Located on a quiet, tree-lined inner street, Eastwood is an ideal place to live in peace and quiet, with privacy and convenience. Natural beauty meets stylish design.
An educational capital full of opportunity and vitality

Project Introduction
Project name: Eastwood Monash Project type: Large high-end townhouse + apartment Project city: Melbourne Melbourne
Location: Clayton

Project Address: 29 Browns Road, Clayton

Basic Unit Type: Apartment: One Bedroom

Townhouses: three-bedroom, five-bedroom, six-bedroom

Price range: 401,900AUD-1089,900AUD

Delivery time: 2021

There are 124 houses available for sale in the project. The houses with a land area of 300-320 square meters account for 58% of the total houses, and the houses with a land area of 321-500 square meters account for 42% of the total houses. The estimated delivery date for the land is the end of 2019. The room type can be freely selected according to personal preferences. The project adopts a circulating water system, independent air conditioning and high-quality furniture to create a comfortable living environment for you. Eastwood Monash’s real estate designs are two products, Apartment and Townhouse, with more humanized services, and perfect transportation and surrounding areas, creating another classic in Melbourne.
Area introduction
Clayton District is located 20 kilometers southeast of Melbourne. It is named for its multicultural history and the world’s top 100 universities, Monash University. The school has 67,076 students in 2015. As the main campus, Clayton has 48% of the students, of which 37% are international The international students are mainly Chinese students. Clayton is located 19 kilometers southeast of Melbourne’s city center. It is a vibrant community full of multicultural atmosphere and academic research. The Clayton area is famous for (Monash University) Monash University. Many researchers and students gather here, which not only makes Clayton full of youthful vitality and innovative spirit, but also drives the growth of the rental market in the area and the rise in house prices. According to statistics, Clayton is one of the fastest growing areas in Melbourne, with annual growth of more than 20%.

Peripheral support
Clayton has a series of complete living facilities, first-class public transport hubs, the well-known Monash Medical Center, and Melbourne’s high-quality primary schools, secondary schools and universities – Monash University, one of the eight largest in Australia.

Eastwood is located in the most convenient area of Clayton, a 10-minute walk to Clayton Railway Station, a 5-minute walk to the large public hospital Clayton Hospital
8 minutes drive to Monash Clayton campus

3 minutes drive to large supermarkets and many restaurants

5 minutes drive to IKEA IKEA

Just 7 minutes’ drive from the M1 city motorway

10 minutes drive from Chadstone, the largest shopping mall in the Southern Hemisphere

Educational Resources
Monash University has an international reputation for its excellent teaching and superb research. It is one of the largest national universities in Australia, one of the “Group of Eight”, and a five-star university in Australia. The number of students is as high as 70,000! Its comprehensive strength is among the best, and it is also a well-known intensive research university. It can be said that Clayton’s iconic educational institution is the main factor attracting Chinese to come to rent or buy a house.

Clayton also has three public primary schools and one private primary school with excellent educational quality. In general, the Clayton area has a very strong academic atmosphere.

Convenient transportation
Clayton District is located in the southeast of Melbourne, about 18.5 kilometers from the city center of Melbourne. In addition to first-class universities, Clayton District itself is also blessed with a unique geographical location. Clayton is one of the busiest transportation hubs in Melbourne’s southeast, with well-developed train lines, with direct access to the city center from Clayton and Westall train stations. If you are travelling by car, it will take no more than 30 minutes to get to the CBD.
In addition, Clayton’s railway station has been rebuilt in 2016 and will be moved underground, which has brought a new look to the entire area. 10 minutes walk to Clayton train station and bus station 5 minutes walk, or 1 minute drive to Monash Medical Centre, the largest public hospital in Victoria
5 minutes drive to IKEA

7 minutes drive to M1 Freeway

10 minutes drive to Chadstone Shopping Centre

The largest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere

27 minutes by car, or 30 minutes by train to the CBD

3 minutes drive to Monash University

2 minutes drive to St Peter’s Primary School

Leisure and entertainment
The various restaurants on Main Street in Clayton offer a variety of tempting food. Various Chinese restaurants and milk tea shops are everywhere. There are also Hong Kong supermarkets, one-stop Asian supermarkets to meet all the needs of your Chinese stomach. Both Springvale Market and IKEA are easily accessible within 10 minutes by car. Chadstone, Glen Waverley and Clayton, three well-known lifestyle shopping circles in Melbourne, are just a short walk away, bringing more colorful choices to your life.
In addition, a large complex of apartments, hotel, Woolworths supermarket, Kmart department store, cinema, restaurants and offices is being built at the junction of Blackburn Rd and Princes Hwy.

