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West End
Project Description

Project Name: West End

Project address: 185 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne

Area: Melbourne west

Project Type: New Concept Master Huajing Apartment

Delivery time: end of 2019

West End The West End consists of five independent and exquisite buildings. The location of the project has transformed from a thriving Australian Post factory into a vibrant, new and elegant residential community, including modern apartments with a sense of design and modernity. The retail business as well as the romantic and gorgeous public gardens.

Created by renowned architects and designers, West End is uniquely built and amazing.

The project will consist of five independent and exquisite buildings that will transform the prestigious Australian Post factory into a dynamic new residential community, including design-oriented pre-modern homes, colourful retail stores, and public communities.

Four separate residential buildings, each with 59 to 102 homes.

The project covers a total of 358 gorgeous residences; a set of 92 4.5-star luxury new concept hotels; nearly 2,000 square meters of exclusive gardens for residents; 600 square meters of public parks; retail stores including supermarkets, specialty stores, restaurants and cafes.

West Melbourne, which is experiencing the rapid development of urban renewal, offers a valuable opportunity for young and wealthy professionals, white-collar workers, streamlined housing specs and investors to purchase new properties in the urban suburbs away from the hustle and bustle. West End’s fascinating boutique retail stores and quality amenities will surely appeal to local and surrounding guests, making it another beautiful destination in Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city.

Close to the CBD’s recent, vibrant new community. A$300 million development and investment in 4 apartments (358 units) + quasi-5 star hotel, strong capital background Melbourne’s richest man VictorSmorgon Group, strong employer background KanatFamily family (with TedBaker retail store)

The project covers an area of about one hectare (nearly 10,000 square meters), the original city postal real estate

A collection of famous architectural design brands Carr, Mim, Hecker Guthrie, and SixDegrees.

Although West End is close to the core position of Melbourne CBD and docklands, it has super cost-effective, more affordable than CBD price, and West End is a square-sized apartment with high space utilization rate. It is difficult to picky, self-occupation, investment and collection value.

Adjacent to the transportation hub

10 minutes walk from Melbourne’s largest Southern Cross train station

Flagstaff Railway Station 400 m

North Melbourne Railway Station 400 m

Surrounding shopping centres, luxury shops and lifestyle markets

Queen Victoria Market 300 m

Spencer Discount Store 500 m

Emporium Shopping Center 1km

QV Shopping Center 1 km

Rosslyn has the best educational resources in Melbourne, from elementary school to university, with a number of prestigious schools.

University of Melbourne High School (the leading public school in Victoria) 2 km

RMIT University 1 km

University of Melbourne 2 km

Founded in 1853, it is the premier academic town in the Southern Hemisphere and is a certified member of AACSB and EQUIS. The University of Melbourne is one of the six sandstone institutions in Australia, the founding member of the Universitas 21 and the seat of the Secretariat. A core member of the Australian Eight Schools Alliance, the Pacific Rim University Alliance, the Asia Pacific International Trade Education and Research Alliance, and the Commonwealth University Association. Among the major authoritative world university rankings over the years, the University of Melbourne ranks among the best in the world. In the latest world rankings of the four universities. The University of Melbourne ranks first in Australia and 26th in the world in the 2018USNEWS World University Rankings;

维多利亚大学 500米

North Melbourne 2km

Haileybury College 500米

Trenerry Property is a senior property developer specializing in residential and multi-purpose integrated projects in the suburbs of Melbourne. Since its establishment in June 2010, the company has successfully developed a series of first-class landmark projects with a sense of design and living environment, in collaboration with a number of industry-renowned designers, builders and senior consultants. The Trenerry Group is committed to building a good environment for the welfare environment, households and communities.

Regional introduction

West Melbourne is close to the bustling downtown area, north of the Docklands area and adjacent to the Victoria Market. This is a colorful and charming community, just a short walk from the city centre. Located in the prime location of the city, you can enjoy the bustling vitality of the city and the tranquility of the suburbs.

