Overlooking the bay, facing the green

Create a new landmark in Melbourne

The first air villa in the southern hemisphere

Starting with the details, perfection

Reinventing the concept of luxury living!

360° sky view

Six-star service 24-hour full security car home

German fine kinetic energy technology

Top luxury properties come out

Open a new chapter in noble life!


Project Name: NEUE GRAND

Project Type: Top Luxury Apartment

Project Area: Melbourne

Project address: 613 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, VIC

Delivery time: 2021

Project Description

The NEUE GRAND project gives the public a new concept of technology, and the top high-end luxury real estate is amazingly built! Enjoy the high-end luxury experience in the southern hemisphere and open a new chapter in world-class extraordinary living. The apartment uses the world’s leading security system to park a luxury car in a penthouse suite

The two-storey Penthouse on the top floor of the Neue Grand apartment offers a wider living space and a more luxurious living experience!

With a total area of 710 square meters, a private roof terrace with 158 square meters, four indoor display garages and two underground parking spaces, you will be given the ultimate in comfort and style, and enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle.

The exclusive design concept of one floor and one villa provides each floor for a spacious and comfortable living space, while enjoying the exclusive wrap-around window view. The total floor area is 20 stories high and can accommodate 18 VIPs. While ensuring exclusive 360° no dead end, it also enhances the privacy of the home – perfectly avoiding the interference of daily noise in the neighborhood.

A one-story, high-end apartment design, 360° overlooking Melbourne. Light points between the fingers, indoor light and temperature change with the heart, stay at home, enjoy the six-star hotel-style high-end service! This will be a top luxury that has never been experienced in Australia! Enjoy the sky garage and direct access to the future technology!

Neue Grand uses top technology to redefine luxury new homes, turning this humanity’s most extravagant whimsy into reality, and offering high-end kinetic energy technology to the noble residents.

Leading the launch of the “Sky Garage” epoch-making project, using the world’s leading kinetic energy technology – “automatic lift parking system”, to park your expensive and fashionable cars into the house. In addition to providing the ultimate in security, it also creates an exclusive personal indoor showroom for you. Each floor has a glass-enclosed garage where residents can park their luxury cars in the garage. This is both a garage and a luxury car display platform.

The most exciting of the Growland Highlands project is Australia’s unique “air garage” design. The glass outer garment of the building looks like a sinuous crystal, and there is a human-car double-ladder intelligent system introduced by Germany.

Simply drive the car into a fully automatic lift on the first floor. After the intelligent identification system is activated, the lift system can scan the vehicle and accurately transfer it to the floor. The speed of the car’s lifting device is guaranteed, and as you enter the door, you can see your car appear in the specific display area of the apartment’s living room.

Due to its high cost and technical expertise, there are only a handful of practical applications of this technology worldwide. Neue Grand is committed to introducing this future technology at a cost, and is committed to bringing a distinguished and exclusive living experience to its customers.

Neue Grand equips the residents with intelligent elevators, which enable exclusive one-way opening, elevator access to the home, and direct access to the living room. The low-density property ensures that the privacy of the residents is guaranteed, and the respectful configuration of the private elevator foyer shows the demeanor between the squares.

The “air garage” is certified by the latest vehicle scanning system. The hall is equipped with multiple intelligent elevators. By scanning the resident pass, it can be assigned to the exclusive elevator and directly to the home. For the purpose of protecting the privacy of the residents, the elevator will not display the floor number of the household. The integration of the latest technological factors has made safety one of the most important highlights of the apartment project.

At the same time, all the home design in the apartment is intelligent, allowing residents to fully control the temperature, curtains and lighting of the apartment anytime and anywhere, which has a huge impact on the sustainable development of energy.

The Neue Grand project uses a “high-speed elevator” designed and manufactured in Germany – it can transport vehicles from the basement to the glass garage in 3 minutes. With the adoption of this technology, the local government has completed the approval and has given a green light to the project.

Designed by award-winning construction company Rothelowman, the entire floor-to-ceiling glass façade adds a sense of sophistication and transparency. The unique and stylish exterior of the Neue Grand luxury apartment, like a gleaming diamond in the sun, brings a touch of noble colour to the Melbourne skyline.

The prime location brings the eternal value of the Neue Grand luxury apartment. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s most enchanting boulevard, St Kilda Road, adjacent to Albert Park and Fawkner Park, overlooking the entire park lake. At night, through the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the beautiful scenery of Phillip Port Bay and experience the elegance and exquisiteness of high-end living.

Growland CEO Ronald Chan said

“Luxury and livability is the key to Neue Grand’s top position in Australia’s high-end real estate market, and it is the key to the company’s decision to fully cover hotel-style concierge services at Neue Grand.

