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Project Description

Project Type: House Land and Package
City: Melbourne

Project address: Suttie court, Keysborough

Housing type: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 1 garage, 4 rooms, 2.5 bathrooms, double garage, etc.

House price: AUD 800,000

Delivery time: The community has been Titled and can be started at any time.

Wonderland is located in a prime location in Keysborough, surrounded by state-of-the-art homes. Great for investing or building your dream home
Wonderland provides residents with an opportunity to put themselves and their families in a unique location, surrounded by all the facilities and a short drive to the beach.
Located in Keysborough, southeast of Melbourne, just 25 minutes from Melbourne CBD, with access to Eastlink
Strategically located on 435 square meters of land, just a stone’s throw from Sirius College, it provides convenience and valuable time for families.
This will be your chance to own a home in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing suburbs.
Regional introduction
In the flourishing manor and development of the area, the surrounding green areas can still see the origins of its semi-rural. It has a good four-lane road, complete educational facilities, a top-class institution, and easy access to Dandenong, Chadston Mall and the beaches of the bay.
As a family-centered area, there are a large number of public, private and independent schools in the area, including the Haileybury campus. Public transportation also has a good bus network
There is no need to squeeze into a small apartment in Keysborough – all of which is spacious about a well-appointed residential area. You can imagine a classic 60s family home or a palatial new modern family, and a newer family is under development. The neighborhood is very deep, many houses are double-decker and there are many gardens for everyone to relax.
The superior location and convenient living make it attract a large number of residents to settle here. The housing prices in this area are maintaining a continuous growth trend, and the rental return is very impressive. It is a very popular choice for self-occupation and investors.
Surrounding facilities
Located in the heart of Keysborough, the community is just 8 minutes away from the prestigious Haileybury College, the top private school in Victoria, with the highest VCE scores and a top-notch institution with a wide range of education.
5 minutes drive to Parkmore Shopping Centre, 10 minutes to Dandenong Plaza, 15 minutes to CDFO, Costco
5 minutes drive to many golf courses; 8 minutes drive from the beach; surrounded by parks (Tatterson Park, Wachter Reserve, Rowley Allan Reserve, Springers Leisure Centre, Keysborough Golf Club, Braeside Park) with greenery and fresh environment Pleasant
Household introduction
The community has been Titled and can be started at any time.
The housing prices in the urban area have continued to grow. The average villas around the project have reached the price of more than 1 million. The investment potential of the district is very considerable. The demand for housing is increasing, and the house prices are bound to rise. It is a very popular choice for self-occupation and investors. !

Keysborough area with great investment potential! The community has been Titled! Buying land and building a package of 800,000! Build your dream home in Wonderland!

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