Project Name: Docklands Residence
Project address: 25 Waterfront Way, Docklands

Project Type: High-end Apartment

City: Melbourne

Location: Docklands

Basic unit type: 1 room, 2 rooms and 3 rooms on the large flat floor

Price range: 660,000 AUD – 4,450,000 AUD

Delivery time: Existing house, ready for delivery

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The Docklands Residence project is located in Docklands, the beautiful waterfront pearl of Melbourne. It is close to the Melbourne CBD. The water and sky are beautiful and the scenery is beautiful.

Conveniently located with numerous entertainment and retail precincts downstairs and easy access to Melbourne’s CBD, the apartments are ideal for enjoying the fast pace of urban development. Downstairs of the apartment is the first Marriott hotel in Australia, and the upstairs residences can use all the services of the hotel facilities downstairs.

The Docklands Residences
Perfect match with Marriott
Both the exterior and interior decoration of the building
Designed and built to world-class standards
Committed to building for residents
Five-star hotel-like noble living experience

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All units in the apartment are square in design, with high space utilization and luxurious interior decoration, making it an ideal place for you to live.

Designed to provide residents with a spacious living space

The Docklands Residences

Two complete interior decoration styles are provided for the owner

Named The Docklands and The Melbourne

Two decoration styles to choose from

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Docklands Residences

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