Carlingford three elite intersection Jingjing Street, the top educational resources, ranking first in New Zealand college entrance examination for 20 consecutive years, all using the German first-line brand Miele kitchen utensils, luxury double-decker units, not limited to overseas purchase, 100% of the freehold. Minutes to James Ruse, 4 minutes to cumberland high school, 3 minutes to West Primary school, so superior location, hands slowly.

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Project Address: 14-16 Blenheim Road, Carlingford

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Project Type: A total of 7 sets of townhouses, of which 5 sets of 3 rooms + study (study can be changed to the fourth room), 2 sets of 2 rooms + study (study can be changed to the third room)
Delivery time: completed in 2018
Villa Price: AU $ 1,200,000 -1,380,000 AUD

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Sydney Carlingford Townhouse

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