There are 179 new cases in Australia today! The Chinese community sent love to help more than 100 Chinese families in public housing! Australia is openly recruiting experimenters. Participants can get $2350 AUD each, and they can apply directly online!

According to data released today, there are 165 new cases in Victoria.

30 of them were related to known infections;

135 cases are still under investigation;

No travelers returning to Australia were diagnosed, which means all cases are local.
There are 13 new cases in NSW, 11 of which are hotel quarantine personnel and the other 2 are residents of Albury, a border community.
One new case in the Capital Territory is related to 2 confirmed cases in Victoria returning to the Capital Territory. The total number of confirmed cases reached 4.
This also shows that the outbreak in Victoria has begun a new community spread in the Capital Territory.
Until the deadline for publication, there are no new additions in other states/territories.
Al-Taqwa College, an Islamic school in Melbourne, has become the second largest coronavirus cluster in Victoria.

The number of new additions continues to rise, and the number of confirmed cases has now increased to 102 faculty, staff, students and close contacts. Just last Saturday, more than 2,000 teachers and students of the school were collectively isolated.
At the same time, the hospital added new cases. Five medical staff at Brunswick Private Hospital confirmed the diagnosis.
Nursing homes for the elderly at high risk of the virus have also been recruited again.
A staff member of St George’s aged care of Altona Meadows was diagnosed;
A staff member of Doutta Galla Lynch’s Bridge Nursing Home in Kensington tested positive;
A resident at the Glendale Aged Care facility in Werribee was diagnosed;
An employee of the Uniting AgeWell facility in Preston was diagnosed;
An employee of Kew’s BaptCare Karana age care facility diagnosed;

In addition, 3 confirmed cases were related to Woolworths Customer Fulfilment Centre in Footscray, causing the number of confirmed cases in this cluster to rise to 4.

Two workers from the tunnel project at the city hall construction site were diagnosed.

Victoria has blocked public housing for the third day! Chinese buy vegetables and food! Support isolation of Chinese residents!

Everyone knows that Victoria was affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. Last weekend, nine public housing estates in Melbourne were blocked.
It is reported that about 3,000 residents from different cultural backgrounds have encountered lockdowns in public housing, including about 200 Chinese immigrants and 132 Chinese families.

In the morning this morning, the Australian Net reporter also came to the blockade of public housing in Notrth Malbourne to pay attention to the situation. It can be seen that there are still many policemen stationed outside the public housing.
In the area opposite the building, there is a material supply center for the Muslim community to support the Muslim residents in the building
At the entrance and exit, there are also staff from the Melbourne City Council who are responsible for receiving and arranging food and supplies to the people in the building. A Coles truck carrying supplies was also on standby outside.
At the same time there are volunteer sign-in locations

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, the Victorian Chinese Association also went to the scene to provide supplies and food to the 200 Chinese residents who were in lockdown of public housing.

The Hualian Association stated that early this morning, everyone went to the supermarkets to buy fresh products, including:

Vegetables, dried tofu, tofu and other foods

The members of the Hualian Association also took time to divide the purchased materials into bags and prepare them to be delivered to the 132 Chinese families in the blockade of public housing.

Ms. Su Junxi, Chairman of the Federation of Chinese Association (FCA), Executive Vice Chairman Liang Qing, Finance Director Yin Yongsheng, Secretary-General Diana Lin, and Deputy Public Relations Director Wang Xiaoyue were all on site to help distribute supplies.
Chairman Ms. Su Junxi also said that there are about 200 Chinese immigrants and 132 Chinese families in the blocked high buildings, most of which are people over 60 years old, and these fresh vegetables and food can help a lot. .
According to the ABC report, an 85-year-old lady, Gong Kehui (transliteration) is currently living in a blocked building.

In 1995, she moved to Australia and lived in a tall building in the north of Melbourne. She expressed support for the blockade. She said: “The (blockade) measures can find the source of the new coronavirus and stop its spread. This is good for ourselves and others. I sincerely believe that many people do not regulate their behavior when they recognize the current situation. .”
When asked if she was worried about her health during the lockdown, Gong Kehui said: “Worrying is useless.” She said that her Chinese community has always been cautious about the virus.

