Eastwood Monash
Eastwood is your home close to nature: beautiful, livable and convenient
Project Description

Project Name: Eastwood Monash

Project Type: Large-scale high-end townhouse + apartment project

City: Melbourne Melbourne

Area: Clayton

Project address: 29 Browns Road, Clayton

Basic unit: apartment: one bedroom

Townhouse: three bedroom, five bedroom, six bedroom

Price range: 401,900AUD-1089,900AUD

Delivery time: 2021




澳洲大陆以其朴实独特的自然景观闻名遐迩, 在Eastwood社区周围,环绕着超过150颗原生 树木,营造出与大自然亲密联结的静谧氛围。

Eastwood has 147 one-bedroom/two-bedroom apartments and 72 villas. The Clayton area is home to the world’s top Monash University. It is an active area full of opportunities, with a wealth of educational and employment options, so a unique and fascinating community will be the perfect choice for your home or investment.

Eastwood’s exclusive apartments and villas allow you to enjoy the stress of daily life, while just minutes away from Monash University’s main campus, train/bus lines, and a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes.

Modern avant-garde design shows an eclectic lifestyle. The elegant color scheme, simple shape, warm sunshine and shaking leaves create a comfortable and healing family atmosphere.

The Australian landscape is known for its calm, earthy beauty. There are more than 150 Australian native trees on the land around Eastwood, creating a sense of serenity and nature. Whether it is the choice of children’s education, personal employment opportunities, investment or self-occupation, this is a great choice.

Program features

Over 150 native trees surround Eastwood,

Create a sense of serenity and nature;

It is also a place of vitality and opportunity.

Surrounded by world-class educational institutions and work options;

The perfect choice for living and investing.

The building itself maximizes the use of natural light and fresh air for sustainable development;

Smart, modern style runs through high quality materials and accessories.

Create a low-key sense of luxury.

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Regional introduction

Clayton is located 19 kilometers southeast of Melbourne. The local city hall is the City of Monash. The population of the district is 18901, the Chinese account for 12.3%, and the young people account for 50%.

Clayton offers a lifestyle that is suitable for students, scholars and growing families. This multicultural settlement is full of community spirit. There are higher education and research institutions, and the academic atmosphere is rich. On the other hand, there are shopping areas everywhere, which is a comfortable multicultural community.

Clayton is a gathering place for many students and researchers. These young self-reliant people like the atmosphere very much, and many couples and families who like to establish a family like the multicultural atmosphere and community spirit.

The most prestigious area in Clayton is Monash Univeristy. In addition, there are many schools and multicultural shopping areas that are also popular with families.

The Clayton area is famous for Monash University. Many researchers and students gather here, which not only makes Clayton full of youthful vitality and innovation, but also drives the growth of the rental market in the region and the rise in housing prices. According to statistics, Clayton is one of the fastest growing areas in Melbourne, with an annual growth of over 20%, while Eastwood is located in the most convenient area of Clayton!

Surrounding facilities

• 10 minutes walk to Clayton Railway Station

• 8 minutes drive to Monash Clayton

• 3 minutes drive to large supermarkets and numerous restaurants

• 5 minutes walk to Clayton Hospital, a large public hospital

• 5 minutes drive to IKEA IKEA

• Only 7 minutes drive from the M1 City Highway

• Just 10 minutes drive from Chadstone Shopping Centre, the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere

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Surrounding facilities

Stop and feel the flowers

From the leafy tree-lined road to the open surrounding area,

Eastwood lets you breathe in the vast expanse of the sky.

Enjoy life at your own pace.
Eastwood’s inspirational garden design is a prelude to outdoor enthusiasts. As a diverse area adjacent to major educational institutions and units such as Monash University and Monash Medical Center, Clayton provides local residents with the convenience of many urban life. And employment opportunities, while Clayton also has a certain distance from the city center.

Keep you away from crowded dust
In just a few minutes drive, you can reach several outdoor areas where you can relax. Within a few minutes walk you can reach Fregon Park and the beautiful Namatjira Park is also nearby.

