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Down payment from the beginning: 158,000

Property price: 1580000

Property Features: School District near the train near the shopping near the park

Delivery time: 2018

Project Note: boutique townhouses new listing

Turramurra Boutique Townhouse Info North Rich District

Sydney low-key rich district boutique Townhouse, civilians price, high quality of life. 850 meters walking distance Turramurra Railway Station 5 km a few short radius to reach many famous private schools

If you have land complex, such a high-quality Townhouse must not miss.

If you have a child in your home, hope to go to a prestigious university and pick you up at a prestigious school within 5km, the Australian Premier will be your child’s elder brother.

If you want to retire in Australia, North will make you feel at ease and comfort.

If you are an office worker, you are within walking distance of the train station, so you do not have to endure traffic jams on your way to work

Permanent land property rights, handed down from generation to generation, occupy a place in advance in the high-cost North Shore community.

Surrounding school resources:

1.6 km to reach the famous private male school Knox Grammar (former Australian Prime Minister)

1.7 km to reach the famous private school Abbotsleigh School for Girls (college entrance examination ranked the top 10)

4.2 km to reach the famous private school Pymble Ladies’ College (Chinese circle of the famous private school)

4.9 km to reach the famous private school Ravenswood School for Girls (Peng Liyuan visited Australia the only high school visit)

100 meters to the famous warrawee public primary school (New South Wales top 40)

Turramurra High School (61st State)

Surrounding medical treatment:

3.2 km to the famous private hospital Sydney Adventist Hospital (within 10 minutes by car)

3.8 km to the famous public hospital Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital (within 10 minutes by car)

Turramurra, located in Sydney’s Upper North District, is a traditional affluent district with multi-dwelling white-collar workers, mostly in Australia’s high society with excellent law and order. The low crime rate, high green coverage, beautiful environment and quality educational resources make Turramurra popular with locals in Australia! It has always been one of the first choice of Australian North Shore City.

In early 2015, the local government of Turramurra passed a comprehensive shopping mall upgrade plan near the train station. As the existing shopping malls were expanded, libraries, parks, Town Square, multi-purpose community service centers, etc. were added.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics results of the census, reflecting the best of the five municipal jurisdictions, including Turramurra’s Ku-ring-gai both the education level of residents, salary income, professional work, etc., are the most outstanding NSW The area. Turramurra is the noblest place in Kuringgai with the most beautiful and affluent life. The majority of local residents, mainly of European descent, are businessmen or white-collar workers. With the advantages of education, leisure, medical treatment and transport, the local residents have formed a high-quality living area.

Turramurra Quality Educational Resources

primary school

Based on average school performance, Warawee Public School ranked 38th in State Writing in writing,

Pymble Public School near the overall ranking of the 30th, are belong to the former high-quality public elementary school.

In addition private school Abbotsleigh primary school, but also ranked ninth in the new state.

Secondary school

1.Knox Grammar College – Sydney elite private boys’ school, the school has served several Australian Prime Minister, including Hon Gough whitlam, X-Men Worg hugh jackman and well-known judges and other high-end celebrities. The school creates vitality, etiquette and healthy elite education for students, 48th in NSW.

2.Pymble Ladies College-PLC Sydney’s elite private elite secondary schools, with the world’s first-class campus with the best, to create the best school environment for students, ranked No. 30 overall.

3.Ravenswood College – Confucius Institute has an international school for students to learn traditional Chinese culture and heritage, the merger of Chinese and Western private elite schools, the 26th in New Jersey.

4.Turramurra High Scholl – Public High School, New Jersey ranked 61.

5. Pymble Public School- overall ranking of 30.

6.Abbotsleigh School for Girls – Sydney’s famous Anglican Independent Private School, 2013 NSW ranked eighth place.

Turramurra traffic

The convenient public transport links within the Turramurra city area make it easy for the owners to reach the neighboring Chinese communities, the CBD and the University City. By train, the bus goes directly to Sydney CBD and Macquarie University, 16 minutes to the famous Chinese community Chatswood. The nearby Pacific Highway gives you easy access to CBD and any corner of Sydney.

Turramurra living environment

Turramurra city is an elegant and green area. The streets of residential areas are covered with trees on both sides. There are several large parks and parks in the area with integrated sports and sports activities. This provides urban residents and children daily access to nature.

More nearby is the Avondale Golf Course, which offers convenient access to golfing in the city.

Turramurra city has established a more developed commercial center, to meet the daily needs of urban residents. Turramurra Village not far from the train station, near the supermarkets Coles, emergency centers, pharmacies and more.

In addition, near the train station there are many cafes, Chinese restaurants, allowing you to enjoy the quiet pleasant afternoon front of the environment and the coffee, not satisfied.

In addition, residents of Turramurra drive to HornsbyWestfield in just 10 minutes and can also be reached by train, where you can find anything you want. At the same time it is easy to reach the large Chinese community of Chatswood from Turramurra, just 16 minutes by car or by public transport.

From July 1, 2016, Australia will formally accept applications for primary 6-year-old students. This means that there will be a large number of overseas buyers to buy school district, Turramurra no doubt become the parents vying to buy the area. As a result, Turramurra property prices will quickly rise.

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Sydney Turramurra Townhouse

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