If the Port Elizabeth Tower is the crown of the new landmark in Perth,
Coronation for the Western Australian city landscape;Perth Center Apartments are standing in

The most central scepter of transportation, commerce and culture in Western Australia,

It advertises the quality of urban life that Perth has never had before.


Project Description
Perth Hub
IMG_9857Project Name: Perth Hub

Project Type: Apartment

City: Western Australia Perth

Address: Wellington street, Perth

Basic unit: one bedroom, one bathroom, two rooms, two bathrooms, three rooms and two bathrooms

Price range: from $370,000

Delivery time: end of 2022


The Perth Hub project consists of 6 apartment buildings and a 4.5-star Dorsett Hotel.

The bustling North Bridge and the vibrant Perth CBD have been linked for the first time in more than 100 years. Perth Hub presents a diverse blend of life in front of residents in a modern way.

Modern accommodation, world-class art and entertainment, lush gardens and plazas, and a well-connected transportation network are all within reach of Perth Hub residents.

Here, you can truly enjoy the best side of urban life and feel the beating heart of Perth, a vibrant city.


The project is located in the heart of the Perth City Link: between the Jagan Square and the Perth Arena, the 4.5-star Dorsett Hotel and the Perth Hub, the luxury apartment complex, will soon be built.


In January 2019, Perth will impose a stamp duty of 7% on overseas buyers.

Perfect with a 10-minute living circle, convenient living

The ultimate view The all-glass exterior, the Perth view is unobstructed

Diamond Lot Located in the heart of Perth’s city centre, top-level home buyers

Top-class packages Bringing world-class shopping/dining/art and entertainment experiences

A new landmark, Perth’s rare integrated residential project, transforming a new look

Convenient transportation 6 minutes walk to the bus terminal 8 minutes to the Perth train station area

IMG_9852In Perth, Western Australia, famous big-name stars will choose to buy luxury homes. What attracts so many public figures to come to Western Australia to invest in real estate?
Perth is a bright pearl in Australia. It is favored by overseas people for its clean and orderly urban planning, clean and high quality of living, safe and stable living environment and people-oriented social mechanism.Perth’s property is popular because Australia’s Perth housing prices are slowing and are gradually picking up, the second is Perth’s world-class lifestyle, and the third is buying a home in Perth, Australia, without additional tax.


Compared with most cities in China, Perth has great differences and differences. The city can provide sufficient employment opportunities, fresh and pleasant air, suitable climatic conditions and good school education.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and the fourth largest city in Australia. To the west is the vast Indian Ocean, and to the east is the Australian outback.


In recent years, the Western Australian government has strongly advocated the diversity of the economy, while also providing more employment opportunities, coupled with Western Australia’s own strong economic strength base. Although the Perth economy was driven by mining in the past, it is employed. In the case, it is only ranked 8th.

This shows that there is a wider employment market in other areas, which gives investors confidence in the Perth property market.

Western Australia’s average annual growth rate has remained at 4.9% over the past 10 years, higher than the domestic average growth rate of 2.8%.

This is a fairly affluent economy. From 2013 to 2014, the per capita GDP was $103,731, which was nearly 50% higher than the national data of $67,931.


IMG_9863Two of Perth’s most dazzling new landmarks in 2018: Elizabeth Quay and Yagan Square are now the darlings of Western Australians.
One side of the river in Perth’s city centre – representing the beautiful face of Western Australia; one of the most central locations in Perth for transportation, business and life – represents the heart of Western Australia’s pulse.IMG_9854Perth City Link, a Perth City Chain Project implemented by the Western Australian Government, is an underground tunnel that takes the railway line and the bus terminal from the north into the city of Perth – vacating the land to a new urban center.

Comprehensive urban plazas including cultural squares, stadiums, food courts, commercial office buildings, hotels and apartment buildings – effectively connecting the Central Business District (CBD) with the North Bridge Living District (Chinatown).

Now that the main project of the Perth City Chain has ended, the Perth Arena has become a landmark building with a unique global look.IMG_9864

The world’s first-line stars and orchestras such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Gunfire, and Queens are touring here.


The close-knit section of King Square has taken shape, and the Australian media tycoon has built four office buildings in this golden zone, creating a high-end business district that not only has a lot of money, but also restaurants and coffee along the street. Since the opening of the museum, it has become popular.

Right in front of King’s Square is the King Street in Perth’s fashionable shops, where luxury shops such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany are gathered.


1. RAC Perth Arena -50m

2. Kings Square -10m

3. Perth City Bus Hub – 400m

4. Yagan Square – 500m

5. Perth City Railway Station – 650m

6. Beiqiao Commercial Area – 400m

7. Perth Central Business District – 500m

8. David Jones Department Store – 950m

9. Myer Department Store-1km

Interior design

IMG_9855The designer’s ingenuity is not limited to the selection and planning of traditional apartments, and a beautiful architectural work has been carefully crafted.IMG_9856The developer has proved his strength with the project of Western Australia King, and now in Perth Hub, the Perth Center Apartment, which is the same quality and style as the Twin Towers of Port Elizabeth, is in the core of the Perth City Chain.

The entire building has 30 floors, of which 7 or more are all-glass exterior walls.

Will give the residents a panoramic view of luxury;

Complete hardware facilities such as

For the residents of the gym, swimming pool, sky garden, etc.;

All-day security and front desk services, upscale restaurants and luxury shops downstairs.

The surrounding supermarket shopping mall has everything you need.

The exterior of the building has a transparent floor-to-ceiling glass window.

Integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Exquisite and subtle layout design to maximize the use of natural light to create a spacious and transparent visual sense.


The interior style is simple and exquisite, with two shades of color for the choice of residents.

The light color is comfortable and elegant, the dark color is calm and calm, and it is extraordinarily warm and pleasant under the bright light brought by the floor-to-ceiling windows.


The eight-storey and above floors boldly adopt the advanced design of the winter garden.

Floor-to-ceiling panoramic glazed windows that can be electrically opened to give residents a great view of the city.

Household introduction
One bedroom and one bathroom from $370,000
One bedroom, one bathroom plus study from $510,000

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms from $655,000

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms from $915,000






Perth Hub Serviced Apartments in Perth, Western Australia, with the 4.5-star Dorsett Hotel, to enhance the quality of urban life like never before

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