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1060 Carnegie
Project Description
Project Name: 1060 Carnegie
Project Type: New Concept Huajing Apartment
City: Melbourne

Area: Carnegie

Project Location: 1060 Dandenong Road, Carnegie, Melbourne, Victoria, 3163

Delivery time: October 2019

1060 Carnegie is located in the heart of Carnegie, a veteran quality district in the southeast of Melbourne. The apartment is backed by the Carnegie District shopping centre, where the large supermarket Woolworths, various Chinese supermarkets, restaurants, and gyms are all within a 5-minute walk.

Compared with the apartment buildings in the CBD, the 1060 apartment allows you to enjoy the quality of life in Australia, surrounded by parks and blue sky. The 1060 apartment is 10 stories high and is the only building with more than 7 floors approved by the local government. It will become the highest landmark of Carnegie, with no cover in the area and exclusive access to all directions.

For students, the apartments are built on the main road connecting Monash University’s Clayton and Caulfield campuses, and on the Princess Highway (Dandennong Road) on the main road in southeast Melbourne. The transportation is very convenient; plus the Chadstone shopping center is also located. On top of this road, between the two campuses, the 1060 Carnegie apartment was given a unique location, culture, and commercial gene.

Carnegie is located 10 kilometers southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, and the regional government is Glen Eira. Carnegie has a lot of restaurants and cafes, and it’s very convenient to go out for a meal. There are two large-scale supermarkets, Safeway and Woolworth, which have no problem in purchasing essentials. In addition to supermarkets, there are many grocery stores. Banks have commwealth, west pac, ANZ, etc. In addition, there are post offices, clinics and a large community library in the area.

1. The 1060 high-end boutique apartment is located in a great location 10 km from Melbourne city centre. The project has a secure underground car park. There are various 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

2. There are very comprehensive facilities around the project. Retail shops and elegant cafes on the ground floor, luxury sky gardens for residents and more.

3. Convenient transportation and enjoy the advantages of Melbourne.

4. The world’s top education, the famous private middle school and the Monash University Caulfield campus are all within walking distance. Provide more quality education options for your child.

5. The project combines the interior design of the famous architect Peddle Thorp, tailor-made kitchen and living space, meticulously decorated and equipped, bathroom with modern facilities and accessories, and clever storage space design to cater to the overall architecture. Conception.

Regional introduction
Carnegie, as a well-known Chinese area in the southeast, has an unimpeded living environment in Chinese. There are 4 parks within 2 km, more than 7 golf courses within 5 km, 3 well-known universities within 8 km, and 5 university campuses. 1.5 km to Chadstone, the largest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere. For many new immigrants, small families and the elderly, it is the best choice for the enjoyable living in Australia.

Located on the outskirts of Melbourne, Carnegie is a well-developed wealthy district with a steady growth in the property market and rental market. The population of the region has grown by 26% over the past 15 years, with a total population of 19,000 in 2016 and is expected to increase by 19% to 22,400 over the next 15 years. It can be seen that this area has huge investment potential.

Located 10 km from the CBD area of Melbourne, Carnegie is one of the largest Chinese gathering places in the Southeast. The area is close to the Caufield campus of Monash University, one of Australia’s eight prestigious universities. It is just 15 minutes walk from the 16,000 student community. As the closest Chinese district to Monash University, it has become the first choice for many students to rent.

There are very comprehensive facilities around the project. Retail shops and elegant cafes on the ground floor, luxury sky gardens for residents and more. Convenient transportation and enjoy the advantages of Melbourne.

Surrounding facilities
Located 10 km from the CBD area of Melbourne, Carnegie is one of the largest Chinese gathering places in the Southeast. The area is close to the Caufield campus of Monash University, one of Australia’s eight prestigious universities. It is just 15 minutes walk from the 16,000 student community. As the closest Chinese district to Monash University, it has become the first choice for many students to rent.

Carnegie has a variety of Asian restaurants, Asian supermarkets and farmers’ markets, making it easy to go out for food and dinner. There are also two major local supermarket chains – ALDI and Woolworth. There are offices in the nearby major banks Commwealth, Westpac and ANZ. In addition, the district also has a post office, clinics and large community libraries, which are well-equipped and well-developed communities.

For many students who come to study in Australia, or families whose children are going to college, 1060 apartments not only provide them with a convenient place to go to school, but also have the opportunity to find suitable roommates for their own room. Really begin to learn to manage your own life and income.

The comprehensive facilities are complete, such as a variety of shops and cafes on the ground floor, a luxurious sky garden for the residents and so on. Convenient transportation and enjoy the advantages of Melbourne. Private high schools and a variety of educational institutions around Australia provide more quality educational options.

