It was out of control again, with 403 new cases, and the number of confirmed cases continued to grow! Experts call for an immediate 4-stage blockade! Huawei is determined not to give up the Australian market! Melbourne quarantine hotel security reveals recruitment insider!

There are 403 new cases in Australia, which will increase in the future
According to data released today, there are 403 new cases in Victoria. Until the deadline for publication, there are no new additions in other states/territories.

Yesterday, Victoria’s new addition hit a record high, close to 500 cases.
Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton made it clear at the press conference that this number cannot be expected to decline, and the new data in the next few days will be a greater challenge. “This means that there will be 500-600 new cases every day in Victoria.”

At the same time, Brett Sutton urged Victorians to answer calls when they were unfamiliar or private calls, because the call is likely to come from the contact tracking team of the public health department. “One-third of the contacts we track every day did not answer the phone.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews also pointed out that most Victorians will not consciously self-quarantine while they are sick or waiting for testing. 53% of those who tested positive between July 7 and 21 in Victoria were not quarantined, which is 2056 out of 3810 confirmed cases!

Under such circumstances, if the wearing of masks is not compulsory, it can be expected that more confirmed patients will spread the virus to more people by going out at will before the results are available, and community transmission will never be controlled.

With the increase in the number of confirmed cases, the number of hospitalized patients and ICU patients also increased significantly. Some ICU medical staff said that the intensive care unit is almost full, but the number of confirmed cases has been rising.

Medical staff in the ICU ward of Footscray Hospital in Melbourne wear masks, face masks, and disposable protective clothing to work for 12 hours or even longer every day. Nurse Sam Bates, this situation is uncomfortable, and she can also feel the anxiety of the medical staff.

What worries medical staff even more is that most of this outbreak is community-borne, which means that more and more people will be diagnosed and the number of patients admitted to ICU will continue to increase. This is an arduous test for medical staff, both physically and mentally.
Three employees of The Dairy Country in Tullamarine, Melbourne, have confirmed that the factory has been closed for cleaning.
Goodstart Anna Bay Kindergarten in the Hunter region of NSW is closed due to a confirmed diagnosis.
Tomaree Public School and Tomaree High School in Salamander Bay, NSW, have been diagnosed and closed.

The President of the Victorian Medical Association calls for immediate entry into the fourth stage of restrictions

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is considering stricter restrictions on Melbourne, which is in lockdown. According to reports, Andrews is considering limiting people to within 5 kilometers of their homes to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

However, the Governor of Victoria also said that he would not take stricter restrictive measures immediately. Governor Daniel Andrews said that he would not rule out the possibility of adopting stricter restrictive measures, but he said that the government has no plan to do so at present.

He said that New Zealand-style confinement is not a panacea for the problem of rising infection rates. In the fourth stage of restrictions, Andrews said “we cannot rule out these measures,” but he said that he is more focused on allowing individuals to follow the quarantine rules after being sick or undergoing tests.
He said: “We don’t need to announce additional rules or changes. What we want to do is to minimize the time between when people first show symptoms and get tested. We want to increase the percentage of people waiting for test results at home, not Waiting for results at work or in public places such as supermarkets.”

Julian Rait, president of the Australian Victorian Medical Association, urgently appealed to the government to immediately introduce the fourth phase of restrictions and require the mandatory wearing of masks across the state.
Associate Professor Rait said that despite the current containment measures, the number of cases is still increasing, and people still worry that the rate of infection is accelerating.

Victoria’s chief health officer Brett Sutton said the Victorian reproduction rate is about 1.2, which means that the infected person has infected at least one person. “Therefore, the number of people continues to rise. In addition to mandatory masks, Victoria needs to take further measures.”

“This includes the blockade of the Victorian region, because too many people travel to and from Melbourne and Mitchell County to these areas, and people are very relaxed about maintaining social distancing.”

In the past 24 hours, the police conducted nearly 5,000 random checks on residences, corporate units and public places in the Melbourne and Mitchell County blockades, and issued 61 fines.

