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Burwood, a southeastern region, has always belonged to the wealthy district of Melbourne.
The local population is very young and the per capita income per capita is 411 Australian dollars.

AUD 1572 per family

Burwood price analysis,

Housing prices in this area are rising year by year.

In recent years, the increase has been as high as 25% in the past 5 years.

Burwood villa prices fluctuate

Only from one year from June 2013 to June 2014,

The median price jumped from A$720,000 to A$930,000, a 23% increase.

Burwood’s three hot townhouse projects, only a limited number of listings for everyone to choose ~ please grasp as soon as possible, find the best home in your mind!

Regional introduction

Melbourne’s Burwood is located 18 kilometres east of Melbourne CBD and is the preferred choice for residential areas in eastern Melbourne. The environment here is beautiful and the air is fresh. It is a good place for the elderly to retire and support the students to go to school. It is surrounded by famous schools and has convenient transportation. It is only a step away from Deakin University and the famous private school PLC. Designed by renowned designers, the project has a modern minimalist style, surrounded by private gardens, spacious living areas, restaurants, elegant ceilings, bright kitchens and dining areas to meet the needs of every family member.
1. McCubbin Residence
Are you looking for a perfect place to settle down? Come on McCubbin Residence! There are only two sets left!
Project Description
Project Name: McCubbin Residence
Project Type: Townhouse

City: Melbourne

Area: Burwood

Basic unit: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 1+1 garage and 4 rooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage


Are you looking for a perfect place to settle in? Come to McCubbin Residence! From here, you can reach quality schools, lush parks, and ridiculous shopping and dining spots in just a few minutes. What are you waiting for? Explore everything around us with us!
Around the project
Ideal home with perfect facilities
The location of McCubbin Residence is perfect and offers a variety of options. No matter what you want, you can find it nearby. Then let’s take a look at more of the perfect facilities in the surrounding area.

Parks and original protected areas where you can relax

You can jog in any park adjacent to McCubbin Residence, take a walk with your family, or even go to the wilderness to enjoy yourself.

Essex Heights Reserve

Gardiners Creek Reserve

3 Tally Ho Reserve
Ballyshannassy Park
Wattle Park Reserve

Awesome dining options


Choose from McCubbin Residence, where you can try fresh and delicious cuisine, fresh local food and global cuisine, so everyone can find food that suits their taste.
Experience delicious global cuisine

People eat food for the sky. Dining near McCubbin Residence won’t let you down! Whether you want to sit down with a cup of aromatic coffee or want to experience global cuisine, you can enjoy it around McCubbin Residence.

Simon’s Peking Duck Chinese Restaurant – Beijing Roast Duck Specialist

Hongxing Seafood Restaurant – Cantonese Roasted Seafood Restaurant
Sketches Café Bar Restaurant – Modern Cafe
Colorful Yunnan One Color Pot – China Yunnan Hot Pot Restaurant

Piccolino Pizza – Italian Restaurant

Extraordinary shopping experience


Whether you want to buy something or just want to go to the window, McCubbin Residence offers a variety of options. From McCubbin Residence, there are only a short drive to these quality shopping spots (far more than that!):
Burwood One Shopping Centre (4 minutes by car)

24-hour Coles supermarket (4 minutes by car)
Dr. Hill Shopping Center (9 minutes by car)
The Glen Shopping Centre (9 minutes by car)

Chadstone Shopping Centre (15 minutes by car)

Convenient fitness facility


There are excellent leisure and fitness facilities around McCubbin Residence, whether you want to play golf, play tennis or go swimming, after McCubbin Residence, these are not difficult to do. Here are some fitness and sports facilities in the area:
Aqualink Box Hill Swimming Center

Wattle Park Golf Course

Riversdale Golf Course

Essex Height Tennis Club



Traffic extending in all directions


Staying at McCubbin Residence, the well-developed public transport system makes your trip stress-free. 5 minutes walk to tram/bus stop
It takes only 3 minutes by tram 75 to Deakin University. It takes only 15 minutes by bus to the train station of the Boshiyama Shopping Center. It is connected to the M1 motorway within 8 minutes by car.

Surrounding education
World class school
There are many excellent schools near McCubbin Residence that offer the best educational opportunities for your family. 6 Deakin University (3 minutes by car)
Essex Heights Elementary School – Top 9% (4 minutes by car)
Mount Waverley Middle School – Top 8% (4 minutes by car)

PLC Girls’ School – Top 1% of Girls’ Schools (4 minutes by car)

Mount Scopus Memorial College Another top 1% of outstanding schools (3 minutes by car)

ESSEX HEIGHTS Primary School Top 9% 4 Minutes

Interior design


At any stage of our lives, we hope to have the best education and further education opportunities. Choose McCubbin Residence, which provides you with many excellent educational resources to study and study in a strong academic environment. There are leading universities and countless top schools around the community for you to choose from!
Choosing McCubbin Residence means choosing a comfortable and fulfilling life, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and a variety of convenient facilities for your use.

