Project Address: 18 Shasta Avenue, Ringwood East

Project Name: The Summermead

Type of house: Townhouse

Housing structure: six sets in two places, all of which are four bedrooms, three bathrooms and double garages

Project delivery: 2022

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Ringwood East is located 25 kilometers east of Melbourne’s city center, and the local town hall is The City of Maroondah.

The area is located in Melbourne’s green belt, where there are many original trees and wildlife, in Wombalono Park and the surrounding suburbs.

There are some well-known schools in the area, there are public schools, such as Ringwood Secondary College; there are private schools, such as Tintern Girls Grammar and Aquinas College, so the popularity index of the school has increased the demand for housing. Many people who used to choose the prestigious Balwyn and Camberwell schools are now looking for schools in the area.

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Ringwood East has a train station, which is located in Zone 2 of the Lilydale train line.

Ringwood area is an emerging middle-class area, a key commercial activity center area in Victoria. The government has invested a total of 600 million Australian dollars to upgrade the infrastructure in this area. The first phase of Eastland shopping center upgrade, ringwood railway station upgrade, community library and new swimming pool Construction, has been completed and put into use.

Ringwood, with plenty of outdoor attractions nearby, such as the Mullum Mullum Creek walkway, Ringwood lake park, Fern Gully Track and Ringwood Golf Course. Culture lovers can spend an entire afternoon at the Marroondah Art Gallery admiring works and performances, dining at The Firehouse, enjoying a full meal or opting to watch a comedy or comedy at the Karralyka Centre. There are many famous schools here, of which Ringwood secondary college ranks very high in Victoria, and famous private schools are also around. In addition, the government has reserved educational land in the center of Ringwood and plans to introduce a university.

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Inventory of the seven major Chinese districts in Melbourne, Ringwood is one of them. One of the reasons why he is very popular is that housing prices are more acceptable than other Chinese districts.


The street is quiet, the environment is elegant, and life is comfortable

The price is easy to accept

A new hot spot in the Chinese district

good police record

convenient transportation,

Reputable public and private schools

popular shopping center

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Brand new town square, new library, arts centre and one stop business resource centre for Victorian local business services

Suitable for the crowd:

Professional crowd

elderly couple and family

mature independent

single person

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The public transportation in the Ringwood area is very complete. The Ringwood area train station is a 3-minute drive and an 8-minute walk.

Ringwood train station is 15 minutes directly to box hill.

30 minutes to Melbourne city centre;

Near Eastlink highway 10 minutes drive to box hill

10 minutes’ drive to doncaster shopping center Bus terminus to box hill, doncaster, downtown Melbourne;

Nearby are Costco, Eastland, and Chadstone shopping centers. Costco, an internationally renowned hypermarket from North America, has a wide variety of varieties, large packages and great prices. Ringood Costco is the second Victorian chain after Docklands.

Next to Costco is the largest shopping and entertainment center nearby – Eastland Shopping Center. Now this shopping center is expanding, from the previous 76,000 square meters to 127,000 square meters. It will have more than 350 shops, coffee bars, restaurants, cinemas, etc. One of Melbourne’s largest and most complete, high-end integrated shopping and entertainment centers.

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Eastland Shopping Centre 10 minutes walk

Costco Wholesale Supermarket 8 minutes walk

Chadstone Mall (largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere)

There are many famous schools in the Ringwood area, of which Ringwood secondary college ranks in the top 25 among nearly 400 public high schools in Victoria, ranking among the best. Surrounded by the famous private school Mitcham Primary School, Yarra Valley Grammar, and Luther College, excellent educational resources are at your fingertips. In addition, the city government has reserved educational land in the heart of Ringwood, with plans to introduce a university.

There are many famous schools in Ringwood area

Ringwood secondary college is a 5-minute drive away. This school is ranked in the top 25 of nearly 400 public secondary schools in Victoria and is among the best

Top Kids Nursery & Preschool 8 min walk

Yarra Valley Grammar 10 minutes drive

Luther College 10 minutes drive

This area of Ringwood is a green place, surrounded by many forest parks

Ringwood Lake park 5 minutes drive

Mullum Mullum Reserve 10 min drive

Ringwood Private Hospital 5 minutes by car

Maroondah Hospital 8 minutes by car

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The design of the house is simple and atmospheric, very modern! The interior open space is spacious and can be better utilized.

The kitchen bar design is modern and simple~ The wool carpet in the house, the floor-to-ceiling windows with balcony, comfortable, the bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and the tile design is better to take care of!

The spacious and bright living and dining room leads to the open plan kitchen area to suit every lifestyle. More living space is designed above the kitchen, bringing a different home life to the family.

Price From $988000


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The Summermead @ Ringwood East Amazing townhouses from 998k

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