She said: “Since the Christmas celebrations were cancelled, we have not carried out any group activities. At that time, our shopping and square dance activities were also cancelled. So far, we have only met on the Internet. Really met each other.”
Gong Kehui said that she has a basic level of English and used the Chinese social media application WeChat as her main source of information during the outbreak in Melbourne.

Now she has moved social activities to the Internet because she cannot meet family and friends in person.

She said: “We share information and take care of each other. Since the media reported that we were blocked, the brothers and sisters in the WeChat group immediately expressed their condolences to me. This is warm and loving.

My daughters care about me very much
But I told them,
“Don’t worry, I will try my best to take care of myself.”


Australia conducts vaccine clinical trials

According to a report from 7News, recently, the clinical research company Linear is conducting the first phase of the new coronavirus vaccine trial at Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre in Perth, Western Australia.

Everyone who participates in this clinical trial can get a fee of $2350, but this trial requires very high participants.

First, 150 participants must be willing to spend 2 years in the trial;

Secondly, before participating in the trial, the applicant must also pass the health screening test;

Furthermore, those who are selected to participate in the trial need to lead a moderate lifestyle during the 2-year trial period, which means that they must limit alcohol, do not take drugs, and do not do too much exercise;

Finally, after passing all the requirements and tests, participants must inject the test vaccine twice 21 days apart and monitor their physical symptoms within one week after each injection.
In addition to the above requirements, the trial also has restrictions on the age and weight of participants.

Healthy men or women aged 18 to 54 can participate in this trial;
The body mass index (BMI) is required to be between 18.5-35.0;

Interested friends can also go to the following URL to apply:
Rachelle Kalic, a 35-year-old trial participant, said she “feeled good” after receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

“The vaccination is neither painful nor bloated. I think I am very combative.”
“The reason I want to do this is because I think developing a vaccine may be the only way we can get back to normal.”

Some trial participants will be given a placebo, but the trial staff will not be told whether they received the trial vaccine or the placebo.

The researchers said they are confident in the Perth vaccine trial.

It is reported that if this trial is successful, the next phase of the trial will continue. Thousands of people around the world will receive this vaccine trial by the end of 2020.

And if everything goes well, the new coronary pneumonia vaccine may be launched within 18 months!

Not only vaccines in Australia, as of now, 17 new coronary pneumonia vaccines worldwide have entered the clinical evaluation stage.

Among the many vaccine developments, the largest trial will be launched in the United States.

Starting this month, 30,000 people will participate in a vaccine research and development program sponsored by the US government, and starting next month, the British research team will also conduct a vaccine injection trial involving 30,000 people.

In order to control the epidemic, scientists around the world are working hard to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus.

The goal of the vaccination program is to ensure that a large enough population is immune to the virus so that the virus does not continue to spread.

Because the vaccine will provide a good “herd immunity”, when most groups in a community have immunity to the virus, the community also has immunity.
After all, it is very unrealistic to maintain social distancing forever. It is impossible for each of us to work at home forever, and it is impossible for us to never have contact with others.

Some experts pointed out that if the vaccine is successfully developed and the country where the people live has stocks, there will probably be long lines of people waiting to receive the injection.

But for now, certain people who are at high risk of infection, such as working in necessary industries, will be ranked first.

The number of infections in Victoria is still on the rise! South Australia and the Northern Territory have also announced “cutting” with Victoria…

So far, Victoria has 860 active cases and 41 people have been hospitalized, including 7 in intensive care.
Governor Daniel Andrews said 29,424 people were tested on Tuesday, and more than 1 million tests have been conducted since January.

But recently, there are still a large number of confirmed cases in Victorian retail establishments. Please pay attention to the following information
South Australia has also introduced strict policies and will close the border to Victoria! Effective from midnight on July 8th!
According to reports, South Australians have been warned that the border will be closed “indefinitely”. The only people allowed to transit from Victoria are: residents returning to South Australia and travelers with necessary travel needs, and must self-quarantine for 14 days after entry!
At the same time, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Michael Gunner (Michael Gunner) also announced that when the border with other states is reopened next week, Victoria will not be allowed to enter the Northern Territory.

After a previous statement that only Melburnians are allowed to enter Melbourne from the reopening date on July 17, today’s ban has been extended to the entire state of Victoria “indefinitely”.
Mr. Gunner said that the decision was made on the advice of the Territory’s Chief Health Officer, based on the increase in the number of cases, the increase in community transmission and the risk of spread to the region.

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