Project DescriptionProject Name: BeyondProject Type: ApartmentCity: SydneyArea: Hurstville

Design team: DKO

Basic unit: two rooms, one bathroom + one garage, two rooms, two bathrooms + one garage, three rooms, two bathrooms + one garage

Delivery time: 2020


Beyond is the latest Master Plan project in Hurstville, a well-known Melbourne-based developer. Beyond is the company’s second project in Sydney and the first comprehensive project. The city skyline Botany Bay has a panoramic view of the sea, and the interior is simple and elegant.About DKO:Australia’s leader in innovative design, a leading design company specializing in urban planning, architecture and interior design. The design concept combines modern urban life and enthusiasm, and DKO believes that every project should be passed on to people to enjoy a comfortable life.
Regional introduction

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Regional introduction
Hurstville is located approximately 15 kilometers southwest of Sydney CBD and has a population of approximately 26,040. There is no doubt that this is one of the most concentrated areas of Chinese immigrants in Sydney, with 47.7% of the population coming from Greater China and the population of Putonghua reaching 27.6%.


Here, there are about 7,500 small business people working hard every day, of which the proportion of professionals is about 23.5%. Due to the love of Chinese friends, Hurstville’s population growth rate is expected to reach 4.12% per year, far exceeding the annual increase of 1.45% in Greater Sydney.


Hurstville is an important transportation hub in the south of Sydney, so the train station here is bustling with people every day, and it takes about 20 minutes to get to the CBD by train.Hurstville’s largest shopping mall, Westfield, has been unveiled after a major renovation of A$105 million in 2015, where 259 shops will be able to meet all the shopping needs of the people who live there.
Hurstville has been developing new apartment projects and has built many new communities and amenities. The area is rich in infrastructure and amenities, including schools, parks, shopping areas, hospitals and employment areas. The Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra train lines provide easy access to other parts of Sydney, including direct access to the Sydney CBD. Princes Highway and Forest Road are connected to the M1 and M5 highways, further enhancing the connection between the area and the rest of Sydney.
Surrounding Traffic


Hurstville is an important transportation hub in southern Sydney and the only way to the southern coastline of New South Wales. Trains and self-driving are the most common modes of transportation here: 29.9% of residents travel by train, and 42.1% of residents choose to travel by car.

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3 minutes walk to Allawah Railway Station;6 minutes walk to Hurstville train station;25 minutes by train from Hurstville train station to CBD;1 hour drive to Wollongong, the third largest city in NSW;The Princes Mainway is south of Hurstville and goes up to the CBD, down to the South Coast or to Southern Higland.

The King George Road in the west is the most north-south main line in the east. It connects to Highway 1 and goes to the North Coast, New Castle. Or the No. 2 Highway, heading northwest, to the north line of Windsor, Richmend, and Blue Mountain.

In the middle, it also follows the No. 5 highway to the capital Canberra.

On the 4th expressway, go to the Blue Mountains and go straight to the inland of the western part of NSW.

Westfield, Hurstville’s largest shopping mall, is just 430 meters from Beyond and an 8-minute walk.In November 2015, after a renovation of the A$105 million redemption, a total of 259 stores were able to meet all the shopping needs of local residents.
On the Forest Road to the north of Hurstville Railway Station, shops, banks, grocery stores, accountants’ offices, law firms, travel agencies, clinics, and medical centers are all available. There are only a few steps in the Chinese retail store, which is cheap and affordable. Living here really makes life a carefree experience.
In addition to the convenience of transportation and shopping, educational resources are one of the reasons why Hurstville is sought after by many home buyers.According to the Education Resources website Better Education, Hurstville Public School, a public school in Hurstville, ranks 22nd among all public schools in New South Wales.According to the authoritative website Better Education, the public school Hurstville Public School in Hurstville (about 3 minutes walk from the project) is ranked 22nd among all public schools in New South Wales.Some public elementary schools in Hurstville offer a handful of “elite classes” in the Sydney area, such as the Technical High School.The St. George Girls High School (women’s school) in Kogarah is the top ten elite female school on the annual college entrance examination list.

Interior design:
Beyond’s four buildings are designed with natural light and natural tranquility. The exclusive atrium landscape gardens of the residents include meditation, entertainment, barbecue and dining areas.
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The residential design thoughtfully considers the customer’s preferences and has designed two theme styles: deep and elegant blue and simple white teeth. Two different styles exude unparalleled quality in every aspect.

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Custom joinery combines beauty and functionality, defining elegant spaces and spacious storage spaces, complemented by the finest brushed gold accents.The one, two and three bedroom apartments offer a bright interior that has been considered. Each apartment has a spacious front and a high level of comfort, reflecting the refined modern beauty.
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The elegant bathrooms showcase the exquisite craftsmanship, with fine details tailored to the highest standards, and your private sanctuary is bathed in natural light for comfort and luxury. The built-in wardrobe also provides plenty of storage space. The focus is on the spacious dressing room that is configured to make life an art! It is both a woman’s treasure hall and a man’s paradise!

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Household introduction:
The total housing is divided into ABCD four towers, car park all included!
One room, one bathroom: from AUD$605,000
Two rooms and two bathrooms: from AUD$835,000
Three rooms and two bathrooms: from AUD$1,325,000
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One room, one bathroom: from AUD$605,000

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Two rooms and two bathrooms: from AUD$835,000


Three rooms and two bathrooms: from AUD$1,325,000

Sydney Beyond Apartment project in Hurstville

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