Project Description

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Arden Gardens Arden Gardens

Project Name: Arden Gardens Arden Gardens

Property Type: Yipin Green Garden Apartment

City: Melbourne, Melbourne

Area: North Melbourne

Project address: 101-133 Canning Street /168 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, VIC 3051

Basic type: one to four rooms

Project property rights: permanent property rights • living for generations

Delivery time: 2019, the first phase of February, the second phase of May

There are 299 apartment units with two towers, three floors of public and commercial areas, and two floors of basement. The East Tower has seven floors and the West Tower has 13 floors with a total of 16 floors.


Arden Garden is the only large-scale integrated residential project within the University of Melbourne, the undisputed school district (only 2 km from the University of Melbourne).


The project itself is very complete, with a nearly 4,000 square meter Woolworths hypermarket. The business hours are set from 7 am to 11 pm. The long business hours and a wide variety of goods provide the most comfortable and convenient for the majority of international students and home residents. life.


Regional introduction

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North Melbourne is just 3.5km from the heart of Melbourne’s city centre. ArdenGarden is in the Uni High School, one of Melbourne’s best schools, and is adjacent to the University of Melbourne, the Royal Institute of Technology and Monash University.


North Melbourne, 3.5 km north of Melbourne CBD, the Victorian government has developed a comprehensive Melbourne planning project (Plan Melbourne) for Melbourne’s rapidly growing population, where North Melbourne will become the northern gateway to the downtown area. An important transportation hub with great development potential.

To this end, the government will add a metro station, Arden Station, to the northwest and southeastern regions of Melbourne.

At that time, Arden Garden will become one of the few apartment projects in the urban area that radiate two rail transit stations.

This improves the convenience and quality of life for your future travel.

The average apartment rental return is close to 5%, and the annual cash flow is positive. It is a rare gold investment housing area.

Arden Gardens has a prime location in North Melbourne. Adjacent to several famous campuses, the entire community is designed by the architects of the internationally renowned Buchan Group. The overall style is stylish and the interior is elegant.

On the ground floor of the first apartment is Woolworths Supermarket (Australia’s largest retail supermarket), cinemas, plazas and public garden green spaces, cafes and other settings, shopping, entertainment and life.




Adjacent to Melbourne’s famous gardens and enjoy a garden-like living environment.

Public services such as education, shopping, leisure, and hospital transportation are available throughout the apartment.

Arden Gardens is only 3.5 KM from the CBD and five minutes to Arden Station, the upcoming subway station. It takes only ten minutes to drive to the city.

It is 500 meters from Macaulay Railway Station, 550 meters from Canning Road tram stop and 850 meters from Flemington Road tram stop. The bus stop is zero distance and the surrounding traffic is developed and convenient.



Bus stop – 22 meters (1 minute walk)

Macaulay Railway Station – 350 meters (4 minutes walk)

Canning Street tram stop — 550 meters (7 minutes walk)

Flemington Road tram stop — 850 meters (8 minutes walk)

Arden Station underground station (coming soon)—-800 meters (8 minutes walk)


Leisure and entertainment

Woolworths Supermarket – one floor of the project

Large fitness center in North Melbourne: 300 m

North Melbourne Entertainment Centre – 700m (7 minutes walk)

Royal Park—1.6km

Queen Victoria Market – 2km (7 minutes)


Flagpole Garden—2.2km (6 minutes)

Melbourne Zoo – 2.4km (9 minutes)

Bourke Walking Street – 3km (9 minutes)

Melbourne Central Shopping City – 3.5km (11 minutes)

QV Department Store—3.6km (11 minutes)

Emporium Department Store—3.8km (12 minutes)

Collins Commercial Street – 3.8km (11 minutes)

Near the Royal Women’s Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital and other major hospitals, the medical facilities are perfect.



Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital – 1km (12 minutes walk)

Royal Melbourne Hospital – 1.8km (5 minutes)

Royal Women’s Hospital — 1.8km (6 minutes)

Peter McCallum Cancer Center – 1.9km (6 minutes)

Melbourne Private Hospital – 2km (7 minutes)



North Melbourne Library – 1.3km

The University High School: 1.4km

Victoria State Netball and Hockey Center — 2.8km

Mrs. Hunterfield’s Children’s Center – 600m (6 minutes walk)

North Melbourne Elementary School — 1.1km (4 minutes)

Ink University High School—1.7km (6 minutes)

University of Melbourne – 2km (6 minutes)

Royal Institute of Technology—2.7km (9 minutes)

Queen’s College — 2.8km (11 minutes)

The advantages of the school district, the University of Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and other major schools are within easy reach.


Interior design

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The interiors of the apartment rooms are all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade design.

Ingenious design inspiration permeates every corner, while at the same time ensuring practicality and functionality, and delicate and meticulous arrangements make the home impeccable.

Arden Gardnes combines elegance and modernity

Presented in the design of the bathroom space, creating a spacious and serene private space.

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The interior decoration design fully considers environmental protection, durability and safety. The choice of three decoration colors fully meets the individual needs of buyers.


Floorplan introduction

The size ranges from 1 to 4 and is available in 3 shades.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space from $650,000

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space from $812,000

Four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space from $1,100,000

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One bedroom, one bathroom





Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space from $650,000



Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space from $812,000

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Four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space from $1,100,000

Arden Gardens North Melbourne Project

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