For fitness and sports enthusiasts, there are water sports clubs, Huntingdale Golf Club, and Cricket Club, so you can shape your body, stay fit and enjoy your sport, even if you just breathe in the fresh air to relax. It will also make people feel relaxed and happy.

Learning never ends
Eastwood is only 1km from the main campus of Monash University, Victoria’s largest institution of higher learning.

Clayton is one of Australia’s most prestigious educational and research bases, with Victoria’s most prestigious Monash University and its affiliated Monash Medical Center, a medical hospital affiliated with specialist clinics.

There is also a quality high school in the 10-12 school class at Monash Campus, John Monash School. The adjacent Eastwood is not only the ideal home for students and academics, but also the heart of every knowledge lover.

Located in Clayton, a world-famous institution of higher learning and medical centre, Eastwood is surrounded by a variety of enticing food and style cafés, attracting people from all over the world.

The area is well-equipped with amenities, including the lively commercial street near the train station, and the Springvale Fresh Market, just a few minutes drive from the Springvale Home Center, one of Melbourne’s only two IKEAs. There are a range of parks and sports facilities nearby, offering a wide range of sports and leisure options.

Clayton Primary School 100m

St Peter’s Primary School 850 m

Clayton North Primary School 1.5km

Monash University 1.6km

Westall Secondary College Secondary School 2.3km


21 km from Melbourne city centre

Clayton Subway Station 1 km

M1 high speed only 7 minutes drive

Recreation & Business Center:

Clayton Shopping Plaza shopping mall is only 1 km away

IKEA 2.5km

Chadstone Shopping Centre (the largest shopping mall in the Southern Hemisphere) is only 6 km away

Other supporting facilities:

Clayton Hospital Public Hospital 700 m

Monash Medical Center 700 m

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health Medical Centre 700 m

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Interior design

Eastwood is a quality home that is tailored to enhance the well-being of your everyday life. An open design concept runs through every corner, and each has an exclusive outdoor space that connects to the living room.

The ingenious design allows you to get the most out of the fresh air and natural light, making your stay in Eastwood more comfortable. High-quality building materials bring you a modern and smart luxury experience.

The modern design maximizes the use of fresh air and natural light to make the life of Eastwood residents sustainable and healthy. The intelligent, modern style runs through high-quality materials, fittings and finishes to create a low-key luxury.

The Eastwood project has created a living space for residents to feel happy and enjoyable in their daily lives. The open design concept runs through every part of the house, and each home has its own private space that truly fulfills the high-end life in the garden.

The open, modern design allows you to enjoy the fresh air, warm sunshine and intimate contact with the outdoors. From the inside out, Eastwood meets the needs of your diverse living spaces and creates beautiful memories of your life.

Apartment type recommendation

Type A2

1 bedroom + 1 bathroom + 1 parking space

Indoor area: 60 square meters – 72 square meters

Price: 401,900AUD-403,900AUD

Townhouse type recommendation

Type 4

3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + 1 parking space

Total area: 123m2+26m2

Price: 799,900AUD-819,900AUD

Type 6

3 rooms + 1.5 bathrooms + 1 parking space

Total area: 116m2+46m2

Price: 859,900AUD

Type 1.2

3 rooms + 3 bathrooms + 2 parking spaces

Total area: 176m2 + 35m2

Price: 929,900AUD

Type 2.2

3 rooms + 1.5 bathrooms + 1 parking space

Total area: 116m2+46m2

Price: 1039,900AUD

Type 2

6 rooms + 4.5 bathrooms + 2 parking spaces

Total area: 212m2+28m2

Price: 1069,900AUD

Type 3

5 rooms + 4 bathrooms + 2 parking spaces

Total area: 204m2+76~83m2

Price: 1059,900AUD-1089,900AUD

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Melbourne’s large high-end townhouse + apartment project Eastwood! Monash University main campus Clayton School District! Stay close to all the quality resources and enjoy the top quality life!

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