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Recruitment posts – Sales Manager 2

Tasks and responsibilities

Command staff according to the company plans to carry out sales, marketing and other activities;

* Lead the team to complete the company’s assigned tasks and goals;

* Effectively analyze the company’s past and past sales performance

* Promptly and effectively handle all kinds of unexpected situations in the transactions of houses.

If you have

* In the real estate industry in Melbourne for more than 1 year

* Experience and ability to lead the sales team

We provide you

* Monthly salary income + team bonus + performance bonus

* Company fully meet the needs of the team

* Career paths to senior management;

* Work with many elites, good working environment.

Recruitment positions – sales consultant 7

Tasks and responsibilities

* Passionate about the real estate industry;

* Establish and manage sales team;

* Familiar with the details of major developments in Melbourne;

* Warm reception and patient service customers;

If you have

* The work is serious and responsible, positive attitude, enthusiasm for learning new knowledge and new things, the face of customer consultation with confidence and patience.

* Good communication skills, able to establish good relations with customers, be good at communication, sincerely treat customers

* Love the real estate industry, with the ability to withstand pressure and face challenges

* Good executive ability, team spirit

* Fluent in both Chinese and English, legal documents and contracts

* Australian real estate sales certificate is preferred

We provide you

* Monthly salary income + team bonus + performance bonus

* Company fully meet the needs of the team

* Career paths to senior management;

* Work with many elites, good working environment.

Recruitment posts – copy assistant 2

Tasks and responsibilities

* Assist managers to complete the size of the company’s administrative affairs;

* Send an invitation to notify the meeting and arrange meetings;

* On behalf of the company’s image should be the customer’s phone or reception desk work;

* To help support the company’s administrative affairs: management stationery, daily necessities resources, send and receive mail parcels;

* Answer the call records the message promptly respond to customer inquiries;

* Maintain customer relationship and provide feedback to improve efficiency.

If you have

* Have a good copywriting ability;

* Strong ability to learn and understand, clear thinking;

* Has a strong interest in the planning and promotion of business activities, with a certain degree of flexibility and innovative thinking;

* Executive ability, awareness of reporting, on time to complete the task;

Assist in the planning and implementation of the company’s PR program;

Recruitment – Copywriting and Advertising Planning Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

1 responsible for the design and optimization of the company’s daily advertising pictures

2 is responsible for the preparation and formulation of the company’s daily public number copy

3 is responsible for the optimization of corporate planning copy and the corresponding promotional materials design

job requirements:

1 design class, interactive class related professionals preferred

2 Fluency in both English and Chinese and basic communication in both Chinese and English

3 skilled use of the micro channel public number of settings operation

4 excellent copywriting ability and topic capture ability

5 solid design, post-processing skills and beauty control ability

6 to adapt to a variety of work pressures, with excellent teamwork skills, good communication skills, patient work attitude and modest learning attitude.

We provide you

* Valuable work experience

* Company fully meet the needs of the team

* Career path to senior management

* Work with many elites, good working environment

Looking to the future

If you have never been involved in the real estate industry before, but full of enthusiasm for the real estate industry,

We will provide you with:

* The industry’s best commission

* The most professional and comprehensive industry knowledge training

* Clear career advance space

If you have real estate industry-related business experience, respect platinum real estate will be your best development platform,

We will provide you with:

* The industry’s top commissions

* Generous business incentives

* Diversified marketing activities

* Full team leadership to play space

Of course, we also need you:

* Love the real estate industry

* Good communication and expression skills

* Responsible, able to maintain long-term trust with clients

Please send resume to work email (add two photos of everyday life work)

To Email:

hr@pr-igroup.com Finally welcome partners come talk! good luck!

Last but not least, if you have any thoughts on starting a business, we welcome all those who are able to do business with us.


Company Profile

Respectful platinum real estate investment group was established in 2010, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia financial street Collins Street. Our company has many years of rich experience in real estate investment. Respect Platinum Real Estate by virtue of the rapid and stable development of the situation quickly into the scale of development stage.

Platinum Real Estate involved in the field of real estate investment consulting, real estate sales leasing, and other professional services. Also involved is the sale of major residential projects and mixed projects, including downtown Melbourne star apartments, luxury villas and land construction, and for clients to develop one-on-one investment programs to ensure they are brought to their maximum value added, in Melbourne Real Estate The field occupies an important position.

Since its inception, the company upholds the professional, honest, “customer first” service concept, has been recognized by numerous customers, as the industry’s outstanding salespersons. As a real estate agency sales group renowned for its attention to detail and customer satisfaction, we are committed to maximizing our customers’ return on real estate. Our company has a very professional team, according to different customer needs, risk tolerance, investment objectives and the amount of investment and other characteristics tailored to customers the most appropriate investment plan, and provide professional team attorney protection.

After years of development, respect for platinum real estate due to excellent performance, with the major well-known Melbourne real estate builders have established a good long-term partnership to ensure that guests can get first-hand real estate resources and information resources, and strive to maximize the customer self-occupation and Investment needs.

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