Food Paradise, Victoria Market – Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre with IKEA

Melbourne Park (Melbourne Park)

Melbourne Park is located in the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment District of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Since its inception in 1988, Melbourne Park has become the host of the Australian Open, hosting an annual tennis Grand Slam between January and February.

The venue is also home to the Melbourne Tigers baseball team and is also used to host skating, concerts, cycling, swimming and racing. It is also used to host the Melbourne Olympic Games. It is also adjacent to the Olympic Park Stadium, and the area of Yala Park in the Sports and Management District is held separately.

West Melbourne is located in the northwestern part of the city centre. In short, West Melbourne is a residential centre – moreover, the urban fringe gradually evolves into a semi-industrial zone with irregular rail lines and Shipping containers, gathered in Footscray – but the charm of the city center is also within easy reach.

Surrounding facilities

West End is uniquely situated close to the legal and cultural neighbourhood of La Trobe Street and close to the world’s top medical community in Flemington Street.

West Melbourne is the ideal choice for enjoying urban life. Adjacent to the Central Business District, Flagstaff Gardens offers a relaxing green space and the nearby Victoria Market offers easy access to fresh produce.

Docklands’ waterfront is a relaxing stroll, with restaurants and events, and Errol Street in North Melbourne is the closest community shopping area, with plenty of trendy cafes and supermarkets.

Designed with a mix of lively shops, public gardens and creative streets, West End is built to a rare low volume ratio, with a nearly 2000m2 enclosed garden and a rich retail store.

Luxury packages include: 24-hour concierge desk, 50-seat cinema, demonstration hall, wine room, gym, open-air spa, hotel resort pool, etc.

Interior design

Resident intelligent management, remote keyless entry system, intelligent management of lighting, electrical appliances

Luxurious marble, feminine veneer veneers and metal accents show the textured side of the building, creating a long-lasting aesthetic. In the custom-made fine wood process, the simple and powerful lines and symmetrical arrangement are its highlights.

The streamlined spatial layout cleverly separates the kitchen and laundry from the living area, with wear-resistant granite countertops, brushed nickel faucets and integrated appliances such as classic finishes and accessories.

In addition, the spacious and flexible storage space is also an integral part of the overall layout.

Uncompleted information

Melbourne Square
Project Description

Project Name: Melbourne Square

Project address: 93-119 Kavanagh Street, Southbank, VIC3006

Area: Southbank

Project Type: Boutique Luxury Apartment

Delivery time: 2020

The project is located in the Southbank area on the south coast of Melbourne, with the CBD within easy reach. Southbank is nestled on the banks of the Yarra River. There are not only large-scale entertainment venues, Crown Casino, but also a variety of boutique fashion stores, cutting-edge gourmet restaurants, and world-class art centers to enjoy the bustling city and green living experience.

Southbank is located in the south of Melbourne CBD, just 2km from the city centre and only 10 minutes drive. Convenient transportation, surrounding living facilities and facilities are perfect.

The project is divided into East Tower, with a total of 1043 households in the West Tower, 566 households with 67 floors in the East Tower, 386 households in the 52nd floor of the West Tower and 91 households on the 6th floor. 100% of overseas people are not allowed to buy. The project covers an area of 20,200 square meters, creating a first-class living, entertainment and ecological first community in the South Bank. Green coverage of 3700M2, residential planning 2 residential buildings, 1 hotel, 1 top office building.

In the future, your home will no longer be a solitary one, and Melbourne Square will create a complete, mature residential community for you. The new residential experience meets your quest for the school district, shopping, and transportation in one step! Let you enjoy the convenience of life in the most prosperous central location of Melbourne

The project is located in the Southbank area on the south coast of Melbourne, with the CBD within easy reach. Southbank is on the banks of the Yarra River

The surrounding infrastructure is readily available. It is 800 metres from Crown Casino – 5 minutes by car.