The $1 billion mega complex will be the largest complex outside Melbourne’s CBD and is expected to be completed in 2020-2021. It will become a new landmark and a new shopping destination for Clayton.
Natural oxygen bar
Just a few minutes’ drive away, you’ll find several outdoor areas to stretch your body and soul in beautiful natural surroundings. The Fregon Reserve is just a few minutes’ walk away
Namagira Nature Reserve

(Namatjira Nature Reserve)

Fitness and exercise enthusiasts can visit the Aqua Fitness Club

(Clayton Aquatics and Health Club)

Golf Club (Huntingdale Golf Club)

Clayton Bowls Club

medical equipment
There are also very complete medical facilities in this area. Monash, the largest public hospital in Victoria, is located near Clayton Railway Station. There are also very good quality Monash private hospitals and various clinics next to it, providing comprehensive medical services.
house price trend
With the influx of a large number of international students and young workers, the population growth of Clayton District will be fierce in the future. The population is expected to reach 22,689 in 2021 and exceed 30,000 in 2041, with an annual population growth rate of more than 2% in the next 10 years.

As Clayton’s population has grown, so have house prices and rents.

REIV figures show the Clayton house market has reached a median price of $1 million in 2019, with units stabilizing at around $600,000. The annual growth rate of house prices in Clayton has maintained a steady upward trend, with great potential for appreciation.

In the rental market, according to official Property Value data, Clayton’s median rent reached $470 a week in August 2019, far exceeding the Victorian average. The rental market is booming. Thanks to Monash University’s strong appeal to international students from all over the world, Property Value’s survey found that Clayton’s rental ratio is as high as 60%. University school district rooms are generally rented out, and Clayton’s monthly rent per room can range from A$780 to A$1,100. Rents on the “Golden Five Streets” next to Monash University are even higher than average.

More data show that from the past few years to the future, the annual growth rate of Melbourne house prices has maintained a steady upward trend, with great room for appreciation. It is the best choice for investment or self-occupation. Clayton has seen rapid population growth and house price growth. It is a gathering place for international students from all campuses of Monash University. On the one hand, Clayton is committed to the development of education and research, and is known as the Silicon Valley of Australia. On the other hand, we strive to build a comfortable and diverse community. Most of the residents living here are Monash students, young white-collar workers who immigrated to Australia after graduation, and doctors and nurses from the Monash Medical Research Center.

decoration design
Eastwood Monash is jointly built by well-known local Australian developer NX Property Group and builder Mushan. It is the only large-scale residential project with apartments and townhouses equipped with a full range of leisure and entertainment facilities in the vicinity of Monash Uni. Townhouses in Eastwood have been carefully tailored to enhance your well-being in your everyday life. An open design concept pervades every part of the house, with each residence having its own private open space. The modern and avant-garde design showcases an eclectic lifestyle. Simple and elegant color matching, simple shape, with warm sunshine and shaking leaf shadows, create a comfortable family atmosphere of relaxation and healing.

The project features cutting-edge contemporary design with a strong emphasis on sustainability and organic style.

The bedroom is perfectly lighted, and the wardrobe is equipped with clothes rails, fixed shelving, and mirrored sliding doors.

Smart, contemporary style runs through high-quality materials and accessories, creating a sense of understated luxury.
👆 Analysis: 3 bedrooms & Study 2.5 bathrooms and 2 garages The apartment is square and the room has excellent lighting. The contract price is 839,000
👆Analysis: The contract price of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 garages is 969,000, and there are many large supermarkets and restaurants around
5 minutes to IKEA

Only 7 minutes drive from the M1
👆 Analysis: 95 square meters, the contract price of large 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 parking space is only 543,000 famous schools around
The first choice for investment and living
👆 Analysis: 92 square meters, large 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 parking space, the contract price is only 495,000 yuan, and it takes 10 minutes to walk to Clayton Railway Station
5 minutes walk to a large public hospital

Transportation is very convenient

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Platform Introduction

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