Project name: CASCADE

Project address: 40 whitehorse rd blackburn

Project Type: 2 & 3 rooms

Project Price: $996000

Delivery time: November 2022

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The Cascade project will bring you a timeless contemporary living experience. Nestled in the leafy precinct of Blackburn, the Cascade project features carefully crafted two, three and four bedroom townhouses that showcase design excellence for contemporary lifestyles. Jesse Ant Architects’ inspired design features modern architectural forms and materials, combining a striking exterior with a warm and inviting interior.

The white rendering of the exterior walls contrasts with the dark metal cladding, while the glazed balustrades create a timeless aesthetic. Dark shutters and custom greenery soften the built-in form, providing a soft visual integration with the surrounding natural environment.

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Blackburn, 17km east of Melbourne’s CBD, is a great place for families to relax – there are plenty of sports facilities and schools, as well as some beautiful bush parks such as Blackburn Lake Reserve, which has a wide variety of plants and walks Roads, wetlands and community venues. There is also some local shopping in the area, and the bustling Box Hill precinct is next door. There are many primary and secondary schools in the area, as well as sports clubs, and public transportation is convenient.

Close to Box Hill, Melbourne’s first Chinese district to the west

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To the north is Doncaster East, another Chinese gathering area

To the south is Burwood East and Glen Waverley, the “Centre of the Chinese Universe”

Benefit from outstanding employment opportunities, the housing needs of a large number of Chinese, as well as vigorously developed transportation facilities and increasingly perfect infrastructure.

It is estimated that by 2031, job opportunities in the Blackburn area will increase by 15%, and the population growth will also increase at a rate of 1.5% per year. The immediate population demand is the appreciation space for housing in this area.

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Blackburn topped the list of the top 10 fastest-growing suburbs for unit price growth in the latest Melbourne suburb with an annual appreciation rate of 24.4 per cent, 10 percentage points ahead of second-placed Clayton. This shows that Blackburn real estate appreciation space is significant.

According to Domain’s house price report summarized at the beginning of 2020, Blackburn ranked sixth among the suburbs with the largest unit growth in Melbourne in 2019, with an annual increase of 19.4%, but the median unit price was less than one-sixth of Toorak.

Large increase, low house prices, enjoy the bonus of Box Hill, and have its own unique charm. This is Blackburn.

In the past 10 years, housing rents in Blackburn have increased at an annual rate of 4.6%, especially in the past 3 years, the increase has rapidly climbed to 6.6%!

Choosing the Blackburn area can not only enjoy the demographic dividend brought by the gathering of Chinese in Box Hill, but also relatively cheap housing and prices. There is no doubt about the future investment potential of Blackburn.

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Blackburn’s public transport is very complete. The Balgrave and Lilydale train lines run through the entire area. In addition, more than a dozen bus lines can go to all corners. The M3 highway in the north leads to Melbourne’s city center in 20 minutes.

5 minutes walk to Laburnum train station

12 minutes walk to Blackburn train station

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5 minutes drive to various famous primary and secondary schools (Box Hill High School, Laburnum Primary, Blackburn Primary, Blackburn High School)

5 minutes drive to Box Hill Central

30 minutes drive to CBD

The famous German discount supermarket Aldi has entered the “Pace of Blackburn”! In the future, I will no longer have to stock up on dishes for a week, and eat the freshest dishes every day! More food, fitness and other businesses are waiting to settle in!

The location of this project is convenient for living, with many restaurants and coffee shops, close to various local supermarkets, and only one train station from the Chinese market. In addition to making your life convenient, you can also experience the unique local customs and relaxed lifestyle of Australia, and taste delicious food from various countries in Australia.

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A 5-minute drive to Box Hill Shopping Center, a convenient modern lifestyle, and an 11-minute drive to the one-stop supermarket Costco.

Blackburn has a lot of education, and high-quality educational resources are gathered in the Blackburn area. There are many primary and secondary schools in the area, such as Blackburn Primary School, Blackburn Lake Primary School, Laburnum, Blackburn HighSchool, etc. The good educational atmosphere has cultivated a large number of outstanding young people over the years. talent.

Laburnum Primary School – 1km

Box Hill High School – 500 meters

Old Orchard Primary School

Deakin University

Old Orchard Primary School

Deakin University

This area of Blackburn is a green place, and Forest Park is a good place for residents to relax. As the back garden of Boxhill, it has become a city that many people pay attention to in recent years due to its unique geographical location and high-quality educational environment. And in Melbourne’s latest urban planning, it has become a major urban area in China in the eastern part of the Greater Melbourne Circle, and will be responsible for the rich and diverse urban intelligence in the eastern district.

Compared with other areas of the same price, Blackburn has a very obvious advantage, and it is also one of the few areas that Chinese and foreigners will like.

This modern three-bedroom townhouse features smart design and luxurious finishes. The quiet streets and wide parkland that can be with the family, not to mention the top educational resources, have deeply attracted families.

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The spacious and bright living and dining room leads to the open plan kitchen area to suit every lifestyle. An additional mezzanine is designed above the kitchen to unlock more living space and bring a different home life to the family.


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CASCADE – Blackburn【Box Hill High School Zone】Only from 995k

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