Why didn’t you go when you came to Melbourne?
Not just one of the most liveable cities in the world,Still a forcing city.


QS “World’s Best Student City” ranking,
Melbourne won the first place in Australia and the third in the world.
IMG_9942As a world famous city for studying abroad,
Melbourne attracts a large number of international students every year.Only in 2018,

Melbourne attracts hundreds of thousands of international students from 170 countries around the world.

Released in the near future,
In the “Best 48 Cities in the World in 2019” list,墨尔本Greater Melbourne kicks Sydney, punches London,

All the way to follow the pace of “Big Brother” in New York

IMG_9945Time Out, the selection unit of this list, visited dozens of countries.A questionnaire was sent to 34,000 residents.

From the latitudes of diet, culture, music, nightlife, social activities, and happiness index, 48 cities were scored and ranked.

IMG_9939IMG_9934Finally, Time Out gives the result,

Melbourne is an all-powerful city.


In Melbourne,
You can visit Lygon St, which is more Italian than Italy.
In Melbourne,
You can eat croissants Lune Croissants that even the French have to fly to eat.
You said that you want to eat Chinese food?
Michelin Cantonese Restaurant Tim Good FortuneIMG_9949
Hot Pot?
Is the well-known chain enough? Dalongyu, Xiaolongkan
IMG_9940IMG_9935Still not enough taste? Dawei, Tianfu

JJ Lin Junjie said that he ate well.


Melbourne, in addition to eating

Similarly, love music too

There are more live music venues in Melbourne than any other city on the planet.
And the Time Out Index shows:A quarter of Melbourne people took part in a concert last week.

So it’s no surprise that Melbourne is ranked as the second largest creative city in the world.

Listening to music,
It’s easy to get intoxicated,It’s easy to tell stories when you are intoxicated.

Then I have music, does Melbourne have wine?

How much do Melbourne people like to drink?
瞅瞅Our male (lei) godDr. singular, trouble again

In Melbourne, as long as you are 18 years old
You can drink anywhere you imagine


St Kilda
Or stand on the top of a tall building in Swanston St.
Or the basement of a street alley
Of course, if you like Judy
Melbourne Chinese special nightclubAlso enough to satisfy your swaying heart


Bond MelbourneIMG_9958
Ms Collins
CoCo Melbourne
Compared with the big Sydney next door,
The nightlife of our village is so graceful.Melbourne is also a city that loves sports.


Australian network’s usual place of residence
IMG_9961The first stop of Formula 1 racing
The Australian Football Finals are also based in Melbourne.
What? You said that you want to see museums and art galleries?
Then you can come to the right place.
Melbourne’s NGV has exhibited many works.Look different every year

And don’t want money! ! !


Van Gogh Exhibition in 2017
In addition to the artwork in the exhibition hall
Streets of MelbourneThis is art


Graffiti Street everywhere
Street performer at Swanston St or Bourke St
These unique scenery have become a beautiful business card in Melbourne.
Also let you bend every corner in MelbourneMaybe you can hear different music

See different paintings

Melbourne is an inclusive city
IMG_9965She embraces people from all over the world.

Also let you live in Melbourne

Have enough freedom to live your own life

No matter what kind of life you think about

Melbourne, can give you

Why didn’t you go when you came to Melbourne?

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