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Down payment starting price: 80,000

Property price: 800000

Property Features: Near the train near the shopping park

Delivery time: about 1 year after signing the contract

Project Note: hot in

Southwest Sydney Villa Edmondson Park information

Edmondson Park is only a few minutes drive from Sydney CBD, the third largest and three stops from the train station to Liverpool.

A 15-minute train ride to Sydney’s new airport, just one stop from the Glenfield Station on the east coast of Australia under discussion, away from noise, prosperity and proximity, all within easy reach. And with the government building logistics and shopping centers around the new airport, Edmondson Park is set to become the second Mascot at the hub of the new Sydney airport and liverpool and HSR (if approved).

The Edmondson Park area is within the jurisdiction of the municipal district of Liverpool and the city has grown rapidly in recent years and has attracted the attention of a considerable number of homeowners and property investors. Now coupled with the fiery new railway line construction, Edmondson Park prices soared.

Edmondson Park area population is not large, most of these people are native Australians, it is worth mentioning that the region’s population is mostly New Zealanders, are some young families, and the greening of Edmondson Park The environment is very good, and this is one of the reasons that homeowners are attracted to families.

Edmondson Park is dominated by detached houses, and there may be some new apartment layouts near the train station, where prices have risen in the past 10 years.

For those who care about the return on their investment, they are more value-added than most apartments, coupled with good planning and excellent geographical location, as well as large numbers of immigrants. Demand will drive prices and the supply-demand relationship is the best Market-oriented.

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Sydney Edmondson Park House

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