Project Name: Escala Newquay

Project Type: River View Apartment

City: Melbourne

Location: Docklands

Project Address: 381 Docklands Drive, Docklands

Delivery time: April 2022

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Escala aims to provide residents with a comfortable and livable living environment in Melbourne.

The project includes spacious and bright public space, abundant public facilities, and makes full use of natural light, height and scenery, and provides three types of residences: apartment, SOHO and loft. Escala is not only a residence, but also a place for life, business and peace of mind.

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The Escala project is located in Docklands, west of Melbourne’s city center, the best area in the east of New Quay. Residents can have the tranquility of the waterfront and the bustling convenience of the city center at the same time. This project is the first project in Melbourne to adopt the Victorian Government Apartment Design Improvement Standard, which is spacious and light-filled! Several units are available for sale. In Docklands, the Escala project also has the closest waterfront location, a free tram at the door, a shopping mall just minutes away, and a soon-to-be-completed public primary school. As Docklands continues to build, Escala is surrounded by an increasingly sophisticated circle of everyday life.

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The development of Darling Harbour in Melbourne is comparable to that of Lujiazui

Speaking of Docklands, some people call it a city harbour area comparable to Sydney’s Darling Harbour, while others say it’s Melbourne’s Lujiazui. )

If it is comparable to Darling Harbour, it must be because Docklands has 44 hectares of urban bay views and 2.5 kilometers of beautiful waterscapes; and the title of “Melbourne’s Lujiazui” is inseparable from the regional rise of Docklands.

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The former Docklands is just like the former Lujiazui, just a dock warehouse. Beginning in 1997, the Victorian government has continuously invested in its renovation, the port area has been renovated, and restaurants, bars, office buildings, etc. have sprung up.

After that, well-known companies such as the Australian Taxation Office, Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ) headquarters, National Australia Bank (NAB) headquarters, Myer, Medibank, KPMG, Telstra, Facebook, Channel 7 and other well-known enterprises have settled in.

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The current Docklands is seamlessly connected with the developed central commercial area of the city, surrounded by high-end residential buildings. While enjoying the civilization and maturity of the metropolitan city, there are still large green spaces and lakes with natural taste.

The current Docklands has developed into a diverse community that can not only survive the wind and rain, but also have a leisurely stroll. The most comfortable and wonderful living environment, lack of any element can not form its unique living value.


Regional development has brought rising housing demand, which has also turned Lujiazui upside down not only in appearance, but also in housing prices. So will Docklands really replicate the glory of Lujiazui?

The Escala project is only 350 meters from the District Docklands shopping center, and is adjacent to the newly opened casual dining area, including the 8-screen HOYTS theater and the 8Street restaurant

About 60 meters from the free inner-city circle tram stop

500 meters from Marvel Stadium


Easy tram ride to Melbourne CBD

9 minutes to Collins Street, a famous fashion shopping street in the city center

Easy access to well-known universities, by tram, about 10 minutes to Melbourne University, Royal Institute of Technology, Victoria University and other institutions of higher learning

Easy access to Melbourne Airport and direct City Link along Footscray Road, just 20 minutes by car

Close to high-quality educational resources, 5 minutes to the famous private school Haileybury College, 2 kilometers to Melbourne Gramm High School, adjacent to the Capital City Bike Trail, suitable for cyclists, only 500 meters from Southern Cross Station, and the whole city can be reached by train


You only need to walk for 5 minutes to reach the Harbour Town shopping center, Melbourne’s iconic Ferris wheel, large warehouse supermarket Costco, Hoyts cinema, supermarkets, restaurants and shopping stores. After the existing upgrade is completed, it will become a CBD. Attractive commercial hub in the west end.

Also, Escala is very close to Docklands Public Primary School, which is under construction! It is a 5-minute walk away, and all children of citizens living in the school district will be able to attend the primary school for free. After Docklands Public Primary School opens, a complete family life walking circle will be formed here. The unique waterfront scenery and waterfront restaurants of Docklands provide residents with a leisurely and romantic leisure life.

Docklands employment has grown from 14,700 to 58,000 compared to a decade ago. According to plans, Docklands will accommodate 66,300 jobs by 2021.

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Docklands is also close to numerous educational institutions, including universities, vocational education institutions and high schools located in and around Melbourne’s CBD.

Universities and higher education institutions

University of Melbourne

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Victoria University

Kancan College

Kaplan School of Business

The survey statistics show that the residential market in the Melbourne region is developing rapidly. In the first quarter of 2018, the median apartment price in the Melbourne city was $525,000. The Melbourne suburbs apartment market has continued to grow healthily over the past decade, with median prices rising by an average of 4.4 per cent a year.

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In Melbourne, the development prospects of the Docklands area are the most significant. Through continuous development, Docklands has now evolved into an extension of the Melbourne CBD.

Docklands is located between the sparkling Yarra River, Melbourne city and the bay. Here, compared to the modern apartment towers, are public trams, retail shops and the iconic Melbourne Star observation wheel.

Escala will provide a new living experience in Docklands, including spacious, bright public space, rich public facilities. The project makes full use of natural light, height and scenery, and provides three types of residences: apartment, SOHO, and loft. Escala is not only a residence, but also a place for life, business and peace of mind.

In ESCALA, there are a variety of high-quality apartment types to choose from, including traditional 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom apartments, as well as unique LOFT-style high-ceilinged apartments.

The interiors are cleverly designed to flexibly adapt to changing lifestyles. Duplex units feature super high ceilings to expand living space, adding a home office, guest space, children’s play area or parents’ bedroom. The 2.9-meter floor height brings a higher quality of apartment life.

The floor-to-ceiling window design allows you to enjoy the beautiful river view and sunlight without leaving home, and the large living room gives you free space.

The kitchen and bathroom design is mainly simple and fashionable, while emphasizing the harmony and unity with nature, with wooden elements, clean and returning to nature.

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The apartment has a clean and comfortable swimming pool and gym, with a 25-meter indoor swimming pool with natural lighting, locker room, SPA, gym, indoor and outdoor leisure areas, landscape balconies, BBQ, library, etc. to ensure your healthy life and rest, let you respect Enjoy the taste of life.

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Designed with residents’ entertainment needs in mind, Escala’s private rooftop garden includes a secluded BBQ facility and a recreational area in lush landscaping for a variety of social gatherings.

1 bedroom 1 bathroom from 420,000

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 parking space from 650,000


1 bedroom 1 bathroom Loft from 510,000


2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 parking space Loft from 830,000

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