Located in the Australian government to build a green community
Convenient transportation, famous schools
Only 2.5 kilometers from Sydney CBD
Between world-renowned universities “Sydney University” and “University of New South Wales”
Associated with the most famous “Sydney Boys” and “Sydney Girls”

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Strategically located, only 2.5 km from the city centre; nearby famous schools are only 2 km away from the University of Sydney, UTS is only 2.6 km, buses directly to the University of New South Wales, the best Sydney Girls and Men’s Elite Secondary School (only 1.5 km) . The train takes only 1 station to the airport and 10 minutes to the beach. A few minutes walk to the subway station, bus stop, shopping center, golf course

Comfortable environment and pleasant scenery
First-rate design, swimming pool………
Located in Green Square, a greening community focused on by the Australian Government, it has decommissioned approximately 170 million AUD, which is also the nearest emerging community to the city center. Just 2.5 km from the city centre, it is opposite a golf course and a racecourse with large green areas.

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Sydney Zetland Apartment

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