These include people traveling from Strathmore to the Surf Coast, people gathering to drink on benches in Melbourne’s CBD park, and people partying in Monash. During the inspection of vehicles leaving the area, 19 drivers were fined.

According to The Age, a 25-year-old Glen Waverly woman was also fined after visiting several shops in East Gippsland while waiting for the new crown virus test results. The woman later tested positive, which prompted the closure of shops near Orbost and Marlo for deep cleaning and contact tracing. East Gippsland Mayor John White said: “This caused the two towns to panic.”

At the same time, because a guard tested positive for the virus, all six prisons across the state were locked down. The guard works in Ravenhall Correctional Prison, which is locked down along with Barwon Prison, Barwon Correctional Center, Fulham, Langi Kal Kal and Loddon Prison.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said that the police officer has been in self-isolation since July 16 since he was told that he was in close contact with the confirmed case. David Jones of Chadstone was also forced to close on Tuesday after a staff member tested positive for the virus. The employee last worked in the store on July 13, and is currently in self-isolation. The relevant departments are conducting contact tracing and deep cleaning.
The epidemic continues to break out, and the exchange rate does not fall but rises?
Then the question is coming. Why did the Australian dollar exchange rate continue to rise when the Australian epidemic rebounded again?

The main reason is that the Australian government announced the JobKeeper 2.0 plan yesterday. This 2.0 plan not only extends the subsidy measures to March next year, but also distributes different levels of subsidies to different groups of people!

Making subsidies more fair and just can also promote the recovery of the job market. According to reports, the JobKeeper program has benefited millions of Australians and has covered up to 30% of the workforce in the private sector in Australia!

In addition to adequate subsidies and guarantees, compared to other countries in Europe and the United States, Australia has taken more effective measures against the rebound of the epidemic. Not only changed the previous statement, and encouraged Australians to wear masks. Victoria also introduced a mandatory mask order, which will be implemented today. And in response to the demand for masks, the Victorian government has also ordered millions of masks in advance.

At the same time, when JobKeeper 2.0 was launched, the Australian Finance Minister also said that many companies in Australia have resumed production and work at a gratifying speed, and they are getting rid of dependence on government subsidies. Therefore, there is no reason why the Australian dollar exchange rate remains high.
Huawei is determined not to give up the Australian market!
According to an investigation by News Corp Australia, the controversial Chinese technology giant is still getting new private and government contracts despite warnings of national security risks against Huawei in various countries around the world.

This week, the United Kingdom banned the company from participating in the construction of its 5G mobile network, but Huawei is currently launching mobile signal towers in six Australian states and territories, and even expanding its business to solar farms in Australia, and continues to win private companies and states. Government contract.
Critics warned that in the current security environment, cooperation with Huawei may be at risk. Moreover, despite the decline in profits since being banned from participating in 5G, the Chinese company generated more than A$650 million in revenue in Australia last year.

After being banned from supplying equipment to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in 2012, Huawei has faced increasing scrutiny in Australia over the past decade.

But Fergus Hanson, a cybersecurity expert at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said Australia has more risks to address in allowing Chinese companies to handle sensitive information and infrastructure.

Hansen told News Corp Australia: “5G is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many technologies under development or technologies that have been developed that will have the same problems. Cloud storage is indeed an obvious risk. Australian government departments or companies should keep their data Is it stored in the Chinese cloud? Unless you are talking about the most benign data, it will be crazy.”

Hansen believes that Australia should also consider restrictions on Chinese companies’ processing of sensitive data including medical records and intellectual property rights. However, News Corp. disclosed that Huawei is clearly still deep in the Australian market and is actively expanding into new areas.

Despite being banned from providing 5G equipment, Huawei last year sold A$460 million worth of equipment to Australian telecom operators including Vodafone and Optus for use in 3G and 4G networks, and received A$49 million from private companies. The Wi-Fi network project contract increased by A$15 million compared to the previous year.