NGV Victoria Gallery—900m

4 minutes by car, Art Center—1km, 4 minutes by car

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne – 2km, 6 minutes by car

Albert Park – 2.8km, 7 minutes by car

St Kilda Beach – 5km, 13 minutes by car

The Yarra River, 800 meters, 11 minutes walk

Victoria Harbour, 2.4 km, 8 minutes by car

Albert Park Golf Club, 2.9 km, 11 minutes by car

Education has always been the best label in Melbourne, and MSQ is the best place to work and study!

– Melbourne University (3.5km tram accessible)

Melbourne University ranks first in Melbourne, the top 50 universities in the world, with a higher overall ranking than Tsinghua University

– RMIT (2.5km tram reachable)

The Queen of England gave the title “Royal” in particular because of the performance of the excellent tank engineers trained by RMIT at the World War II battlefield. The school’s design discipline is the world’s top, and the architectural design department is the top ten in the world.

-Wesley College (travel arrives in 15 minutes)

Wesley College is Australia’s largest secondary school and one of Melbourne’s top private schools.

– Melbourne Grammar School (10 minutes by tram)

Melbourne Grammar has been Melbourne’s top private school since 1858, from which two governors and three prime ministers have emerged.

Regional introduction

Southbank is nestled on the banks of the Yarra River. There are not only large-scale entertainment venues, Crown Casino, but also a variety of boutique fashion stores, cutting-edge gourmet restaurants, and world-class art centers to enjoy the bustling city and green living experience.

Southbank is located in the south of Melbourne CBD, just 2km from the city centre and only 10 minutes drive.

Southbank is located in the south of Melbourne’s city centre and is a relatively young district in Melbourne, but because of the bustling and high-rise buildings of the many riverside pedestrian streets, it is quite influential in the Melbourne area.

The location is excellent, suitable for young people working in the city, and also attracts those who want to enjoy a convenient life.

Due to the abundant educational resources in the region, there are still a large number of international students, which inevitably brings more rental housing demand. Therefore, the housing in the district is often in short supply!

Southbank has become an integral part of Melbourne, offering hotels, restaurants, office buildings, art centers and more. Southbank offers all the elements of quality living in Melbourne, and independents love the convenience and brand new apartment life of the Yarra River, surrounded by shopping centres, bars and theatres. If convenience is king, Southbank is sure to be king.

Surrounding facilities

Surrounded by the perfect natural environment, MSQ is a 6-minute drive from Albert Park and 10 minutes from St Kilda Beach. With its large green belt, you can enjoy the unique natural scenery of Australia.

In addition, MSQ also has Australia’s top educational institutions, such as the University of Melbourne, the Royal Institute of Technology, Melbourne Grammar School, Wesley High School, and Hebrew College, all within 30 minutes. Can be described as the best place to work for study

The city centre Flinders Railway Station is just a short walk away.

There are 55 free trams at the doorstep that provide direct access to Melbourne’s luxury street, Collins Street, and the Southern Hemisphere Centennial Market, Queen Victoria Market. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Art Centre and National Art Gallery are within easy reach.

The superior location and convenient living facilities are favored by white-collar workers, gold collars and overseas students.

Interior design

MSQ is equipped with high-quality living facilities on the 8th and 54th floors of the apartment, including a gym, swimming pool, private cinema and chess room.

The design concept of the project is to reflect the prosperous appearance of the city and the natural scene of the sea and sky in a perfect angle with a mirrored appearance. The East Tower and the West Tower are 67 and 52 respectively. They are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city in mid-air, so you can see the infinite scenery of the sea-day-city.

The apartment comes with a kindergarten!

Thoughtful about the immediate needs of the residents, carefully arranged nurseries and supermarkets. For young families with young children, especially those with regular jobs, it is very convenient and safe to have a nursery in their apartment building: it does not affect the work, and there is no need to pay extra fees to take care of the children.

