The last few sets of Sydney existing apartment! ! !WechatIMG26

Project Name: Essence

Project Type: Existing Apartment

City: Sydney

Area: Double Bay

Project address: 315-317 New South Head Road, Double Bay

Unit price:

One bedroom and one bathroom: AU$1,250,000 Effective area: 68m2

Two rooms and one bathroom: AU$1,650,000 up Saleable area: 102m2

Project Introduction
WechatIMG27Located at the heart of Sydney’s Shuangwan District, Essence is comprised of two buildings and 38 low-density luxury homes. Among the 38 boutique residences, most of them are north-facing units, pushing the window to see the scene.

The four-room deluxe floor plan on the top floor offers a 270-degree view of the wide and beautiful Sydney Bay. The project is rich in types, with many different types of houses to choose from, and two terraces (terrace), all with their own independent garden and entrance.

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It is worth mentioning that most Essence apartments have terraces and additional outdoor activities, and many units even have a 60 square meter wide outdoor terrace.

Buyers in the area are more demanding in terms of environment, transportation, shopping, overall quality of the apartment and supporting facilities than home buyers in the surrounding area. This is why Essence has always been built to the highest standards in the industry.

Regional introduction
WechatIMG30 1Double Bay is located in Australia’s first port city, east of Sydney, just 4 kilometres from Sydney’s central business district and is part of the Woollahra administrative planning district.

Named after the Sydney Bay and the South Pacific Gulf, the Double Bay is a high-quality living area with top-notch elites and unique “Double Bay, double pay” with its unique harbour resources and romantic human atmosphere. “(Shuangwan District, double salary).

The area has an excellent human environment. Among the population, 23.6% are from England and 17.8% are from Australia. Most of the residents are professionals, managers and white-collar workers and administrative workers. Adjacent to the Sydney Opera House and the Double Bay, surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is Australia’s most popular high-end fashion home with its strategic location, highly developed water and land transportation, pleasant living environment and high-quality public facilities. One.
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According to the latest statistics, the average annual median price of units in Double Bay has grown at a rapid and steady rate since 2012. According to the analysis of Domain authority, from the perspective of long-term investment, the median price of the unit in the district increased by 7.9%, which is 2.5 percentage points higher than the overall median price of Woollahra.

Whether it is a villa or a unit type, the Double Bay area, which combines multiple top quality features, has a wide appreciation space and will become a rare place to live.


Ascham School 350 meters

• Double Bay Public School 650 m

• Woollahra Public School 1.3 km

• Cranbrook School 1.4 km

• Reddam House 2.1km

• Plunkett Street Public School 2.4 km

• Sydney Grammar School 2.7 km

• University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 4.3 km

• 5.3 km from the University of New South Wales

• University of Sydney 5.3 km


The area is about 4 km from Sydney’s Central Business District, just a 15-minute drive away, and a modern metropolis is in front of you. Within a few minutes’ walk, you can reach the pier at Double Bay and enjoy a direct ferry service to the city. In addition, DoubleBay has a full range of bus services within easy reach. The entire bus service runs from New South Head Road to Bondi Junction, Watsons Bay and the city centre. Within a 30-minute drive, it is very convenient to travel.

• Edgecliff Station 400 metres

• 750 m from Double Bay Ferry Terminal



Leisure and entertainmentThe Double Bay business district is highly developed and is an international high-end business district. From New South Head Road to Knox Street, Cross Street and Bay Street, there are boutique hotels, designer shops and a variety of restaurants and cafes on both sides of the street. The area is also recognized by Sydney as one of the most fashionable and expensive shopping areas, with frequent stars and upper-class people entering and leaving the area.

• Kiaora Place 500m

• Transvaal Shopping Avenue 700 metres

• Westfield Bondi Junction 2.2km

• Sydney Victoria Shopping Centre (QVB) 3.3km

Interior designWechatIMG34




Household introductionThe project is almost sold out, leaving only four sets!




One bedroom and one bathroom: AU$1,250,000 Effective area: 68m2

Two rooms and one bathroom: AU$1,650,000 up Saleable area: 102m2

The last few sets of Sydney existing apartment! ! !

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