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Down payment starting price: 130,000

Property price: 1.3 million

Property Features: Chinese near the train near shopping

Delivery time: 2018

Project Note: Townhouse near the train station

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Burwood Townhouse information

If people do not have a dream, then what is the difference between salted fish

Train Station 800 m, 10 mins walk Westfield 1 km, 15 mins walk Burwood pubilc School 700 m, 7 mins walk

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Xiaobian is a young man aspiring to always dream of having his own house in Sydney. May not need too much, enough to use just fine. Want to have 2-3 rooms, the home has warm and private space. The best is the upper and lower floor, the living room can be separated from the room. Do not want to have too much of the yard, or spend the weekends are spent in the management of vegetation. Twenty flat backyard, you can have a pet and children grow up together. Most importantly, someone in the house dusk with you, someone asks you how warm your porridge is. But after all, the dream is a dream, maybe it is realized? Actually today.

This may be the dream house that bar. Three-bedroom or one-bedroom Town House, three or two floors. Separate the room from the living room kitchen. The design of the thermocline is also more suitable for Chinese people’s living habits. The ground floor living room can receive guests, but also does not affect the family upstairs room to rest. Three-bedroom interior area of over 100 square meters, nearly 30 square meters of backyard, two or three children have enough space for activities. An indoor area of over 80 square meters, there are thirty square meters of the backyard, suitable for young couples and single aristocrats.

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Of course, interior decoration and facilities are not sloppy, European-style facilities are not only very modern, but also combines the practicality of life. Huxing things transparent, good lighting can make the home full of warm, good ventilation to make the home pleasant fragrance. When Xiaobian saw this house, I thought if I could live here in the dusk, the dream is not so far it! Here we take a look at the three-bedroom and one-bedroom apartment plans.

Dreams can be more beautiful!

Of course Xiaobian dream hut is not as good as a Town House can achieve. Our today’s property, just 1 km from Burwood Railway Station, is a 10-minute walk. Quietly located in the quiet street, walk a few steps to the sky-filled shops Burwood Road, home to enjoy the tranquility of paradise. Real estate is expected to be completed later this year, as long as you are willing to move into the second half of this dream house.

Overview of Burwood

Burwood is located in Sydney’s inner west, just 11 kilometers from the city center. Xiaobian fortunate enough to live in Burwood, have to say here is one of the most convenient place in Sydney, the car went to downtown only 15 minutes. Burwood is under the jurisdiction of the Burwood City Council and is the administrative center of the local council government.

West of Burwood is adjacent to Strathfield, the hub of the transportation hub; to the north is the coastal community of Concord, Canada Bay and Five Dock; and to the east is Ashfield, a Chinese enclave of Shanghai. Burwood is located in the heart of Sydney, depending on its location, and will also become the hub of Sydney’s two city centers in the future.

Traffic on Burwood

Burwood’s traffic is easily accessible, with both Burwood Road and King Georges Road running north-south and Parramatta Road connecting. Burwood’s transportation network will be further developed and facilitated by the expansion of the M4 at West Connex and the renovation of Parramatta Road.

In terms of public transport, Burwood is a rare train station in the inner west area, with a total of four train lines passing by. If you live in Burwood, basically do not run into weekend train misfortune. Bus line is also exceptionally developed, the only one across Sydney’s international airport bus line 400, Burwood is the starting station.

Focus! Burwood’s life

Burwood food and shopping culture in the development of the past 10 years in full swing. Once Burwood only one Plaza, which has supermarkets, pharmacies, post offices, food shops. Basically meet the needs of life. But such a good geographical location, how can only meet the basic needs of it? Followed by Burwood Westfield Shopping City renovation. The refurbished Westfield is just 5 minutes walk from the train station, the only large shopping mall in the West End that combines shopping, dining and entertainment with 250 businesses and a three-storey David Jones department store, Coles, Woolworths, Kmart and Target, as well as cinemas and an 800-seat culinary center for about 2,500 spectators. Westfield Shopping Mall also offers a free two-hour total of 3,000 parking spaces to meet the parking needs of residents. With population growth and government involvement, Burwood has evolved over the past two years into a comprehensive gourmet shopping district where you can find food from all over China as well as find exotic things. The livability here has thrown a few roads to the little Shanghai and Strathfield, next door, as living in Burwood is so easy and enjoyable, especially for those of us who are clinging to food everywhere.

Burwood education

There is a complete education network near Burwood with a total of 7 schools and 3 childcare centers. Well-known female school MLC Burwood is located in Rowley Street, MLC for several years in the top 50 in Xinzhou. Another private school Meriden also has more than 100 years of school history, the quality of education should not be underestimated. The Burwood Public School public schools, Burwood Girls High School are among the best in the New Continent. In addition, Burwood there are some professional colleges, such as The College of Nursing is located in the Railway Parade near Burwood train station.

Burwood said so much, if you do not live here, you can not understand Burwood and other areas of the gap. If you want to go out and do not have to check the train schedules, no longer have to worry about what to eat at night, no longer have no place to play on weekends and hurry to live in Burwood.

Burwood is now the most worthwhile real estate, is the APG Pioneer Estate launched the Town House series. Choose from three rooms and one room, as long as you have this dream, we can help you achieve it. Still hesitating? Beautiful room and dreams, not chasing gone!

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Sydney Burwood Townhouse

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