A large-scale urban complex created by Malaysian listed developer OSK Property in collaboration with internationally renowned architectural firm Cox Architecture and interior design designer Carr Design Group. MSQ’s design philosophy is to reflect the bustling face of Melbourne and the natural scene of the sea and sky in a perfect angle with a mirrored appearance.

Uncompleted information

1060 Carnegie
Project Description

Project Name: 1060 Carnegie

Project address: 1060 Dandenong Rd, Carnegie

Area: Carnegie

Project Type: Boutique Apartment

Delivery time: October 2019

The 1060 high-end boutique apartments are in a great location 10 km from Melbourne city centre. Carnegie’s center, designed by the award-winning design team Peddle Thorpe, was created by MRCB to reinterpret the apartment’s living and location.


– 10 km from Melbourne CBD

– 5 minutes walk from the train station

– 15 minutes walk to Monash University

– 5 km from Brighton, St Kilda Beach

The comprehensive facilities are complete, such as a variety of shops and cafes on the ground floor, a luxurious sky garden for the residents and so on. Convenient transportation and enjoy the advantages of Melbourne. Private high schools and a variety of educational institutions around Australia provide more quality educational options.

Monash University, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is one of the world’s top public research institutions of higher learning, one of the top 100 universities in the world, one of the top eight universities in Australia, the five-star university in Australia, and the premier academic town in the southern hemisphere. . Founded in 1958 by Congress, in honor of the outstanding military commander, public administration official and civil engineer Sir John Monash, the university is named after its surname, and the official Chinese name is Monash University.

Regional introduction

Carnegie, as a well-known Chinese area in the southeast, has an unimpeded living environment in Chinese. There are 4 parks within two kilometers.

More than 7 golf courses within 5 km

Covering 3 well-known universities within 8 km

5 major school districts

1.5 km to Chadstone, the largest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere.

For many new immigrants, small families and the elderly, it is the best choice for the enjoyable living in Australia.

Located on the outskirts of Melbourne, Carnegie is a well-developed wealthy district with a steady growth in the property market and rental market. The population of the region has grown by 26% over the past 15 years, with a total population of 19,000 in 2016 and is expected to increase by 19% to 22,400 over the next 15 years. It can be seen that this area has huge investment potential.

Located 10 km from the CBD area of Melbourne, Carnegie is one of the largest Chinese gathering places in the Southeast. The area is close to the Caufield campus of Monash University, one of Australia’s eight prestigious universities. It is just 15 minutes walk from the 16,000 student community. As the closest Chinese district to Monash University, it has become the first choice for many students to rent.

There are very comprehensive facilities around the project. Retail shops and elegant cafes on the ground floor, luxury sky gardens for residents and more. Convenient transportation and enjoy the advantages of Melbourne.

Surrounding facilities

Carnegie has a variety of Asian restaurants, Asian supermarkets and farmers’ markets, making it easy to go out for food and dinner. There are also two major local supermarket chains – ALDI and Woolworth. There are offices in the nearby major banks Commwealth, Westpac and ANZ.

In addition, the district also has a post office, clinics and large community libraries, which are well-equipped and well-developed communities.

Convenient transportation
Melbourne CBD – 10 km, 15 minutes by car
Carnegie Railway Station – 450 meters, 6 minutes walk
Monash University Caulfield Campus – 15 minutes walk
Brighton Beach – 5 km, 10 minutes by car
Stkilda Beach – 5 km, 10 minutes by car

Interior design

The interior of the apartment is designed by Peddle Thorp’s interior designers, and the custom built kitchen and living room are meticulously crafted with upscale amenities and appliances. Highlights include parquet, LED lights, dual air conditioning and stone countertops.

The project incorporates the interior design of the famous architect Peddle Thorp, tailor-made kitchens and living spaces, meticulously decorated and equipped, bathrooms with modern amenities and accessories, and clever storage space designed to cater to the overall architectural concept.

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