Project address: 47-55 WINYARD DRIVE

Project name: MT.VIEW


Basic units: three-bedroom, four-bedroom, five-bedroom

Price Range: $600,000-$900,000

Delivery time: 2022

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MT VIEW villa is located in the east of Melbourne in Mooroolbark community, 30 kilometers from the city center, close to Ringwood, with convenient transportation, connected by the Eastern Freeway Maroondah Highway. Driving to the city center can basically be reached through the entire highway.

The Mooroolbark district is a popular place for local residents in Melbourne to live. The shopping, education and transportation facilities in and around the area are complete! Mooroolbark is a white district, mainly traditional British and New Zealand immigrants.

According to DSR data analysis, Mooroolbark real estate investment is also very good, showing a very good situation: The analysis shows that this is a very good market for investors or self-occupants in this area, demand precedes supply, and prices are rising. rose, and growth is expected to exceed the national average.

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This area was developed in the 1970s, and many houses are 30 years old. The history is long and more charming.

The Mooroolbark area is a popular livable place in Melbourne. As a traditional white area, it is dominated by British and New Zealand immigrants. If you want to experience the authentic Australian life, this is undoubtedly the best choice!

This area has a long history and a good community environment. Relying on a mature community business environment, strong educational resources and perfect transportation network in the northeastern suburbs of Melbourne, life in MT VIEW will be very convenient.

According to the latest data analysis, Mooroolbark’s investment prospects are also very bright. In the future, demand will precede supply. The surrounding housing prices are rising sharply, and the growth is expected to exceed the national average.

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Therefore, whether for investors or self-occupation, it was a well-deserved potential bull market location at that time.

Most of the area is sandwiched between Maroodah Hwy and the railway line, and it is convenient to go to the railway and on the Maroodah Hwy. Whether it’s road or rail, it’s on the same line as boxhill and ringwood. Just 25 minutes by car or train to BOXHILL. It only takes ten minutes to go to RINGWOOD. There is also a north-south Dorset Road to BURWOOD hwy.

Just a few minutes walk to Mooroolbark train station, the train line Lilydale line goes directly to the city center, and passes through BOXHILL, the oldest Chinese residential area in Melbourne

Although it is a bit far from the city, it is quite convenient for people living in the area to travel. To the north there is the Maroondah Hwy connecting east and west. The Lilydale Railway Line runs through the Midlands and stops at Morubak Railway Station.

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Mooroolbark is a centre for multicultural exchange and development. First-class learning opportunities from Manchester Primary School progress to the prestigious Swinburne University campus. Many schools have ties to the Eastern world.

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Mooroolbark is a multicultural hub with some of the best learning resources in Melbourne. Many schools in the region have established links with many countries. Many schools use Chinese (Mandarin) as a second language, encouraging children to explore oriental culture in the classroom and participate in various exchange activities.


Bimbadeen Heights


Mooroolbark East


Rolling Hills


Mooroolbark College

Yarra Hills Secondary College


Swinburne University

The terrain is slightly ups and downs, which Westerners like best. The terrain is very similar to Doncaster and Templestowe.
Although not far from Lilydale next door, they belong to two completely different areas. Lilydale has a lot of small factories, auto repair shops, etc., the roads are also much smaller, and the population composition is more complex. But almost all of Mooroolbark is a residential area, and Indians and blacks are rarely seen.

Melbourne has the reputation of “The Garden City of the World”, and the green coverage rate in this area is also among the best in the whole city, and there are many parks around.

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MT.VIEW’s bathrooms make perfect use of all the space, simple to use, relaxing, soft colors that allow light to bounce off mirrors, chic vanity cabinets and clean aesthetics that create a calm, fresh ambience throughout the bathroom environment.

The project is an extremely comfortable boutique villa, built by the designer team, and the room design is eye-catching! The villa is exquisite, neat and neat, full of modernity, and interprets the essence of modern fashion life. The design is ingenious and maximizes the use of The value of every inch of space. The room is spacious and bright, with plenty of light, and it is very user-friendly. Provide different decoration color scheme options to meet the different needs of different people.

High-quality kitchen appliances and decoration materials make the lower kitchen a pleasure. The spacious cooking area allows you to bring out the best in food preparation. And wood laminate, cabinets also bring clean lines to the warm kitchen.

– Built-in oven, gas cooktop, built-in cooker hood and freestanding dishwasher

– Kitchen set up with spacious double sinks

-2 in 1 shower kit with head shower/hand shower

– Freestanding bathtub

– Full height tiled shower

– Secure parking space

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MT VIEW – 47-55 WINYARD DRIVE, Mooroolbark

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