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Project Description

Project Name: NORMANBY Normanby

Project Type: Apartment

Developer: Capital Alliance

Architectural Design: DKO Architecture

City: Melbourne

Area: South Melbourne, Fishermans Bend


Basic type: one room, two rooms and three rooms

Price range: $501,000 – $1.513 million

Delivery time: end of 2020


The future starts here

Normanby is situated in the prestigious downtown enclave, where the Central Business District and Fishermans Bend are on the doorstep, bringing together Melbourne’s best places to live in a sculpture landmark.


With an international hotel and unique homes, with a view of the city – Normanby is designed to achieve a brilliant future, provided by the vision of Capital Alliance and DKO Architecture.

Well-known Marriott International Hotel

The AC Hotel by Marriott, the world-renowned hotel chain brand Marriott International will be based in Normanby, leading the future Fishermans Bend hotel service industry into a new era.

Marriott International is a world-class hotel brand with more than 4,300 hotels in 81 countries and territories around the world.

Its AC Hotel’s target customer level is young and business-oriented for business and leisure travelers. Marriott International has opened more than 100 “AC Hotels” in North and South America and Europe, featuring fashion design for the upper middle class. Lifestyle hotel brand.

The arrival of AC Hotel will definitely drive the growth of local regional value and the appreciation of land prices, bringing long-term investment prospects to investors!





The University of Melbourne will spend A$1 billion to build a new engineering campus in the Fishermans Bend area with a total area of 70,000 square meters. The new campus is just 5 km from Melbourne’s city centre and will provide a boost to the surrounding area!

Even more surprising is that the delivery time of the new campus and Normanby is the same as in 2020!

Future public transport development


The government will increase public transport to Fishermans Bend across the region, including direct tram and train routes. In the Fishermans Bend plan released in October 2017, the government outlined a blueprint for listing Fishermans Bend in the tram network. It plans to build a new tram route from Collins Street in Docklands across the Yarra River. Turner Street runs through the old site of Holden and connects to the existing tram and bus network.

It is understood that the above public transportation facilities will be completed in time with the completion date of the new campus.

It is also important to note that this project prohibits airbnb or short-term rentals for up to six months. And the project’s three-bedroom and two-guard projects have been sold out! ! The remaining two rooms can be redesigned as three rooms! ! The parking space is 60,000 for sale! ! Please grasp as soon as possible! !
Developers and group members talk about some photos of the project



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From Normanby, you can easily reach the CBD or South Melbourne on foot or by tram.

From the high-end boutiques of Crown and Collins Street to the vibrant DFO South Pier, this is the city’s best shopping centre.

The local South Melbourne Market offers fresh produce and coffee, so you can enjoy all the ingredients you need for a perfect weekend in just a short time.


Normanby is located in Southbank, Melbourne’s inner city, under the jurisdiction of the City of Melbourne.

Not only is it close to the planned new district of Fishermans Bend, but also closer to the city’s art and cultural centre.

Shopping is convenient, and shopping facilities such as shopping malls, parks and markets are located around the project.

The 109 and 96 trams pass through the property and are easily accessible and accessible.



Surrounding facilities


Regional development prospects

The Victorian government’s planned new development, Fishermans Bend, is located in this area and will be a new employment and business center.

IMG_8106 IMG_8103

It is expected to carry more than 8,000 residents and there will be more than 6,000 jobs in the area.

In addition, a number of educational institutions, including the University of Melbourne, will also be located here, and the future has broad prospects for investment.



Tram Stop – 100 m


South Melbourne Market

Conventry St Retail

DFO South Wharf

Crown Luxury Boutiques

Woolworth Supermarket

Aldi Supermarket



Clayports Evening Star


Proper & Son

Kettle Black

South Wharf Restaurant

Crown Casino Restaurants




South Melbourne Primary School

Melbourne University’s Future Campus

Victorian College of The Arts

RMIT University

University of Melbourne

Monash College



Batman park

Future Kirrip Park

St Vincent Garden

Edwards Park


Healthy body, healthy mind

You can choose to run, walk or cycle to the beaches of nearby St Kilda and Melbourne Harbour for early morning sports, or just enjoy the sunset over the bay.

For more cultural pursuits, the world’s famous galleries, theatres and concert halls, the city’s art scene also outlines the South Melbourne region.


With the planning of the nearby Fishermans Bend City Renewal Area in progress, this will be the city’s most impressive new employment, residential, lifestyle and education center.

In the future, the new campus of the University of Melbourne and South Melbourne Elementary School will be the first government vertical primary school in Victoria, not far from Normanby.

Interior design

Brand new landmark

Normanby is a bold addition to the Melbourne skyline, crafted by the famous DKO Architectureto to stand the test of time. Its elegant, sophisticated form is encapsulated by a signature frame, creating a sculptural building. The use of various angles provides the building with movement, just like the jewels that reflect the sun, and as the day turns into night, LED lighting adds an angle design.


IMG_8102High altitude constant temperature infinity pool

The elevated infinity pool is the perfect place to start your day with a swim, or relax at sunset and admire the views of the Melbourne skyline.

The core of the home is in Normanby.


Every aspect of the kitchen has been carefully designed to not only look beautiful but also improve every day.

Custom metal details and stone are combined with exquisite European appliances, while considering storage solutions to ensure everything.

The custom-designed integrated dining table and chandelier options add a layer of natural sophistication.



Floor plan introduction

One bedroom, one bathroom – from $501,000

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms – from $688,000 (some with parking)

One bedroom, one bathroom – from $501,000

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms – from $688,000 (some with parking)






Normanby project in South Melbourne – apartment with 5 stars hotel experiences

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