The Mills Townhouse
Project Introduction
The Mills

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Project Name: The Mills
Project Type: Townhouse
City: Melbourne
Area: Alphington, The Mills Precinct
Address: 16 Parkview Rd, Alphington VIC 3078
Basic unit type: three bedrooms and three bathrooms
Price range: $1,320,900


In this iconic Melbourne corner, The Mills provides architecturally striking nodding for the site’s industrial roots.
The townhouses and lofts, which are made up of internationally renowned DKO buildings, have their own unique characteristics, combining raw materials and exquisite finishes to set a new standard for urban cooling.
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Located in the Yarra Bend community, surrounded by parks with green open spaces, the project is a visionary riverside suburb just 6.5 km from Melbourne CBD.
With its unique combination of open space and cutting-edge design, YarraBend is where new technologies meet old traditions.

Along the streets and lanes of YarraBend, history and heritage will be intertwined with innovation.
Embrace the overall lifestyle, enhanced by art and craftsmanship through the latest concepts of health and sustainability.
YarraBend sets new benchmarks in design and urban livability, surrounded by exciting architecture and open green spaces.


Outdoor landscaped roadways and tree-lined walkways lead residents to the paper square and central courtyard – this is the perfect place.

Meet the neighbors and let the children play and bring happiness to life.
The bold and modern design of The Mills Precinct’s new townhouse is also presented by DKO Architecture, and the Melbourne culture is easily expressed in the style and style.

Our newly released two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom townhouses contrast raw materials with refined finishes.
Not only does Mills have a legacy of paper mills and an industrial background, but it also has a fresh, modern style that perfectly blends old and new.
The superior living environment not only reflects your home style, but also reflects your lifestyle.
The 2.7-meter-high ceiling in the living area makes your world endless and provides plenty of storage space.


Interior design
Industrial chic design, choose bronze fittings and white mosaic tiles in Manhattan’s color scheme to keep you away from the outside world. Or choose bold dark blue tiles and brushed brass fittings in the Brooklyn plan for a darker, more urban atmosphere.

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Smeg’s premium appliances, Franke’s sink and plenty of storage space and workbench space complement the smart modern design, making the kitchen a highlight.

Mills is a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living, with some homes with indoor/outdoor countertops that can be turned into your own small open-air bar, perfect for entertaining family and friends on a warm summer evening.
Floorplan introduction
Three bedrooms and three bathrooms $1,320,900

The Mills Townhouse project in Melbourne

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