Today, another 238 were added, and 3 more people died! Over a hundred people infected by medical care have been shut down invalid? ! Qantas cancels all international flights, there is no hope for international travel before March next year! The tens of thousands of people march in Melbourne caused a big outbreak!

Today’s Introduction

238 new confirmed cases in Victoria!
Many people died!

The number of hospital admissions in the state has exceeded one hundred.
There is also a 30-year-old Victorian man admitted to the ICU
The youngest critical case in Australia…

Qantas cancels all international flights, there is no hope for international travel before March next year
Thousands of people marched

There are 238 new cases in Victoria, and more than 100 people have been hospitalized due to serious illness!
Hospitals and supermarkets become hardest hit areas
Today, 238 new cases were confirmed in Victoria! Three more people died in Jeonju, and the number of patients who died of new crown disease rose to 27!

Of these, 29 were related to a known outbreak,
The source of the remaining 209 cases is still under investigation

Currently, 105 people in Victoria are hospitalized due to serious illness, and 27 people are in ICU! The number of active cases across the state has reached 1931.

Yesterday, there were many people in Victoria
Was fined by the police for violating the lockdown ban,
Some have dinner at home,
Some people gather to play “Pokemon”,
There are still people who stay in KFC…

The governor once again emphasized:
No one likes strict lockdown measures
But only to comply with the regulations
We can prevent the spread of the virus!


Yesterday, Melbourne’s Sunshine Marketplace
A Woolworths employee was diagnosed.
It is understood that the confirmed employee had
Work in the store between 10 am and 3 pm on July 5th.


A Woolworths employee at the Arena Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s southeast was diagnosed.

Arena Shopping Centre, South East Melbourne
A Woolworths employee was diagnosed.

An employee of Okami, a Japanese restaurant in Caulfield, has confirmed that the restaurant has closed.

In addition, Pacific Werribee mall Macpac store
The same employee was diagnosed yesterday.

In addition to retail employees,
Medical staff has also become the “severely affected area” of the infection,
At least 114 Victorian medical staff have been diagnosed with infection,
Twelve people have been added in the past day.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital has now banned foreigners from visiting,
Dozens of medical staff have also been quarantined.

Qantas cancels all international flights, there is no hope for international travel before March next year
As the epidemic counters, international travel is even more hopeless. Yesterday, Qantas Airways announced that it will cancel all international flights until March next year.
At the same time, all international flights on the Qantas official website have been removed, including flights to New Zealand
Previously, the “travel quarantine” plan discussed by the Prime Minister of Australia and New Zealand allowed Australians and New Zealanders to travel freely between the two countries without 14 days of quarantine. However, the plan has been postponed because the epidemic has not eased.
There were no flights to New Zealand before September 1, and there were no other international flights until March 28 next year. A Qantas spokesperson said,

Due to the pandemic, all international and cheap flights have been removed from the official website until further notice.
A few weeks before this decision, Alan Joyce has announced that it will lay off 6,000 employees and is expected to say that international flights are unlikely to resume before July next year.
According to the current situation, this statement is likely to come true…

Thousands of people marched
The Victorian Health Department confirmed that two people who participated in the 10,000 BLM demonstrations last month were linked to a mass outbreak of at least 242 cases in a public housing complex in Melbourne.

At that time, the BLM movement was raging around the world. Although Governor Andrews and the Department of Health urged people to “consider other ways of expressing support” warnings, at least 10,000 people took part in a demonstration in Melbourne city centre on June 6.
Although those who participated in the demonstrations were blamed, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the demonstrations did not play an important role in the state’s surge in cases. Professor Sutton said: “I don’t think BLM demonstrators have contributed to the large-scale surge of new crown cases.”

“We didn’t see anyone who was obviously infected from there.” Of course, some people speculated that this was a rhetoric for diminishing ethnic conflicts during the epidemic.
Just 24 hours after the “Black Power” tens of thousands of people marched, a man in his 30s developed symptoms and was subsequently diagnosed. A few days later, two more people were diagnosed.
The chief medical officer said that the man was on demand when he was marching, and he might infect others. At the parade scene that day, there were tens of thousands of people
Not everyone wears masks correctly as required, and even if they wear masks, there are still risks. The traffic volume of the bus system, coffee shops, and convenience stores that day also reached its peak in several months…
The Chief Health Officer said: “The government has stated that participating in the parade may cause another outbreak. The current situation in Victoria is once again complicated. If anyone has participated in the parade, please self-isolate for 14 days.”
However, there are still a small number of protesters who are required to be isolated. Many people went back to work directly after the parade…Before this parade, although many parties had predicted that the 10,000-person parade would bring the risk of a rise in the epidemic, it was still held as scheduled.

Chinese students in Brisbane bought fake air tickets and were defrauded of 43,000 transfers
“The only cost of a liar is conscience…”
F, a Chinese student studying in Brisbane,
I wanted to buy a ticket to return to China not long ago.
Through the form of online help, a Chinese named Ray on WeChat contacted classmate F, claiming that he could help him “get a ticket to return home”.
And invite student F to enter his own ticket update group.
Student F said that because he had encountered a scam before,
So at the beginning, I was still alert.
But with the “serious and responsible attitude” of the other party,
Student F slowly let go of his inner guard.
“Speaking politely, never urges me to pay or get close to me.
Every time I inquire, he can reply as soon as possible.
And he also taught me how to distinguish liars. ”
Student F said that as a certain degree of trust is established in the other party,
At the same time, my heart of returning home is becoming stronger
Finally, under Ray’s suggestion, “the budget was increased”:
“I started buying a ticket with a budget of 35,000 yuan, and later on his suggestion, I decided to bid 43,000 yuan for a business class ticket.”

After drafting the ticket purchase details and contract with the other party, student F divided it twice.
A deposit of RMB 15,000 was transferred to Ray, followed by AUD 5784.
On June 23, student F also received an order for a successful ticket booking.
When classmate F told her mother that she would return home soon,
In order to confirm the “insurance”, F’s mother called the airline to verify the ticket number, “it turned out that the ticket number was fake.
The airline does not have any information about me. ”

After learning the news, student F immediately contacted the other party to inquire about the matter, but the other party cited “being unwell, contact me later”.
Since then “disappeared in the network.”
And classmate F realized at this time that he had encountered a “scam” again.
What made F’s bitterness even more sad was that when she sent her cheated experience to the “ticket update group”, although the chat group was quickly disbanded, two group friends still added F students to say that they knew Ray was “fake “Ticket on behalf”, also said the person’s previous experience of “defrauding foreign exchange.” “But they all chose to eat melons, silently watching me being cheated.”

Student F told reporters that the experience of being deceived made him very uncomfortable.
“How many people feel uncomfortable have been deceived just like me. These are the money for our overseas students to go home. For some people, it can be said to be life-saving money.
At present, the family of classmate F has contacted the domestic police to report the incident.

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