Project Description

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Project Name: The Docklands Residences

Project Type: Luxury Luxury Apartment + Five Star Hotel



– Infinity sky pool

– pool bar

– Gym

– multi-funtional room

City: Melbourne

Area: Docklands District

Project address: 3 Waterfront Way, The District Docklands



Basic units: 190 Marriott Marriott five-star luxury hotel rooms (located on floors 1-8), 100 one-to-three-bedroom large-sized luxury hardcover apartments (located on floors 9-16) + fully automatic intelligent parking system, currently sold in three rooms Finish.

Price range: $540,000 – $1,115,000

Delivery time: at the end of 2020



Currently, The Docklands Residences has confirmed the builders of the entire project – Australia’s leading large construction company ICON CO

The construction of the entire project will officially begin this month.

Congratulations to all the buyers who have purchased this project!


Since 1997, we have built and developed high quality, cost effective real estate projects in Victoria and New South Wales. At the same time, ICON CO has extensive experience in cross-sector projects in large residential, commercial, retail, medical, educational and sports facilities. ICON CO has always been “professional, strength, reliability, integrity, innovation, and forward-looking” as its own corporate philosophy and philosophy, and is proud of its high standards of professionalism, good communication, credibility commitment, and sustainable corporate culture.

Regional introduction


The thriving Docklands

In the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne, close to the CBD, Docklands, a city with stunning bay views and waterfront views. After 20 years of development and construction, it has become a mature business district with a variety of formats, such as commercial office, shopping, leisure, tourism and residence. It attracts millions of tourists every year.

As the city’s harbour area in Darling Harbour, Docklands is home to 44 hectares of city bay views and 2.5 kilometres of water features, with nearly a million visitors from around the world every year.

The Docklands area was officially funded and developed by the Melbourne government in 1997. Through more than 12 billion Australian dollars of investment in the past 20 years, the Docklands area has developed into a mature urban business district integrating residential, commercial, retail, leisure and tourism.


The overall development plan for the Docklands area is expected to be finalized in 2025. The region will attract a total investment of A$17.5 billion and 20,000 inhabitants and 80,000 jobs, and the second largest city business district in Melbourne’s CBD will be waiting to be seen!

With the ANZ headquarters, National Australia Bank (NAB) headquarters, Myer, Medibank, KPMG and other well-known companies have settled in, Docklands area housing demand and rental prices have been rising in recent years, attracting the development of the new harbor area The eyes of more and more home buyers at home and abroad.

At present, well-known companies such as Myer, ANZ, and Medibank have settled in Docklands, and the investment prospects are very good.

New century, new look


The District Docklands Mall will have:

Marriott Marriott Five Star Hotel

Hoyts Cinema


Large Woolworths Supermarket

More than 100 fashion brand stores

Choose from a wide range of restaurants, fast food restaurants, coffee shops and more!

Melbourne Star City Ferris Wheel, FunLab Entertainment



In addition, there are various living facilities in Docklands and Melbourne that are already under construction or under construction

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Trams to the Melbourne CBD and other major shopping districts are available at all times in the tram stop downstairs~

At the same time, residents can take the tram to the largest Southern Cross train station in Melbourne within 10 minutes, with trains to all parts of Melbourne and major cities such as Sydney and Brisbane.

35, 70, 86 tram stop | 0m (next to the project)

Southern Cross Railway Station | 1.5km

Citylink High Speed | 500m

M1 high speed | 1km

Melbourne International Airport | 20 minutes by car



Nearly ten large and small clinics in the Docklands area are sufficient to meet the daily medical consultation needs of residents.


Many Victorian and even the most comprehensive general hospitals, specialist hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions in Australia are also within 15 minutes of the project, which will definitely bring 24/7 security to the residents.

MC Medical & Dental l 800m

Pinnacle Health Group | 1km

CBD Doctors Melbourne | 2.8km

Royal Melbourne Hospital | 3km

Royal Melbourne Women’s Hospital | 3km

Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital | 3km


In addition to the Docklands Elementary School (under construction), which is across the street from the project, it is a 5-minute drive from the University’s top private school, Haileybury College (City Campus).

Haileybury College was named the first in Victoria by the Australian newspaper in 2015. Its City Campus shares the same curriculum and faculty resources as the main campus, offering complete course configurations from Early Learning (ELC) to Year 12 (Year 12).


At the same time, you can take a number of free trams from the downstairs of the project to quickly get to the top universities in Australia such as RMIT, Melbourne University and Monash University (Language School).

Docklands Primary School | 200m

Haileybury College | 1.5km

RMIT | 2.5km

Monash University (Language School) | 3km

University of Melbourne | 3.3km

How expensive is the Australian school district? Let’s take a few famous public schools as examples –

The median price of the Camberwell High School District is $2.399 million.

The median price of the McKinnon Secondary School District is $1.69 million.

The median price of Box Hill High School District, which is popular among Chinese parents, is $1.425 million.


From this comparison, the cost performance of this project is self-evident!

Project matching

Infinity sky pool

Luxury infinity sky pool

Located on 15th floor of the apartment

Luxury infinity air-conditioned swimming pool

Located on 15th floor of the apartment

The pool design is inspired by

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Roof heated infinity pool

Swimming in the pool

Enjoy a 200 degree panoramic view of the city

Overlooking Melbourne’s downtown area and the West Gate Bridge

And the stunning scenery of Phillip Bay


Interior design

IMG_8296 IMG_8298    Whether it is the appearance of the building or the interior decoration

Designed and built using world-class standards

Committed to building for the residents


Five-star hotel-like noble living experience

Created by Australia’s top interior construction team

Different from most other apartment projects in Melbourne


The Docklands Residences

All apartment types

Spacious atmosphere, design square

High space usage


For those who have been stuck in the “apartment = small apartment”

Bringing a refreshing luxury apartment experience

Large size brings spacious living space

The Docklands Residences

Provide the owner with two complete interior styles

Named The Docklands and The Melbourne


Two styles of decoration

Strive to provide the owner with a refined, elegant and style of life.

Every design and selection highlights

Designer’s ingenuity and excellence in detail


Floorplan introduction

There are not many left! There are also a small number of rooms and two rooms.

Boutique one-bedroom apartment


1 bedroom, 1 bathroom + enclosed balcony

Total area: 61.0 square meters

Price: from $540,000

Premium two-bedroom apartment


2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom + enclosed balcony

Total area: 78.5 square meters

Price: from $775,000

Luxury two-bedroom apartment


2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms + enclosed balcony

Total area: 93.0 square meters

Price: from $970,000


Luxury three-bedroom apartment

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms + open balcony

Price: $1,570,000


The Docklands Project:Five stars Marriott hotel is located in The Docklands

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