The apartment also provides an exclusive 24-hour family butler for each floor, and sincerely provides professional and considerate services to the distinguished residents. Whether it is collecting parcels, renting a car, booking a personal fitness instructor or stylist, making an appointment for a beauty service, they are willing to spare no effort to arrange for you.

Throughout the existing apartment projects on the market, most of them use the front desk to manage and respond to the requirements of all households. Neue Grand will set up a “personal butler” to meet the individual needs and configure the most humanized service. Realize a luxurious home life.

The infrastructure of the apartment includes a multi-purpose gym, private dining room, leisure club, and a unique landscaped garden, so that every resident can stay at home and enjoy the most luxurious lifestyle.

Neue Grand & Bentley

Redefining urban luxury quality with Bentley

To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.

“Build a fast car, a good car, the most outstanding car in its class.”

– Walter Owen Bentley, founder of Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors was founded by Mr. Bentley in 1919.

The passenger car logo is based on the company’s first letter “B”, which gives birth to a pair of wings, like a eagle flying eagle. This symbol has been used until now. In the past, it used a “B” logo flying in the wings.

From the beginning of its creation to growing,

Bentley has always worked hard to create a car that combines luxury and extraordinary performance.

Without Bentley’s five victories on the Le Mans circuit in the 1920s,

And the sixth victory that was later achieved in 2003,

“As for luxury” and “extraordinary performance” may still be seen as opposing each other.

Today, a century later,

With its globally high-performance ultra-luxury sports travel car,

Bentley cars have always been synonymous with super-luxury cars.

Bentley officially entered the Chinese market since 2002, and its development speed is very fast. The models run include Bentley Red Car, Continental GT and Bentley arnage. The price is from 3.98 million to 12 million, making it the most expensive car in the Chinese market. . At present, Rolls-Royce and Bentley have maintained dozens of vehicles in China, and China is becoming an emerging luxury car consumer market in the world.

Regional introduction

Located in the heart of St Kilda Road, the most enchanting boulevard in the Southern Hemisphere, Neue Grand is just 4 km from Melbourne CBD, adjacent to Albert Park, Fawkner Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens, overlooking Phillips Bay, allowing you to live in the city’s natural oxygen bar.

As the main road of the inner city of Melbourne extending southeast along the bay, the transportation is convenient and extends in all directions. Surrounded by famous schools, shops, restaurants and leisure facilities, it is an excellent choice for memorizing the culture of Melbourne and sharing the leisure life of the Southern Hemisphere.

St Kilda, a rare and beautiful green park in the heart of Melbourne, is located 6.1 km south of the city centre, with 17,795 people.

There is no sage named Kilda, and if there is, then he or she must be the patron saint of fun!

St Kilda Bay is located 6 km south of the city. It is named after the sailing boat Lady of St Kilda and was parked on this beach in 1841. The beach has always been the focus of the area and the playground is well known.

The area is mostly medium-density villas ranging from century old homes to modern high-rise apartments, mainly close to the front waterfront and Albert Park. The community and commercial facilities in the area, including schools and shops, are mainly located in the nearby urban areas.

There are several parks in the area, known as Catani Gardens and West Beach foreshore. Other small parks include the Johnson Reserve, the Jacoby Reserve on Canterbury Road, which has playgrounds for children to play.

The area was originally a resting area for the rich in the city, but the completion of the railway line ended this state. Today, the light rail station on Fitzroy Street allows many day-trippers to enjoy the best leisure activities in Melbourne.

Today, St Kilda has become a gentleman, and real estate has become the most expensive district in the inner city. The famous seashore is bustling, strolling, skateboarding or cycling. The Lady of St Kilda has been commemorated as a sculpture on the top of a sculpture on the Carlisle Street Railway Bridge.

The outlook for the region is good. According to the Australian Property Surveillance Agency, villa prices in the St Kilda district have grown at an annual rate of 6.8% over the past 10 years, well above the city’s average of 5.7%. The unit market is a bit weaker, with an annual growth rate of 3.9%.

The St Kilda Botanical Garden was opened in 1859 and is still popular with locals after 154 years.

Surrounding facilities
The Jewish and Eastern European immigrant settlements are also a gathering place for fine pastries, and many historic dessert shops are still operating. The Europa Cake Shop has a perfectly baked cheesecake and fruit tart; the famous Monarch Cakes make the ultimate in chocolate meringue bread; Acland Continental Cakes is famous for its French desserts;

The almonds from Le Bon Continental Cake Shop are also quite good.

St Kilda Esplanade Market
There are more than 150 stalls on The Esplanade, which sells a variety of handicrafts and delicious street food. You can go all the way to Acland Street and stop at Luna Park to explore the mysterious caves and listen to people screaming on the rickety wooden roller coaster. This roller coaster has a long history of 104 years, and if you are brave enough, you can see the scenery of Port Phillip Bay.