Monash University, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is one of the world’s top public research institutions of higher learning, one of the top 100 universities in the world, one of the top eight universities in Australia, the five-star university in Australia, and the premier academic town in the southern hemisphere. . Founded in 1958 by the National Assembly, in honor of the outstanding military commander, public administration official and civil engineer Sir John Monash, the university is named after its surname, and the official Chinese name is Monash University.

Convenient transportation

Melbourne CBD – 10 km, 15 minutes by car

Carnegie Railway Station – 450 meters, 6 minutes walk

Monash University Caulfield Campus – 15 minutes walk

Brighton Beach – 5 km, 10 minutes by car

Stkilda Beach – 5 km, 10 minutes by car

quality education

3 km from the primary school to the full set of the best schools in the university

Glen Huntly Elementary School

Carnegie Elementary School

Mckinnon Elementary School

Murrumebeena Elementary School

Mckinnon Middle School

Brington Middle School

Monash University Caulfield Campus

Gourmet shopping

Chadstone, the largest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere, 2.5 km

5 minutes drive around a number of supermarket chains fruit shop

Entertainment and leisure There are 4 parks within 2 km and more than 7 golf courses within 5 km to the south.

Interior design

公寓室内由Peddle Thorp的室内设计师设计,定制的厨房和客厅精工细筑,采用高档设施和家电。

Highlights include parquet, LED lights, dual air conditioning and stone countertops.

Uncompleted information

Arden Gardens
Project Introduction
Project Name: Arden Gardens
Project Type: Melbourne Landmark Apartments
City: Melbourne

Area: North Melbourne

Project Location: 111 Canning Street, North Melbourne, VIC

Delivery time: ready for delivery, at the end of the latest

The Arden Gardens project is located in the suburb of Melbourne, North Melbourne, at the intersection of Canning Street and Macaulay Road, adjacent to the Parkville area, just 2.5 km from Melbourne city centre and only 10 minutes drive. A short walk to the Central Business District, with unrivalled public transport links and everything North Melbourne has to offer.

The triangular structure of the exterior of this apartment project facilitates the injection of sunlight from the north. The project provides residents with 1 to 4 bedroom apartments, townhouses with private gardens and double-storey loft apartments. Also developed with the project is a retail business district with a public garden at the top of the building that complements the surrounding city landscape.

Arden Gardens is located in the prime location of North Melbourne. It is ideally located close to several famous campuses. The entire community is designed by the architects of the internationally renowned Buchan Group. The overall style is stylish and the interior is elegant. . Public services such as education, shopping, leisure, hospital transportation, etc. are available throughout the apartment.

The apartments are fully equipped, including bicycle storage, outdoor games, aerobics, cinema, Arden club with kitchen, games room, etc. In addition, the business area also has a separate double-decker café that caters to the daily needs of the residents. Leisure, gathering needs.

The project is a landmark building with a large number of shops, Victoria’s newest largest woolworth supermarket and large public gardens, and Melbourne’s philosophy of life is in harmony with each other. The project is located in North Melbourne, just 2.5km from the CBD.

The project has its own in-store retail area, headed by Woolworths Supermarket, which also has a separate double-decker café. The supermarket is open from 7am to 11pm.

Regional introduction

North Melbourne is a cosmopolitan community located north of Melbourne CBD. Located just 3.5 km north of Melbourne CBD, it has grown into a thriving metropolitan settlement in the past few decades. North Melbourne has a very independent lifestyle. Young people love the local atmosphere and location. There are fascinating cafes and pop art venues to provide residents with a thriving cultural life. If you like the convenience of the nearby Central Business District and enjoy the feeling of home, North Melbourne will not let you down.

With the rapid growth of Melbourne’s population, North Melbourne will become an important transportation hub as the northern gateway to the downtown area, with great potential for development.

In 2050, Melbourne’s population will reach 7.7 million, which is undoubtedly a huge challenge to Melbourne’s infrastructure, education facilities and medical services. As a result, the Victorian Government has developed a comprehensive Melbourne Plan (Plan Melbourne) to provide the most solid foundation for Melbourne’s development.

Arden Gardens is situated in a prime location in North Melbourne, with an excellent location and beautiful surroundings, close to several famous campuses. The project was designed by the architects of the internationally renowned Buchan Group. The project design is simple and smooth, and the interior is minimal and natural. Public services such as education, shopping, leisure, hospital transportation, etc. are available throughout the apartment. The entire community has two mid-rise buildings (16th and 9th floors) plus a low-rise residential commercial complex.

Surrounding facilities

The project is located at 111 Canning Street, a prime location in North Melbourne, adjacent to major schools, shopping and entertainment centers, train stations and hospitals. Cafes, restaurants, markets and other places of life are within walking distance.

On the ground floor of Arden Gardens, there will be a 4,500-square-large oversized Woolworths supermarket, which will become Victoria’s largest Woolworths supermarket, with 17 living and dining units at the Arden Garden Arden Garden’s ground floor commercial center. Arden Garden residents of Arden Garden will enjoy a one-stop convenience living in the supermarket restaurant.