Home should be a place to make you feel comfortable and happy. At this point, nothing compares to Mc-Cubbin Residence. McCubbin Residence is a perfect settlement, it will really make you feel at home.


Come to McCubbin Residence and find out why it is so unique. Just take a quick turn around it and you’ll see why it’s a treasure that allows you to relax and enjoy life. Don’t hesitate, take a look at McCubbin Residence and start planning your new life.
Floorplan introduction

Unit type: 4 rooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 1+1 garage, 4 rooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage
Price: from $1328,800

Delivery: 2019 Q4


2. Burwood East

Project Description
IMG_3952Project Name: Burwood East
Project Type: Townhouse

City: Melbourne

Area: Burwood East

Basic unit: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 car garages and 4 rooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage

Project address: 10-12 Medhurst St, Burwood East


Surrounding facilities
• Bus 703/735/736—1.3km

• Direct bus to Monash University
(Monash University) Clayton Campus, about 10-15 minutes drive from Burwood to Monash University.

Transportation Facilities

• East-West direction – Burwood Hwy – 200m

• North-South direction – Middleborough Road – 300m

Blackburn Road – 1.3km
• Burwood Expressway provides direct access to the city centre and the eastern districts –

500m (driving 2min)

• Burwood train station goes directly to the city centre

(equivalent to domestic subway) – 1.5km tram

• Route 75 to the city centre – 500m

• Tram and bus direct to boxhill, Doncaster, Balwyn, key, etc.


Housing market demographics
• The total population of 2011 is 13162
• The probability of increase is 3.81% (12 months)

• Median resident income $1099 / weekly delivery • Average resident age 34 years old
• Average family size 2.6 people

Property holding type
• Investment and self-occupation, annual capital growth of 10.42%, stable investment

Growth means that community improvement and construction will be better, with an average weekly rent of $460.

• The number of property sales in 2015-2016 has increased year by year, probably in

200-250 sets of intervals

• A slight decline to 150 sets in 2017

• The sale of Units during the same period is roughly the same as that of House, probably in

Floating between 150-250 sets


• Boxhill Shopping Centre — 4.5km
• Chadstone Shopping Centre — 6km

• Woolworths Burwood East — 500m

• Kmart Burwood — 500m

• ALDI Burwood East — 1.23km

• Coles Supermarket — 1km

• Burwood IGA — 3.7km

Living Facilities
• Bellbird Private Hospital Private Hospital — 2.3km
• Box Hill Hospital – 2.3km

• Deakin Medical Center — 2.1km
• Blackburn South Medical Center — 900m

• Burwood Heights Medical Center — 500m

• East Burwood Clinic – 2km

Sports & Greening

• Eley Park — 600m

• WaRle Park – 3km

• Highview Park — 3.1km

• Riversdale Golf Club — 3km

• Eley Park Tennis Club — 655m

• East Burwood Tennis Club – 2km

Surrounding education
School District
• Located in Orchard Grove Primary School
• Located in the Mount Waverley Secondary College

• Deakin University — 2km

Middle school

• Benwerrin Kindergarten — 500m

• Burwood East Special Development School — 1km

• Mount Waverley Secondary College — km

• Presbyterian Ladies‘ College — 2.7km

PLC is the best female private school in Victoria

primary school

• Orchard Grove Elementary School — 1.4km

• Burwood Heights Elementary School — 2.2km

• Burwood East Elementary School — 1.5km


Interior design

House design
There are only two sets of exquisitely designed villas in Unit 2 and Unit 4 in the Burwood East townhouse!

Unit type:

Unit 2 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom 2 car garage

Unit 4 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 2 garage

Price: from $1,398,800

Delivery: Q3 2019



Project Description
Project Name: Long Dingli
Project Type: Townhouse

City: Melbourne

Area: Burwood

Basic unit type:

Villa 1 4 Room 2.5 Bathroom 2 Garage

Villa 2 4 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms 2 car garage

Villa 3 3 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms 2 car garage

Project address: 9 Glengarry Ave, Burwood, VIC

Around the project
Living Facilities
Woolworths Burwood East-2.4 km Coles Supermarket-3.3 km
Box Hill Hospital-4.4 km
Box Hill Cental-2.8 km

Transportation Facilities
Tram 75-811 meters bus 732/735-87 meters east-west direction – Station St-122 meters north-south direction – Rothsay Ave – 45 meters

educational facility
Glengarry Ave—57 m
Deakin University-200m Box Hill Institute-4km


Interior design
House design
Unit type:
Villa 1 4 Room 2.5 Bathroom 2 Garage

Villa 2 4 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms 2 car garage

Villa 3 3 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms 2 car garage

Price: $1198,000

Delivery: Q19 2019


Melbourne Burwood Townhouse Project

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