St Kilda Sea Baths
It is a historical relic of witnessing the customs of the 19th century – in those days, people were forbidden to swim at the beach during the day. First swim in the heated salt water pool for a few laps, then float freely in the spa, unload your body and mind in the sauna, or just lie back and relax in the lounge area, admire the magnificent views of the harbor and the swaying figure of the skater.

St Kilda Botanical Gardens

After St Kilda has released his passion, there is a different way to get to St Kilda Botanical Gardens. This oasis was built in 1859 and has been included in the Victorian Heritage List. You can play chess on the big board next to the pond and the greenhouse.

St Kilda Pier Dating Little Penguin
At dusk, take a walk to the famous St Kilda Pier and then go find wild animals. About 1,000 little penguins (small blue penguins) perch on this breakwater. The penguins that tourists visit to Phillip Island are the same kind as the penguins here, and the city center is nearly 120 kilometers away. When you go home in the evening, you may wish to take a look at them.

St Kilda has three main theatres, each suitable for different occasions, and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. Located at the corner of Barkly and Carlisle Street, the National Theatre (formerly Victory) is a Beaux Arts-style performing arts venue built in 1920 and is home to Australia’s oldest ballet school (founded in 1939).

The Palais Theatre is located in the Esplanade and was built in 1927 by Henry White as a cinema (formerly Palais Pictures). It is now used as a venue for live music and concerts.

The Astor Theatre at Chapel Street is a modern/art Deco cinema, built in 1935 by Ray Morton Taylor. It has the largest screen in the Southern Hemisphere, as an art cinema, with its own year of film festivals and private events.

Chapel St shopping street

It is Melbourne’s most famous shopping street, a shopping paradise that fashion lovers love, the latest and most influential sacred place, and a place where social elites gather. There are luxury cars, people with tides, and casual streetscapes are a group of fashionable big movies. There are trendy boutiques, unique art galleries, world-class restaurants and cafes, a variety of creative second-hand shops, and a variety of cultural events. Vibrant open-air culture with the most refreshing nightlife and the most stylish lifestyle

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

It is Australia’s most popular art gallery. The collection is extremely rich, including many world-renowned first-class works of art, exhibited at the NGV International Pavilion and the NGV Australia Pavilion: NGV Australia: Ian Potter Centre.

The “Art and Memory” guided project is a new addition to the NGV Accessibility Program, which specifically targets people with dementia and their caregivers who live at home or care settings. This series of projects is interactive and helps participants improve their quality of life through brain stimulation, communication and social activities.

Top peripheral supporting resources, convenient transportation

– Next to trams 3, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67 only 100 metres

– Only 1 km from Prahan Railway Station

– 10 minutes drive to Melbourne city centre

Rich in educational resources

– Wesley College – Melbourne Elite Private School 0.9 km

– Melbourne Grammar School – the 12th top private school with a long history and Victoria, 2.5km away

– Melbourne High School – Victoria’s academic ranking 2nd top elite school Distance 2.9 km

– Monash University Caufield Campus – 6.6km

Excellent environment, natural oxygen bar

– Albert Park & Lake is 500 meters away from the venue of the F1 event

– Fawkner Park is 1.6 kilometers away from the city’s green oxygen bar

– Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, 2.8 km from Victoria’s largest botanical garden

– St kilda beach 2.0 km away

– Alma Park Playground – 1km, amusement park at the doorstep

Peripheral entertainment

– Albert Lake View Golf Course 500m away

– Crowne Plaza Hotel 4.5km away

– Rod Laver Arena (Australian Net) Distance 3.8 km

– NGV National Exhibition Hall Distance 4 km

medical insurance

– The Anenue Hospital 1.7km

– Masada Private Hospital 3.4 km

Leisure shopping

– Prahran Market Distance 1.6 km

– Chapel St shopping street 1.5 km away

– Shopping in Melbourne city centre 4.5 km away


Interior design

Each apartment covers an area of 355 square meters, with 3 bedrooms, 1 study, 3.5 bathrooms, 3 parking spaces, all using the highest quality building materials and the most upscale interior.

The built-in intelligent home control system controls the lighting, curtains and temperature in the house with one button, allowing the residents to feel comfortable according to their personal feelings.

Flexible control of indoor living environment conditions, free to define a luxury lifestyle. The whole layer is transparent and private, exclusive 360° view!

House preview
3-17 floors

3 rooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 1 study, 3 parking spaces

Total area 355m2


[The collection is handed down to the mansion, the extravagant space to enjoy life] Neue Grand and Bentley Group together to create the “sky garage” top smart luxury mansion, re-giving a new definition of luxury life!

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