The famous schools are well-established, with developed public transportation, complete and convenient living facilities, great cultural diversity, extremely low vacancy rate, and large demand for renting, which has laid a high return on investment.


The project is located within the University of Melbourne’s Best High School (Melbourne) High School (University High School, Melbourne) school district, adjacent to the University of Melbourne and the Royal Institute of Technology; North Melbourne Primary School is also renowned in many elementary schools. Educational housing center.

*Lady Huntingfield Children’s Centre –600m

*North Melbourne Primary School —1.2km

*The University High School —1.7km

*The University Of Melbourne —2.5km

*RMIT University —2.8km

*Queen’s College —2.8km

Leisure and entertainment

In the bustling streets, you will often find a variety of Western restaurants or cafes. Australia’s multi-ethnic immigration phenomenon has also created the title of gourmet paradise, coupled with the huge white-collar lunch demand to introduce a variety of restaurants, dotted every day of life. The nearby supermarkets, shopping malls, Queen Victoria market, etc., are even more important.

*Woolworths Supermarket – one floor of the project

*North Melbourne Recreation Centre – 400m

*Queen Victoria Market Queen Victoria Market – 2km

*Melbourne Zoo Melbourne Zoo—2.4km

*Bourke Pedestrian Street – 3km

*Melbourne Central Shopping Centre -3km

*QV Department Store—3.6km

*Emporium Department Store—3.8km

*Collins Commercial Street—3.8km

medical health

A number of public, private hospitals and cancer medical research centers are located near the project to protect your health.

*Royal Children’s Hospital —1.2km

*Royal Melbourne Hospital —1.7km

*Royal Women’s Hospital —1.7km

*Melbourne Private Hospital —1.9km

*Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre —1.9km


With its superior geographical location and convenient transportation, the project is very convenient. 5 minutes to Arden Station, the upcoming subway station, 350 meters from Macaulay Railway Station, 550 meters from Canning Street tram stop and 850 meters from Flemington Road tram stop.

Arden subway station:

The planned Arden subway station will run through two major sites in the CBD area, Flinders Railway Station and Melbourne Central Railway Station, where the Arden Garden project will be surrounded by three orbital sites.

Interior design

The 16-story tower complements the enviable aspects of the city skyline and floats above the tree tops; the 10-story tower and lower floors complement the local layout of the North Melbourne street.

Located on the top floor of the retail area are 1-4 bedroom apartments, townhouses with private gardens, penthouses and offices, these apartments are triangular in design; allow north-facing sun to flow into the house and sun exposure to the roof deck and public Square area.

Arden Gardnes’s combination of elegance and modernity is reflected in the design of the bathroom space, creating a spacious and serene private space. The interior decoration design fully considers environmental protection, durability and safety. The choice of three decoration colors fully meets the individual needs of buyers.

Uncompleted information

There are also a lot of huge losses to the property. Welcome to consult.

Swanston central
Project Description
Project Name: Swanston Central
Project Type: High-rise boutique apartment
City: Melbourne

Area: Carlton

Project Location: 168 Victoria Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Delivery time: end of 2019 or early 2020

Located on Victoria Street in the heart of Melbourne, close to the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, there are a large number of international brands and fashion shops nearby. There are countless gourmet restaurants around the world, and facilities are perfect, including parks, hospitals, cinemas. The Opera House, the gym and a variety of sports venues, where you’ll find all the best resources to enjoy the convenience of the city.精致。

The project’s own high-end facilities, unparalleled architectural design, perfectly blends luxury and convenience, and the surrounding prestigious school resources are within reach. At the same time, Victoria University, Taylors College, St. Mary’s College, Trinity College, Melbourne Private School and other famous large and medium schools are also in close range. The local leasing demand is strong and the rental income is considerable.

Located in Carlton, Melbourne’s affluent district. It is adjacent to the core area of Melbourne CBD. With a rich array of surrounding business districts, Melbourne is the most vibrant and diverse centre of cultural, leisure, commercial, retail and education. Swanston Central will be the landmark 72-story building in Melbourne and Carlton (the actual residential floor to 70 floors).

As the approval of CBD high-rise buildings becomes more stringent, this will be one of the few new high-rise projects. There are only 22 floors in the surrounding construction and just a few new apartments, and the Swanston Sq is 33 stories. The entire building can enjoy unobstructed views in the middle of the building, without worrying about the uncertainties caused by the development of new projects in the future.

