Sudden! Notre Dame de Paris is full of fire! The 850 year old monument was burned! All humans cry! Human tragedy! This can not help but let the people think of Yuanmingyuan…


On the afternoon of April 15th, French local time, the 850-year-old Notre Dame debuted in a fire!

At about 6:50 pm local time on the 15th, a fire broke out in Notre Dame de Paris, France. It was reported that the fire started in the attic and then spread to a large part of the roof, the fire was more serious.





The roof of the 850-year-old UN World Heritage Site landmark with its spectacular Gothic spires crashing in front of the onlookers

The apex collapsed, the firefighting commander’s strategic mistakes, and the cultural relics in the head protection have been sharpened, and there has been no way to initiate a firefighting offensive from the outside.

According to the Associated Press, Notre Dame spokeswoman Andre Finnott told the French media: “Everything is burning and nothing will remain in the frame.”

The fire is burning more and more fiercely.

The entire Parisian is stopping in the distance,

I hope the fire can be put out quickly.

Once towering at the tip of the Gothic spire on the banks of the Seine, it collapsed under the devour of the fire snake

Rolling thick smoke, shrouded the sky

People looked at the Notre Dame in the fire, listening to the Notre Dame creaking in the fire, burst into tears, helplessly looking at the once dreamy land into ruins

The place in the heart of the French about sacredness and poetry seems to have collapsed in the fire.

They sang hymns and prayed

Not only the French people, but the hearts of all the people in the world are also smashed.

Really heartbreaking

We were really shocked to get this news! We can get a little bit of history and you will know why people all over the world are so sad!

I don’t know if you have been to Paris, France. Everyone should know the Notre Dame de Paris. We should not be the world famous novelist Hugo’s “Notre Dame de Paris”. The clock tower geek Casimodo keeps everyone in mind. mind

IMG_1032The tragic love between him and the beautiful girl Esmeralda also broke heartbreak for everyone!IMG_1036

We must know one thing. This is not only a foreign historical relic, but also a precious cultural heritage of all mankind! Like the last fire in the Brazilian museum, it has crossed national borders.

In reality, Notre Dame has become France’s most famous tourist landmark.

Even according to foreign media statistics, until 2017, Notre Dame is still the most popular tourist attraction in France.

As long as people who have been there will be impressed by its ambiguity and beauty, let alone history, it is an unparalleled historical treasure of art, painting, architecture, sculpture and so on.


From the historical picture, we can see that Notre Dame de Paris is built up with a little history.


The history of the Notre Dame de Paris can’t be imagined. Many historical events took place here. Nearly 600 years ago, Henry VI of England was crowned as the King of France at Notre Dame de Paris (December 16, 1431).


In 1669, Louis XIV reorganized one of the largest choirs in history to perform a chorus at Notre Dame de Paris. The scene was spectacular.IMG_1023

The coronation of Napoleon I was also in Notre Dame in 1804.

IMG_1028Joan of Arc, who died in 1431, was also booked in Notre Dame in 1909.


It is reported that the cause of the fire may be related to the ongoing renovation of the cathedral.

However, it has not been confirmed that the recent construction repair work of Notre Dame has not been confirmed.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the scaffolding of the repair project may be on fire, or that the top floor wire is short-circuited, causing the roof to catch fire. The investigation is still going on further

Notre Dame de Paris before it burned like this


We all have a hard time using words to describe its beauty.

Whether it is night or day, every angle has a different beauty.


Its history is extremely long, and it can be said that it has witnessed the knowledge that we can only see in history textbooks.

It is more than just a landmark, it is one of the holy places in the hearts of many Catholics.

It was built in 1160, a full 859 years ago, when China was still in the Southern Song Dynasty.

Most of them were completed in 1260 and built for a full 100 years!

The news that is gratifying after the fire is

After 400 firefighters fight hard at the scene of the fire

Rescued a lot of precious cultural relics

The crown of thorns with hundreds of years of history, and the robes worn by the French King St. Louis in the 13th century, were safely retrieved.

And the twelve apostles and the four gospels that were withdrawn due to repairs are well preserved.

But the official has not yet published a complete list of items and lost items that were saved from the fire.

The fire department said that after nearly four hours of fighting, the fire was under control, the two clock towers were safe, and the main structure of Notre Dame was preserved.

But the 12th century wooden building inside the building was destroyed.

The rose window of one of the attractions of Notre Dame de Paris is also in the fire.


This feeling of heartache

Just like the Yuanmingyuan

The tears of the world are also irreparable


Eternal life


火灾之后 法国总统马克龙眼睛里充满了沉重,他表示





In the recent renovation project, the project was originally expected to expire in 2022. But now, people are afraid for a long time, can’t see her…

French President Mark Long has announced the international crowdfunding and reconstruction of Notre Dame

The leaders of both parties in Australia have said that Australia is willing to contribute

Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of French billionaire and Gucci parent company Kaiyun Group, has announced that it will contribute 100 million euros to the reconstruction of Notre Dame de Paris

I believe that with the efforts and expectations of the people of the world, one day in the future, we can once again see the splendour and beauty of the Church of Our Lady of Paris. Maybe it will be another poetry after the birth.

Hemingway once said in The Feast of the Flow,

“If you were lucky enough to stay in Paris when you were young,

Then wherever you go, wherever you go,

Paris will always be with you,

Because it is a flowing feast. ”

Notre Dame de Paris

a treasure of human culture and art,

It won’t be destroyed like this!

At this moment, we pray together with the beauty of the past.

Pray for the future she will re-emerge!

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