Project address: 299 King Street

Project property rights: Freehold property rights, inherited from generation to generation

Completion time: 2023

Housing type: high-end apartment

Location: Melbourne city centre

Project scale: 64 floors with a total of 594 apartments

Development Team: ICD Property

Design Team: Elenberg Fraser

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Aspire is located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, a quiet place in the middle of the city, rich in cultural atmosphere

The sleek exterior of the project, designed by award-winning architect Elenberg Fraser, features a unique curved structure filled with light that maximises the uninterrupted Flagstaff Gardens, the Docklands and the city’s number of apartments.

The area of Melbourne CBD is only 2.4 square kilometers. At the beginning of urban planning, the designer divided the land into small squares in order to facilitate the gathering of population and capital. Melbourne’s CBD is bounded by Spencer Street to the west, Flinders Street along the Yarra River to the south, Spring Street to the east, which is lined with buildings such as the State House of Parliament, and Victoria Street to the north. These four streets form a checkerboard-style CBD. .

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By 2037, this figure will reach 76,982 people, and Melbourne CBD will become the most densely populated area in Australia. With limited land resources, the population surge will undoubtedly cause housing supply to exceed demand, and housing prices will inevitably rise.

The Aspire project is located in the center of Melbourne, Australia. The postcode of the location is 3000, which is enough to indicate that it is in the authentic “Melbourne”. This Melbourne city center is not only the most popular area for apartment buyers in Melbourne, but also the most convenient area for transportation and life in Melbourne, and it is also the largest Chinese area in Melbourne.

In the city center, traffic is naturally extending in all directions

King Street Tram Stop: 1 minute walk

Flagstaff Flagstaff Station: 6 minute walk

Southern Cross Southern Cross Station: 9 minutes walk

Queen Victoria Market: 7 minutes walk

Marvel Arena: 9 minutes walk

Spencer Shopping Centre and Coles Supermarket: 6 minutes walk

Future Victoria University’s new teaching building: 6 minutes walk

RMIT University: 10 minutes walk

University of Melbourne South Bank Campus: 16 minutes by tram

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The location is unique, quiet in the middle of the noise, close to the famous Flagstaff Gardens. It will become its landmark background. The Centennial Park Flagstaff Gardens is close at hand, and you can fully enjoy the CBD natural oxygen bar; the famous Flagstaff Park is similar to Hyde Park in Sydney, but now near Hyde Park in Sydney, the two-bedroom is about $2.5 million. The same excellent location in the heart of Melbourne, Aspire value-added space is predictable.

The four years of the off-plan house is to give it enough time and space to grow, and to make the investor’s cash flow more sufficient.

Adjacent to the Southern Cross Railway Station, a transportation hub in Melbourne, it is a 9-minute walk. All train lines in Melbourne can be taken here; the University of Melbourne, Royal Institute of Technology, Victoria University and many other famous schools are surrounded by it, making it the best place to work and study.

RMIT University is a 10-minute walk away. 1 minute walk to the free tram stop, take the tram downstairs, 5 minutes to the University of Melbourne.

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Convenient to a variety of public facilities, such as bars and restaurants, Bourke Street Mall, Crown Melbourne, Melbourne’s largest Southern Cross train station, Queen Victoria Market, only 7 minutes walk… Chinatown, Crown Casino, Art and Culture Museum, Queen Victoria Market, etc. All major lifestyle, entertainment and shopping venues are within easy reach; it takes 9 minutes to walk to the gymnasium. It only takes 6 minutes to walk to the shopping center and Coles supermarket.

