Project Introduction

Domain house

Project Name: Domain house

Project Type: Apartment

City: Melbourne

Area: Southbank

Address: 41-49 Bank Street, South Melbourne

Unit price:

One bedroom, one bathroom, 59 square meters $447,000

Two rooms and two bathrooms 72.8 square meters $568,000

Delivery time: completed at the end of 2020


The Domain House International Apartment project has a total height of 19 floors and is unobstructed to the north 13 floors. It has a high investment value and is located in the South Melbourne area.

One-bedroom apartment with 6.8% rental income

2-room apartment with 5.0% rental income

Average rental income is 6.0%, ranking first in Victoria

60% of city renters have a strong demand for this


In addition, the maintenance cost of the apartment property is low, reducing the daily expenses of the investors and maximizing the income!

IMG_1433 IMG_1431


Geography back to Albert park natural oxygen bar

The flat type of the flat type is popular among Chinese people.

Fully equipped and low property fees

80,000 / parking space

IMG_1416 IMG_1417 IMG_1414


Lowest room 447000

More low-rise rooms

Two rooms and two bathrooms

North bank street

Westward office work

East facing low-rise apartment

South facing albert park


Regional introduction


The project is located in South Melbourne, adjacent to the east, close to the east, with leafy grasses; west is bustling; north up; south to walk along the lake, admire Melbourne’s unique and intoxicating night, stroll through parks, golf courses, aerobics Humanities can be owned by nature.

The completion of the ANZAC train is expected to rise again.


At present, the construction of the MetroTunnel subway project through the Melbourne CBD is proceeding in an orderly manner. Previously, the government announced the new subway station naming scheme will be located in the South Melbourne Domain business site named ANZAC “ANZAC” station to commemorate the United World Corps formed a joint army of Australia and New Zealand.

The station is currently undergoing smooth construction and is expected to open in 2025 and serve the South Melbourne Domain business district, which is located downstairs in the Domain House project.





Flinders Street Station – 2.5 km

Southern Cross Station -2.6km

Anzac Station (New Subway Station) – 6 minutes walk

Flinders Street Railway Station – 2.5 km



Royal Botanic Gardens – 800 m

Alexandra Gardens – 1.4 km


Leisure shopping

Crown Casino and Entertainment – 10 minutes

Emporium and downtown shopping area – about 10 minutes by car

DFO South Wharf – 1.4 km


It is just 4.3 km from the University of Melbourne.

It is only 3.3 km from Royal Institute of Technology RMIT University.

Melbourne College of Law and Law

Melbourne Women’s Law School

McRobertson Women’s Grammar School

Wesley High School

South Yala Primary School

Albert Elementary School


Interior design

IMG_1419 IMG_1427 IMG_1422 IMG_1426 IMG_1434 IMG_1418 IMG_1415

Smart concierge service, lobby Japanese style, landscaped garden, lounge area with fireplace, private resident restaurant, sky terrace, 360 degree view, serene yoga room and gorgeous resident lounge. The combination of intelligence and classics gives you an unprecedented experience.


Floorplan introduction

IMG_1413 IMG_1412

Level5 North Yoga Room

Level6 sky garden & bbq kitchen

One bedroom, one bathroom, 59 square meters $447,000

Two rooms and two bathrooms 72.8 square meters $568,000


One bedroom, one bathroom, 59 square meters $447,000



Two rooms and two bathrooms 72.8 square meters $568,000

Domain House Apartment Project 2019 in Melbourne

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