Project Name: Panorama
Property Type: Furnished Luxury Apartments
City: Melbourne
Project address: Box Hill
Project Title: Freehold • Generations
Delivery time: Early 2022

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Panorama is located in Box Hill, the largest Chinese district in Melbourne, and its significance to the Chinese is self-evident.

There are various Chinese restaurants, department stores, etc. with a strong Chinese flavor, and a large number of high-quality Chinese live here. Communication in Chinese can also be unimpeded. This exclusive sense of belonging at home makes Panorama the choice of many Chinese.

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Panorama is located on the historic Whitehorse Road, surrounded by shopping malls, parks, hospitals and other living facilities. At the same time, as a public transportation hub, Box Hill is also a must for many major public transportation routes.

Box Hill (Chinese name: Box Hill) is located in the business district 14 kilometers from the city center of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. The local government belongs to the city of Whitehorse.

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In the eyes of the locals, Box Hill is a “double-faced beauty”. On the one hand, the Central area is a prosperous business district, where there are many shops, restaurants, tea houses, and various entertainment projects that make Box Hill look a bit flamboyant.

But just a few steps away is the park and the small lake area. The tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery are a good place for local residents to take a leisurely stroll.

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Thanks to the struggle of the Chinese, Box Hill’s population growth and economic development are in a leading position in Melbourne. Housing prices are soaring day by day, and it is called the “second CBD” and has become the first choice for investors.

Melbourne’s largest Chinese area: As the largest Chinese gathering area in Melbourne, Box Hill continues to attract a large number of new immigrants with its unique charm.

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Rapid house price growth: Due to the rapid population growth, house prices in Box Hill continue to rise.

Rich educational resources: Located in the core area of high-quality school districts, high-quality primary and secondary schools and universities are within easy reach.

Convenient transportation: As a transit station for public transportation, many train lines, bus lines, and tram lines will pass through here.

The living atmosphere is perfect: the ubiquitous atmosphere of hometown, the quality of the population in the region is generally high, and 26.5% of the people have advanced degrees.

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Huge potential for appreciation: Melbourne politicians are actively planning to turn Box Hill into Melbourne’s second CBD.

Panorama is located in Box Hill, the largest Chinese district in Melbourne. It faces Baima Road in the north, the tram station is downstairs, and it is close to Box Hill Shopping Center. The surrounding parks, hospitals, food streets, schools, community services, leisure and entertainment and other living facilities have everything.

There are 1 tram line, 2 train lines and 21 bus lines passing through here. In addition, there will be a circular train line directly to the airport in the future. It is currently under construction and the location is very ideal. Population growth and economic development in Box Hill are leading the way in Melbourne. House prices are soaring day by day, and it has become the first choice for investors.

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By car: Eastern Highway, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the city center.

Has train lines and 20 bus lines will pass through

Tram 109 provides direct access to the city and Port Melbourne.

Adjacent to large commercial complexes, near Westfield Shopping Centre and surrounding business districts

Box Hill Central 230m

Box Hill Gardens 550m

Kingsley Gardens 600m

Box Hill Town Hall 850m

Box Hill Library 1km

Box Hill Arts Centre 1.4km

Aqualink Aquatic Centre 2km

RHL Sparks Reserve Rugby Club 2.7km

Box Hill High School 1.7km

Institute of TAFE 350m

Deakin University Burwood Campus 5km

Our Lady of Sion College 1.9 km

Kingswood College 2.8 km

There are two hospitals around the project – Box Hill Hospital and Epworth Eastern Hospital;

As well as clinics, pharmacies, Chinese medicine shops, etc. that meet the needs of Chinese people.

Box Hill has a number of sports recreation spaces, including Aqualink Box Hill (with modern and innovative water sports and leisure facilities), the award-winning Box Hill Garden with multi-purpose space, Box Hill RSL Club, Surrey Park and Box Hill Community Arts Centre.

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Panorama is carefully crafted by the award-winning internationally renowned architectural design brand Australian PTA Architectural Design Company. The streamlined walls outline the shape of the butterfly-shaped building, which is distinctive and beyond the first-class.

The Panorama building is flanked by light-filled atriums on either side, a symmetrical sun-court concept that allows fresh air and natural light to flow from the center of the building into each residence. The lush sky gardens outside each floor create a unique natural atmosphere, a design unique in Melbourne. Gardens and recreational areas fully reflect the tranquility of nature, which will lead the development of modern housing in Box Hill.

The feature of this project is the butterfly-shaped building design, which achieves the effect of a transparent apartment and unobstructed air convection. Double balconies with wide view.

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Beautifully decorated, equipped with high-end kitchen utensils and marble kitchen countertops and bathroom facilities. Can be described as the best in its class. Marble countertops and splashbacks, built-in dishwashers, and premium European appliances add to the luxury.

Enjoy the private space overlooking the city, and the low-key and luxurious top-floor clubhouse can satisfy all your hedonistic fantasies.

1 bedroom and 1 bathroom from 340,000

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 storage room from 499,000

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Panorama @ Box hill ! Brand new apartment from 340K!

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