Huawei is also very hopeful to win the communication supply contract for the Brisbane Cross-River Railway project, and has just recently won the second contract from NSW Rail. It also provides hardware for two solar farms in Victoria. Including a solar farm near Benalla.

The Chinese company’s solar technology, including substations, will also be used in the planned EIWA solar farm near Bundaberg in Kunzhou, which will provide power to Ergon Energy.

Huawei Australia CEO Liu Haosheng said that the new joint venture aims to expand Huawei’s Australian business into new areas. “Since we cannot participate in 5G, we will look for new opportunities in the entire industry. We also have excellent products in Wi-Fi 6, which can provide 10 Gb/s broadband throughput for stadiums, shopping malls and other places. In the long run Look, we are absolutely committed to the Australian market-we will continue to stay here.”

Huawei has also been publicly calling for Australia to reduce restrictions. Company executives regularly “chat” online to report on the company’s progress in 5G, and also conduct publicity activities through former senator and lawyer Nick Xenophon.

Last year, Huawei also hired the former Bachelorette reality show star Sophie Monk (Sophie Monk) as the spokesperson for the Mate 20 smartphone in Australia, and recently established new partnerships with Samsonite, Karcher and Opple Partnership to jointly develop smart home products.
Scary! Melbourne quarantined hotel security recruitment exposure exposes casual recruitment

Recently, “Australian Broadcasting Corporation” broke that the security guards working for the COVID-19 quarantine hotel in Melbourne were recruited through WhatsApp. The whole process is so unclear that some people don’t even know who they are actually working for. .
Shayla Shakshi was one of the guards who received the WhatsApp message. The WhatsApp message provided her job as a quarantine security guard in a Melbourne hotel.

“They contacted me and said,’Do you want to work in this place?” She told 7.30.
“But I don’t know what the other party is, what company, I don’t know anything.”

“I was just told that you need to be here at a certain time, and you have clothing requirements. This is your salary. That’s it.” In late March, the Victorian government signed a contract with a private security officer without a tender for guardianship The hotel quarantines guests.

The contracted companies include MSS Security in charge of Stamford Plaza and Unified Security in charge of Swanston Rydges in Carlton.

Australian media has obtained a series of WhatsApp messages that reveal how to recruit some security personnel to work in these Melbourne isolation hotels.

On May 30, three days after the first hotel coronavirus outbreak in Rydges, Swanston, someone recruited “40 guards” to perform quarantine work at the hotel. One person in the group expressed concern that “six guards of the Carlton Hotel have been infected…”. But this concern was not answered.

On June 18, two days after a worker at the Stamford Plaza Hotel tested positive, someone asked 10 guards to work at the hotel.

When someone in the group asked about the salary standard, the organizer replied: “25 dollars, abn”, which means that the guards are not directly hired by the company, but are temporary workers. ”

Bryan Goudsblom is the CEO of a security company based in Melbourne. He refused to use subcontractors, and believes that the ongoing judicial investigation will be difficult to determine which companies provide security services.

He said, “It’s really difficult.” “Who is the subcontractor? How many people? Then, how many people do they provide? “I suggest that if you are studying a system like WhatsApp, if this is their proof of delivery, then Many questions will be asked.

“Given that many cases have been happening for many years, I am not surprised by the hotel quarantine.” Ms. Shakshi also claimed that when working at Stamford Plaza in May, there was no infection control program there. She said: “When I got there, we didn’t receive any training.”

“They just didn’t tell us what training we must have. We just need to wear masks and gloves, nothing more.

“They have not received training on how to use PPE (personal protective equipment), how to disinfect their hands, nor have they received any training.”

Ms. Shakshi said at the end of the first day of work that her supervisor told her to bring her personal protective equipment the next day.

She said: “Tomorrow we will bring your own mask, your own gloves, and your own disinfectant, because we may have a lot of guards, so we may be exhausted.” She was very shocked and thought not It is worth coming back again. “I thought, no, I don’t want to work in such an unsafe place.

“They treated it as a joke, like, oh, this is just a small virus.” Ms. Shakshi was horrified

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