindergarten- Elite High School Box Hill High School- Kerrimuir Elementary School
Driving Living Area – Jackson Court Shopping Centre 7 minutes by car – 9 minutes by car from Melbourne’s famous Chinese living area, Box Hill.
Starting from Summit, your child will enjoy quality educational resources in the Doncaster area. Kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, are close at hand. The number of public elementary schools near Doncaster is one of the best. It ranks in the top three on the list of good education. Doncaster’s high school reputation is also excellent, and the quality of students and living communities is very high.
The following list shows the names of schools with high reputation in this area, including: – Doncaster Secondary College – Birralee Primary School
– St. Gregory the Great Primary School- Doncaster Primary SchoolThey are all very famous schools in the area. 
Interior design:
Bruce Henderson Architects, the world’s leading architectural design company, was responsible for the design of Summit’s entire project. The design team SJB Interiors designed the hall and public areas of the project. The design unit Peddle Thorp was responsible for the interior design and decoration of the apartment.
Step into the interior of the space, the spacious lobby and the exquisite furnishings give the impression of the architecture’s meticulousness and chic. The bright interior design makes you feel warm.The Summit project has been ingenious in the selection of kitchen appliances. Working with SMEG, the top Italian brand, will apply SMEG’s latest high-end product line to the project, which will provide a luxurious experience for future residents.
The bright and spacious mirror cabinets and compact bathtub give the residents a great experience, whether it is a relaxing bath or a daily dressing, it feels warm and comfortable. Standing on the rooftop garden exclusive to Summit residents, you can look out for miles of scenery and take in the bustling and wonderful city of Melbourne.
Stay at Summit and you can find your favorite home here.
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Household introduction:
Summit has sold out all the rooms! ! Only a small number of two-bedroom and three-bedroom units are equipped with parking spaces. The exquisite decoration and internal configuration give you a high quality of life. The surrounding greenery and convenience facilities bring you endless fun.
Two rooms, two bathrooms, from AUD$573,000
Two rooms, one bathrooms, from AUD$568,000
Three rooms, two bathrooms, from AUD$912,000
Two rooms, two bathrooms, from AUD$573,000
Two rooms, one bathrooms, from AUD$568,000
Three rooms, two bathrooms, from AUD$912,000

Melbourne Summit apartment project in Doncaster

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