Supporting facilities:

• 25m pool

• Luxury lounge

• Hot and cold spa treatment room

• Sauna

• Luxury dining room

• Luxury living room

• Skyline Bar

Regional introduction
The Carlton area is part of the City of Melbourne, 2 kilometres north of Melbourne’s city centre and is one of Melbourne’s most vibrant and multicultural districts. Adjacent to the University of Melbourne and RMIT University, Carlton is loved by college students and young graduates, many of whom live in Carlton. There are also many Italian-style houses, coffee shops and restaurants in the local area, which is convenient for the residents. There are also numerous parks and gardens, as well as many large hospitals.

According to the 2011 Australian Census, the Carlton District has 13,509 people and has grown by 2% over the past five years. Among them, the local population accounts for 47%, the Malaysian residents account for 8%, the Singaporean residents account for 5%, Hong Kong residents account for 3%, and the British residents account for 3%.

Shopping leisure
Living in Carlton, your life shopping will be very convenient. Many shopping malls, street food and street food, and the entire area. If all this still can’t satisfy you, then the Melbourne CBD is a paradise for your shopping spree.

Lygon Street

The Carlton district is Melbourne’s centre of Italian cultural gatherings, while Lygon Street is known as Melbourne’s “Little Italy”. It is home to Melbourne’s famous coffee culture, with double-decker Victorian townhouses on either side of the street, all cafés and restaurants. Here you can enjoy steaming pasta, fragrant coffee and delicious pastries.

medical service
The Carlton District has a number of well-established hospitals and medical facilities, with a number of private and public hospitals nearby.

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Royal Melbourne Hospital is one of Australia’s leading public hospitals. It is a large hospital with a reputation for tertiary care in clinical research.

Park leisure
The Carlton area has a large green park and is an oasis of tranquillity in the surrounding city. Here is Melbourne’s most beautiful park, Carlton Gardens. If you still want to play a hearty golf game, the Royal Park Golf Course is not far away.

Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens, built in 1839, is a garden located in the northeast corner of Melbourne’s city centre, with an area of about 26 hectares. In 2004, Carlton Gardens was listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Hall are now listed as World Heritage Sites.

Surrounding facilities
The world’s livable city + Australia’s number one university (Melbourne University) + RMIT University + Melbourne’s core main street Swanston Street + new metro plan + major shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets within easy reach = Swanston Central

Swanston Central is adjacent to Swanston Street, Melbourne’s busiest core commercial street, and has multiple tram networks covering all parts of Melbourne downstairs, 1 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 16 / 64 / 67 / 72 trams! This location, this price, no copy! Located in Melbourne’s inner city of Carlton, Swanston Central is within easy reach of all schools in Mexico.

There are many famous schools around the world, such as RMIT, just downstairs; Melbourne University, only 650 meters; the top ten public school University High School, only 1.4km. Swanston Central is located in the Swanston Square Site, and Swanston Square will be transformed into an urban complex with shopping malls, office buildings and residences like QV.

230 meters walk to Melbourne City Central Entertainment & Shopping Center, Emporium Shopping Center, David Johns, Myer, and Bourke Street, Swanston Street, Collin Street, the city center never sleeps, more than 2,000 shops, let you and Melbourne’s international city life Zero distance! A 200-metre walk will take you to Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne’s oldest fresh fruit and vegetable market, to meet your everyday needs.

Melbourne University

One of the top 50 universities in the world, one of the most impressive research universities in the world, ranked first in the Southern Hemisphere and 33rd in the world.

RMIT University

One of Australia’s oldest leading higher education institutions, and is known for its graduate employment rate ranking first in Australia. Ranked in the top 10 of global design schools this year!

University High School

Melbourne’s top ten public schools. The three prestigious schools surround it, so it is no better to call Swanston Central the most typical boutique school district in Melbourne’s inner city.


§ Melbourne Central Railway Station 600m

§ Flagstaff Railway Station 1km

§ Parliament St Railway Station 4 km

§ Flinders Railway Station 4 km

§ Southern Cross Train Station 2 km

§ Tram: 1, 3, 3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72,19, 57, 59,86, 95,30, 86 500m


§ Royal Institute of Technology 100m

§ University of Melbourne 230m

§ Trinity College 700m

§ Victoria University 850m

§ St. Mary’s College 4km

§ Melbourne Private School 5km

§ Mike Robinson Girls High School 6km

§ Melbourne Women’s Private School 8km



§ Melbourne CBD 500m

§ QV Shopping Center 850m

§ Victoria Hypermarket 400m

§ Emporium Shopping Center 850m


§ Royal Melbourne Hospital The Royal Melbourne Hospital 1km § St Vincent’s Private Hospital 1.3km

§ Royal Children’s Hospital The Royal Children’s Hospital 2.7km

Interior design

The interior decoration is of superior quality, with a classic all-terrain glass curtain wall design that maximizes the exposure to natural light, the exterior is shining, and the interior is spacious and bright.


Overlooking the invincible landscape over Melbourne. You can enjoy the stunning views of Melbourne CBD.


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