640-11Project Address: 5 Henry Street, Doncaster

Project Type: Townhouse

City: Melbourne

Location: Doncaster

Basic unit type: 3 rooms, 4 rooms

Price range: 1,210,000 AUD – 1,320,000 AUD

The project is located in Doncaster, a popular area in Melbourne. The terrain is naturally high and the scenery is beautiful. It is known as the leader of Melbourne.
640-12Doncaster District began in 1841 and is the birthplace of the fruit tree industry in Victoria. With the continuous expansion of the city, residential development has gradually entered the stage of history, and because the district is located at the head of the Dragon Mountains, it has always been invested by Asians and the love of living in.

640-14Most of the area is Australian locals, and the second largest ethnic group is the Chinese. The transportation is convenient, the infrastructure is perfect, and there are many famous schools, which meet the standard of ideal life in the hearts of Chinese people.
Peripheral support

Peripheral education

Dual campus!

Located at Templestowe Heights Primary (98 points)

Templestowe College School District.

5 minutes drive to school.

Traffic around

There is a bus stop at the major intersection of the project (BUS 279, 293, 902)

Direct access to Doncaster Westfield Shopping Centre, Box Hill Centre, Melbourne Airport and more.

shopping leisure

5 minutes drive to Doncaster Westfield Shopping Centre.
5 minutes walk to Aquarena Aquatic & Leisure Centre

It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children’s water park, spa, sauna, etc.

There are also professional gyms and fitness classes.
8 minutes walk to Ruffey Lake Park. The project is close to the largest natural park in the Doncaster District.

The park is equipped with public facilities such as free BBQ stations, leisure pavilions, children’s playgrounds, trails, and bicycle paths. Definitely a great place to exercise outdoors and walk your dog.
Interior design

640-16 640-15Ten townhouses on one site in Doncaster. 3-4 bedroom apartment design, all units are equipped with double garages!
The project is designed for modern life, warm and livable, and carefully designed.
The interior of each property is spacious and bright, with clever layout, high-grade building materials and exquisite appearance.

Doncaster Townhouse

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