Sterling Apartment High End Boutique Apartment

                  Located in the highly sought after Hawthorn East

                        First class restaurants and well-known schools

                  Go to the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula

                            Let you enjoy luxury life

Project Introduction

Project Name: Sterling

Project Type: Apartment

City: Melbourne

Project address: 765 Toorak Road, Hawthon East

Basic unit: one bedroom, one bathroom, two rooms and one bathroom, two rooms and two bathrooms

Price range: from 454,500

Delivery time: 2022


Sterling is a collection of quality homes at a landmark address – just a short walk from Melbourne’s downtown areaIMG_0068

Inspired by contemporary forms and details, this design clearly and perfectly balances traditional and modern techniques.

The Sterling is made up of a range of unique one, two and three bedroom apartments designed with a sense of beauty and elegance for a rich visual experience.

High finishes and natural light create a timeless and elegant feel. The texture of the stone and natural wood provides an opportunity for Hawthorn East’s architectural history to blend the exterior with the interior design

The unique resort-style roof offers a peaceful setting with BBQ facilities and an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city.IMG_0089

Hawthorn East is a diverse area where you can experience the fast-paced life of the new town and the slow-paced romance of the old town.IMG_0067

There is also a rich cultural heritage here. The Sterling residences offer modern luxury and are ideally located for visiting world-class restaurants, organic grocery stores and famous schools.IMG_0070

Living in Hawthorn East, you can experience the beautiful, tree-lined streets, just a few minutes from the Central Business District and local parks, the gateway to the famous Mornington Peninsula.
IMG_0071The Sterling is close to the rich local parks and sports fields.

Enjoy a vibrant morning walk in the nearby Anderson Park or John Gardiner Reserve, then spend the afternoon and evening at the local picnic area.


Enter the bustling Glenferrie Center and experience the best coffee culture in Melbourne

Just 3 minutes away from the vibrant streets of Tooronga and Toorak, you can browse through a variety of retail stores, small shops, clothing stores, and then a variety of fine restaurants and bars to meet up with friends.

Regional introduction

Hawthorn East is located on the outskirts of Melbourne, 7 km east of Melbourne CBD. Its local government area is Boroondara

In the 2011 census, Hawthorn East had a population of 13,101. The area leads north to Barkers Road, east to Burke Road, Toorak Road, south to Monash Highway and west to Auburn Road, and many large supermarkets

In addition, the area has convenient transportation, complete supporting facilities, and many trains and tram lines running through it. It is also a famous wealthy area in Melbourne.IMG_0073


Hawthorn East is ranked fourth in Melbourne’s most liveable area

Hawthorn East scored two points out of all the indicators:

· One is a low crime rate;

· One is the concentration of historic Melbourne mansions between Hawthorn and Camberwell


Hawthorn East was founded in the 1880s and is well preserved in many historic buildings and residences.

Hawthorn East is located between two shopping districts, located on Glenferrie Road and Burke Road.

Hawthorn East has several of Melbourne’s top private schools and is close to the famous Swinburne University in Melbourne.

Primary and secondary schools include Alia College, Auburn Elementary School, Auburn South Elementary School, Bialik College and Hawthorn Middle School. Scotch College, Erasmus School (ranked second), Glenferrie Primary School

Australians in the region account for the majority, reaching 72%, which is higher than Melbourne’s average of 65%. Followed by residents from the UK, accounting for 5%
Hawthorn East also has plenty of places to relax, such as Rivoli Cinema, Camberwell Civic Center, Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, Stadium and Greenland



Interior design


The interior design of the Sterling project combines beauty and elegance with more storage space, bright bathroom, simple living room, and comfortable sleeping.




The interior design has two color schemes, dark and light, and the owner can choose according to his or her preference.

Household introduction

Price range: one bedroom, one bathroom and one parking space from 454,500 AUD

Two bedrooms, one bathroom and one parking space from 606,000 AUD

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space from 750,000 AUD



Melbourne’s highly acclaimed wealthy area Hawthorn East has everything to eat and drink, and the existing high-end low-density apartments are in full sales.

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