Convenient transportation resources

2021 ·

Flagstaff train station: 3 minutes walk to Flagstaff train station (300m)

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Southern Cross Railway Station: 9 minutes walk to the Southern Cross train station (700 meters), and there is a direct Skybus to the airport at the station

La Trobe/King St tram stop: 1 minute walk to the tram stop, take trams 12, 30, 35, 109 (100 meters)

Highest quality educational resources

2021 ·

primary school

North Melbourne Primary School(1.8km);

Carlton Gardens Primary School(2.2km)

Haileybury College(360m) No.1Private School in Melbourne

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middle school

Haileybury College;

Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School(2.8km);

Mac Roberson Girls High School(3.4km);No.1Public High School in Melbourne;

Melbourne Grammar School(4.4km); No.1Private Boys High School

The University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus (2.7km)

RMIT (850m)

Victoria University, Flinders Campus (1.5 km)

Aspire is the last 64-storey apartment project in the heart of Melbourne. It is located in the most prosperous area of Melbourne CBD. In Melbourne CBD, where land is expensive, high-rise residential buildings will become an out-of-print scarce resource. Adjacent to the park, overlooking the sea from afar, it is quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle, and the surrounding environment is mature.

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It is also adjacent to a number of high-end five-star hotels. In Melbourne’s CBD, in addition to the world’s top hotels such as Park Hyatt, Langham, and Crown, more will be settled in the next few years: W-Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Shangri- La and so on. This is not only a symbol of regional economic prosperity, but will also promote the development of the entire Melbourne CBD business.

Five-star hotel-like amenities

In the design of internal facilities, Aspire, with a total height of 64 floors, has the most abundant supporting facilities so far, not only “luxury for luxury”, but also an in-depth understanding of apartment living needs during the 20-year high-rise residential development process in Melbourne. , Accurate grasp of the future living experience upgrade trend makes Aspire not only a “concentrator” of apartment houses, but also an innovator and pioneer.

The apartment has complete public supporting facilities to provide residents with a high-quality life.

The graceful and soft lines of the Aspire building’s façade make the entire building look elegant. Green plants surround it to create a natural oxygen bar. 360 degrees without dead ends, you will have a sweeping view of the whole city of Melbourne.

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The interior design of the apartment is noble and atmospheric, with low-key colors, natural materials with different textures and shapes, and the use of metal elements highlights the rich layered beauty in simplicity. Aspire uses grey, white, wood and champagne tones to make the home look luxurious and distinctive. Full floor-to-ceiling glass windows, light and transparent, and spacious windows allow residents to enjoy the infinite beauty of Melbourne city center, Flagstaff Park and Victoria Harbour, and the panoramic view.

Aspire, designed by the famous Elenberg Fraser, Elenberg Fraser has accumulated rich experience in high-rise residential design in Melbourne CBD, designed many landmark buildings in Melbourne, and now, Elenberg Fraser has completed the transcendence of apartment design and contributed to the next generation apartment house Aspire.

We bring you the real shot of the Aspire exhibition hall: Miele is used for kitchenware, Geberit is used in bathroom, and Phoenix is used in Australia for faucet, which is also a faucet brand in the bathroom industry.

According to the “Melbourne 2050 Plan”, Melbourne’s population will increase significantly in the next 40 years when the population of other developed countries, especially European countries, begins to decrease. By 2050, Melbourne will become a city of 7.7 million, with an additional 3.4 million inhabitants, requiring about 1.6 million more dwellings.

In the field of real estate investment, there is an “eternal value-added law” about CBD properties. This law is based on “what is rare is more expensive”. It believes that the scarce natural environment, cultural environment, and geographical location can be combined with excellent products. , The value of the property in this area will be self-evident. The apartment project in Melbourne CBD not only attracts people to follow, but its future value is also irresistible. After all, the more scarce the location, the more the property will maintain and increase in value, whether it is rent or sale. Aspire, a skyscraper landmark apartment located at the junction of (King Street) main road in Melbourne CBD (King Street) and Little Lonsdale St, may become the last out of print in Melbourne CBD.

According to the height limit order issued by the Victorian government, there will be no high-rise apartments in the city center of Melbourne in the future. The sharp decrease in quantity and the improvement in quality have undoubtedly brought bright prospects for both self-occupation and investment in Melbourne apartments.

1 bedroom 1 bathroom less than 500,000

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 Study, starting from 530,000, a lot of rebates at settlement

2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms from 710,000

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